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Baby Led Weaning Recipes

By Natalie Peall
Supported Devices : iPad 2 3G , , iPad 2 Wifi , , , , , , , , iPad 4th Gen , iPad 4th Gen 4G , , , iPad Mini , , , , iPad Mini 4G , , , , , , , , , , iPad 3rd Gen , iPad 3rd Gen 4G , , , iPhone 4S , , iPhone 5 , iPhone 5C , , , iPhone 5S , , iPod Touch 5th Gen , iPhone6 Plus , iPhone6 , , , , , , , , , ,

Release Notes

31/05/2017 | Version : 1.11 | Size : 86.6 MB
8 new recipes
Bug fixes
Link to new Fussy Toddler app added

02/04/2017 | Version : 1.9 | Size : 82.9 MB
Added New Recipes.
Make Attractive & Smooth UI.

21/01/2017 | Version : 1.8 | Size : 78.5 MB
Add more recipes
Make it Universal app for iPad and iPhone


Over 150 quick and easy BLW recipes for busy mums and dads. Recipes include breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as healthy treats and snacks. The app also includes a 4 week beginners guide, monthly guides, routines and shopping list.

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Comments and Ratings for Baby Led Weaning Recipes

Great user friendly app (1.11)
11/06/2017 09:12:43 5/5 By penniecrayon
Really useful app for a busy mum who wants some easy inspiration for meal/snack ideas. Easy to use clear recipes. Great

Lots of great ideas! (1.11)
11/06/2017 09:12:37 5/5 By Rog12gggggg
I've been weaning for 4 months and this app has been a life saver. Found the week by week ideas really handy for the first month and from then on have made lots of lovely bits. My freezer is full of yummy snacks and meals for my baby boy.

Amazing app! (1.11)
11/06/2017 09:12:26 5/5 By rlb354
I downloaded this app when starting baby led weaning and it's been invaluable - my baby lives off of these recipes and we particularly like the muffins.

Makes BLW so easy (1.11)
11/06/2017 09:07:01 5/5 By Jowyatt23
I love this app and the members website. There are so many yummy recipes to try and they are suitable for the whole family. My daughter has loved pretty much everything so far. The only downside that I find is that some of the recipes are in cups and some imperial and converting cups is not always easy but there is a conversion page on the website and I understand that this is something being addressed on the next update anyway. There is always help available on the support group too. Fantastic work Natalie - keep it up.

My go to app (1.11)
11/06/2017 09:04:19 5/5 By phippsl84
This is my go to app for not only my 17 month old but also the whole family. Recipes are easy to follow and always very tasty- they make me look like a relatively good cook when really I'm clueless in the kitchen!! All the recipes we've tried have even been a hit for my very fussy eater 16 year old step son!

Lovely recipe ideas (1.11)
11/06/2017 09:03:00 5/5 By Njain.mim2010
Really like this app - decent and helpful vegetarian options too!

Fantastic App! (1.11)
11/06/2017 08:59:01 5/5 By C Monks
I initially started following the BLW cookbook page on Facebook which led me to the app. There are loads of ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, and the majority are quick easy recipes which is great, especially as you can batch cook a lot of them so saves time later! Me and the hubby even eat a lot of the meals too.

A good variety and simple to follow, well worth it! (1.11)
11/06/2017 08:57:17 5/5 By SaxySal
I was a bit nervous about BLW but this app (and the community that comes along with it) has been so useful. I love that the recipes are not only easy to follow but often use ingredients that I have in the kitchen. I'm a working mum and often find myself with limited time, I love the variety this app provides but also the clarity and simplicity of the methods. Absolutely worth the small cost, can't wait for an update.

BW review (1.11)
11/06/2017 08:50:11 5/5 By Harrietjane123
Love this app, so easy to use, with easy, innovative recipes that my little man loves! Thank you

Love this app (1.11)
11/06/2017 08:48:35 5/5 By Rowton53
This app has been a great support to me and my daughter through our weaning journey, especially with her milk intolerance, recipes can be easily adapted to suit this. Brilliant💕

This app is simply amazing! (1.11)
11/06/2017 08:42:02 5/5 By ChelseaGrace06
Genuinely cannot believe this app has any negative reviews. I have been using this app for months now, even before my little girl turned 6 months, husband and I love the food. App is has really simple and delicious meals and snacks. We feel like a much healthier, happier family. We spend less time in the kitchen but still eat so nutritiously! Love that you pay for the app but Natalie is still adding to the recipes. I also have the slow cooker app and would highly recommend too. Thank you Natalie!

