Badminton Shadow Trainer

By GOPISETTI SRINIVASARAO 09/11/2017 - Price : £0.99 Plateform : iPhone/iPad
The footwork for badminton in six different moves towards the corners and back toward the baseline. ...

Sliding Tiles Puzzle

By GOPISETTI SRINIVASARAO 02/11/2017 - Price : £0.99 Plateform : iPhone/iPad
The classic sliding tile puzzle game. Solve the puzzle by shifting the tiles! Choose from a nice va...

Travel Budget Manager

By GOPISETTI SRINIVASARAO 16/10/2017 - Price : £0.99 Plateform : iPhone/iPad
Keeping on budget on your Trip. We all love travel some of us would constantly travel if possible. O...

Blocking Ads

By GOPISETTI SRINIVASARAO 15/10/2017 - Price : £0.99 Plateform : iPhone/iPad
Blocks content from annoying ad networks thereby loading pages super fast.Useful for data-capped, in...

Delicious Real Recipes

By GOPISETTI SRINIVASARAO 09/10/2017 - Price : £0.99 Plateform : iPhone/iPad
Delicious Real Recipes lets you search for recipes that use the ingredients you have left at home. S...

Daylight Time

By GOPISETTI SRINIVASARAO 07/10/2017 - Price : £0.99 Plateform : iPhone/iPad
A beautiful app that will let you know how much sun you have today. Daylight Time is a simple app t...

Match Pairs Game

By GOPISETTI SRINIVASARAO 29/09/2017 - Price : £0.99 Plateform : iPhone/iPad
Train your visual memory by matching cards with the same. It is a memory game where you need to ma...

Hacker News Live

By GOPISETTI SRINIVASARAO 29/09/2017 - Price : £0.99 Plateform : iPhone/iPad
Hacker News is an iPhone and iPad app for reading Hacker News on the go. It's optimized for quickly ...

Board Game Money

By GOPISETTI SRINIVASARAO 27/09/2017 - Price : £0.99 Plateform : iPhone/iPad
Board Game Money lets you focus on the fun sides of game by handling all the money transactions for ...

Super Quotes

By GOPISETTI SRINIVASARAO 22/09/2017 - Price : £0.99 Plateform : iPhone/iPad
Super Quotes to Help You Achieve Your Dreams. 'If you can dream it, you can do it.' The road to your...

My Tip Calc

By GOPISETTI SRINIVASARAO 21/09/2017 - Price : £0.99 Plateform : iPhone/iPad
The quickest, prettiest and most handy tip calculator ever!...

Smart Expense Manager

By GOPISETTI SRINIVASARAO 19/09/2017 - Price : £0.99 Plateform : iPhone/iPad
Looking for an expense and budget tool? Stop searching. Smart Expense Manager is simple, intuitive, ...

Coffee Dairy

By GOPISETTI SRINIVASARAO 19/09/2017 - Price : £0.99 Plateform : iPhone/iPad
Have you ever made great coffee and then forgot what was the brand, water temperature or grind size?...

Quick Currency Convert

By GOPISETTI SRINIVASARAO 19/09/2017 - Price : £0.99 Plateform : iPhone/iPad
Our currency converter calculator will convert your money based on current values from around the wo...

To Do List - Best Task Manager

By GOPISETTI SRINIVASARAO 13/09/2017 - Price : Free Plateform : iPhone/iPad
The best to do list app will always be whatever works for you. One reason for the enduring popularit...

Real Currency Converter

By GOPISETTI SRINIVASARAO 12/09/2017 - Price : £0.99 Plateform : iPhone/iPad
Get real-time currency exchange rates with our currency converter. Get an accurate and reliable curr...

Pedometer Steps

By GOPISETTI SRINIVASARAO 29/08/2017 - Price : £0.99 Plateform : iPhone/iPad
Pedometer Steps is a widget app showing step count and moved distance with beautiful chart for iOS 1...

Coffee Nearby

By GOPISETTI SRINIVASARAO 21/08/2017 - Price : £0.99 Plateform : iPhone/iPad
Relax and don't wait at the stop for your next bus, tram, train, boat or cable car. Check departures...

Camping USA

By GOPISETTI SRINIVASARAO 10/08/2017 - Price : £1.99 Plateform : iPhone/iPad
Find and reserve Campgrounds & RV Parks in USA. Search campgrounds for any state in USA. Search Ca...

Airplane Time

By GOPISETTI SRINIVASARAO 09/08/2017 - Price : £0.99 Plateform : iPhone/iPad
Stretch time while flying! Airplane Time shows you the local "airplane time" while you're on a plan...

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