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Agatha - You Change The Outcome

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By Onion Plug LLC

Agatha is a mobile application that explores the nature of our game. Is there a correlation between the deployment of a superstition and the emergence of luck? This we do know, whether we consciously recognize it or not, the human brain is in search for patterns at all times. In a March 2015 Popular Science article Professor Yanlong Sun was quoted as saying, “A major function of the brain is to deal with the uncertainty in the real world in order to find regularities.” In the very same article it was also stated that unlucky people tend to demonstrate more anxiety, which in turn distracts from one’s ability to observe. So it’s very plausible that luck may just come down to two major functions of the human condition: our ability to manage anxiety and the powers of observation. And observation of any kind is so vital to our existence that noted physicist Pascual Jordan once said, “Observations not only disturb what has to be measured, they produce it.” So if the universe seems to be changing its behavior depending on whether we look or not, perhaps we can try and trick it into showing us its hand.

Superstition is nothing more than a psychological safety net in times of uncertainty. One definition of superstition says it’s a belief or action that is inconsistent with science, and it needs to be aimed at bringing about good luck or avoiding bad luck. But why does superstition have to be inconsistent with science? Surely there’s ways to measure superstition, and that measurement could very well be choice.

We make choices everyday, and Agatha systematizes these choices so one can oversee their ambient activity. Think of Agatha as the moneyball for the metaphysical. No more should there be widely generated horoscopes in a world where objectivity is obsolete. Agatha knows this is a subjective world, and in a subjective world subject matters, and what matters to you means more emotional stock is at play, which is important, because emotion is both intuitive and disruptive. Even the very etymology of the word comes from the Latin emovere, which is broken down to out+move. It would appear even our ancestors knew emotion was a force to be released from the human body, so to dismiss emotion as something intangible, as something that’s contained, and has no bearing on one’s surroundings whatsoever would be foolish. So no. You’re not crazy to think going to that one specific bar and sitting at that one specific stool helps your favorite sports team win. So no. You’re not crazy to think wearing a New York Jets letterman style jacket over a Y2J shirt and only drinking Red Label helps your fantasy football team called Jericho Scotchery to victory. So no. You’re not crazy to think wiping the right side of your face three times helps you drain a free throw shot. So no. You’re not crazy to think using that same #2 pencil helps you ace every exam. So no. You’re not crazy to think that tie your daughter gave you on Father’s Day helps you close every major deal. So no. You’re not crazy to think watching an episode of Rick & Morty on a smartphone right before it’s time to give closing arguments to the jury helps you command the courtroom. Agatha sees it, these things that aren’t as obvious. Moneyball intends to value data that’s been previously overlooked. Agatha, this different kind of lifestyle app, helps you reference these previously overlooked statistics from your everyday life. Doesn’t everybody want as much statistical information as possible to get an edge, even of the spooky kind? Sherlock Holmes, the world’s most famous detective, probably summed it up best when he said, “The world is woven from billions of lives, every strand crossing every other. What we call premonition is just movement of the web. If you could attenuate to every quivering data, the future would be entirely calculable, as inevitable as mathematics.”

Release Notes

13/09/2017 | Version : 1.0 | Size : 16.4 MB

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