Two months in and still going strong! (1.11)
11/06/2017 08:41:39 5/5 By MrsL-mummato2
Some great ideas here for BLW. My toddler really enjoys the meal ideas too so all in, a very versatile app. The baking ideas are great and easy enough to do with a toddler. Celebrating fun, fresh and tasty food.

Great varied recipes for all abilities (1.11)
11/06/2017 08:41:20 5/5 By selhec
I have purchased all 3 apps, (even bought a slow cooker) and have found them all so useful. I did traditional weaning with my now 4 year old but my LG wasn't having anything of being spoon fed. It was all I knew and with there not being much about BLW out there I found these so helpful to get started and give me confidence along with the app support page on FB. I am a confident cook but sometimes need quick recipes or just some new ideas and inspiration. Both my kids enjoy the recipes, and I've served for the family too!

Great ideas for blw (1.11)
11/06/2017 08:37:49 5/5 By Ravenclaw wit
Good variety of recipes for the whole family and can easily be adapted if ingredients not to the taste of the family.

Great ideas and easy to follow (1.11)
11/06/2017 08:35:41 5/5 By travellingteach
I bought both the slow cooker and original app before I'd even properly considered the BLW route. I'm doing a mix of purée/lumpy food and using Natalie's recipes and baba is loving it! Faves are the blueberry drop scones, fruity French toast rolls, spinach and brocolli bites and ALL the slow cooker options! I think the recipes are great and it takes me no time at all to convert cups to weights if needed and I make allowances for my own oven of course. I look forward to trying even more as Bubs get older. I'd say the app is aimed at babies being weaned from 6m onward not before so don't listen to the negative reviews, the only things babies can't have from this point is too much salt and sugar which we all know about and of course honey. Thanks Natalie!

I couldn't wean without it! (1.11)
11/06/2017 08:32:58 5/5 By KittyC1992
Me & my son LOVE IT! Prior to having my son (7 months old) I had the worst most unhealthy diet known to man! Since having my son and starting our blw journey I realised I couldn't possibly let him eat what I eat, I'm a totally novice cook and up till being pregnant never ate fruit or veg! Now I get comments from everyone about how my son eats like a king and I'm a top chef... all thanks to this app! This app is easy to use, has so much variety and gives me piece of mind, that my son (and myself and other half) is eating healthy nutritional meals! My son eats better at 7 months than my 2 year old sister and 5 year old niece! In my opinion it is a MUST have... I have all 3 :). I use a recipe off this app at least once a day, often twice or three times a day :)! 5 stars from me x

Must have a APP (1.11)
11/06/2017 08:23:14 5/5 By Rebejh
I always take a while to decide if I should buy an app as money doesn't grow on trees..... but I can honestly say this was worth it! ( so much so my husband bought his own copy so he can make things for our little one too). The recipes are easy to follow and we've even found it quite easy to change ingredients based on what we have in. Tom is 9 months old and loves trying different foods and feeding himself so this app is perfect. Our freezer is stocked with meals and snacks so we always have something to hand. Unfortunately we do have a stash of unused pouches and jars now though! 😀 I also really appreciate the Facebook support page- lovely community and every supportive. I was worried about measurements being in "cups" but I bought a measuring cup set and now prefer it to weighing- much quick in my opinion!!! Thank you.

Excellent app! (1.11)
11/06/2017 08:18:46 5/5 By Thegoodslayer
Although I am not BLW I have found the recipes excellent as inspiration for things to try out when he's ready for finger foods and moving towards feeding himself. I am enjoying trying them out for me and my partner at present!

Great App! (1.11)
11/06/2017 08:17:01 5/5 By Leapp12
I have all three apps - each one extremely useful for a busy mother like me! The simplicity of the apps, their recipes and layout have been created with great thought. I also like the fact Natalie is a mother herself, and therefore understands how stressful and time consuming the whole weaning process can be. My favourite recipes include: Two Ingredient Banana Pancakes, Annabelle's Chicken Korma, Chicken & Apple Burgers, Turkey & Sweet Potato Bake.

Really useful (1.11)
11/06/2017 08:15:15 5/5 By Lucie-BS16
Great for ideas, and lots of batch cooking to make things easier for me with feeding my LO.

Fantastic - Easy and Tasty (1.11)
11/06/2017 08:14:46 5/5 By Cbexy
I love this app and the recipes. They are all pretty easy to make. There is a good variety of recipes from vegetarian to meat, pasta and vegetables. I use many of these recipes through the week along with those on the Slow Cooker app to make my long work days easier. I don't have to worry so much about standing hours preparing meals. An absolute life saver for a full time working mummy who is interested in still providing nutritious and interesting flavourful food. Xx

Great app (1.11)
11/06/2017 08:12:39 5/5 By Sara+3!
Having traditionally weaned my first two children I was after some guidance and ideas for BLW my one year old & this app has been great! Simple to use & interesting recipes that my 8,5 & 1 year old are all enjoying - I was stuck in a bit of a cooking rut & this has been fab for broadening all their eating habits. Even better new recipes are added all the time - thank you!

Great, easy and tasty recipes. (1.11)
11/06/2017 08:07:38 5/5 By Gilz82
I use this app most days and we all really enjoy the food. I have a toddler and a 10 month old and it's great to have such a variety of quick and tasty things for all meals. The recipes are mostly really easy to make. I've never been a fan of cup measurements but LOVE using them now because it makes it so much quicker (can't understand why people think they are a problem!). The supporting Facebook page is a very useful tool for comparing ideas and getting advice from others about lots of different aspects of BLW. Highly recommend to make mealtimes easier in a truly chaotic household!! X

Great app (1.11)
11/06/2017 08:03:16 5/5 By Simone_1983
I love this app, is great for my little one. It's made me try new things and go out of my comfort zone with food which I feel is important with encouraging children to eat well from a young age. There is also a Facebook support group which I highly recommend joining if you buy the app and everyone else's pictures will inspire you to get cooking and that's just what I need!

Amazing recipes. (1.11)
11/06/2017 08:00:25 5/5 By cathy.bibracher
I use this app almost daily. The recipes are easy to follow and are very tasty for the whole family. There is a support group on Facebook also.

Very worth it! (1.11)
11/06/2017 07:59:07 5/5 By Louloulouloulou
This is a great app that gave me confidence to explore new ideas, the recipes are easily adapted to what fruit/veg your toddler likes. I have used it so much since buying and some of the recipes are so simple I've been able to let my 18 month old cook or bake them with me and he loves it! Natalie was also on hand with a quick reply when I asked about a recipe and idea for my sons first birthday cake she was great. Thank you Natalie!

Great app! (1.11)
11/06/2017 07:57:57 5/5 By Lainy89
We have used this app since my baby was 6 months old and we love it. We have cooked so many meals and snacks from it, there's a good mix of really simple quick ideas and more complicated ones to suit everybody. There's a whole range of foods so that baby can try a bit of everything and it lets you know when you need to make swaps e.g. Swapping out honey when baby's under a year. It's not hard to pick up some measuring cups for a £1 or before that I easily converted the measurements on google. As a busy working mum this app has made it so easy for me making meals

Great app (1.11)
11/06/2017 07:57:22 5/5 By Rachvk
Easy recipes - mostly quick and freezable. Ideal to help on the weaning journey :-)

Great app for BLW (1.11)
11/06/2017 07:56:59 5/5 By Jembalckmagic
I've had this app from day one starting baby led weaning. It's made me more adventurous with cooking and my little girl has loved everything I've cooked so far! All the fritter recipes have been great for lunches especially as you can batch cook them all! I admit some recipes are a bit high in sugar but this can be substituted or they can be used when they're older or you're happy for them to have a bit of sugar. The author is also very supportive while even running a Facebook forum where you can ask questions and make suggestions! A well supported app!

Fun and easy (1.11)
11/06/2017 07:56:56 5/5 By Margaret cox
Really pleased with the app, I have got a lot of ideas and have tried many of the recipes. Lots of support on the Facebook page. Thank you

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