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By Google, Inc.
Supported Devices : All , iPad 2 3G , iPad 2 Wifi , iPad 3G , iPad 4th Gen , iPad 4th Gen 4G , iPad Mini , iPad Mini 4G , iPad 3rd Gen , iPad 3rd Gen 4G , iPad Wifi , iPhone 3GS , iPhone 4 , iPhone 4S , iPhone 5 , iPhone 5C , iPhone 5S , iPod Touch 4th Gen , iPod Touch 3rd Gen , iPod Touch 5th Gen , iPod Touch 4th Gen , iPhone6 Plus , iPhone6 ,

Release Notes

15/06/2013 | Version : | Size : 3.0 MB
Minor bug fixes.

21/01/2013 | Version : | Size : 2.9 MB
* Added iPhone 5 support
* Updated save post options to "Save as draft", "Publish", "Cancel"
* Added Google Analytics for application usage statistics
* Bug fixes: Photo upload 1021 error, Japanese/Chinese keyboard black screen error, Application launch error, Compose screen loosing text on clicking "done" button or "attaching images" on iPhone under low memory conditions.

Version : 1.0.0 | Size : 1.2 MB


Download the latest release of the official Blogger app, and start blogging on the go. With Blogger for iOS you can:

* Compose a post that you can save to draft or immediately publish
* View list of your saved and published posts
* Switch account/blog if you have more than one
* Embed an image from the gallery, or, by taking a picture directly from the app
* Add labels to your posts
* Add location information

With the Blogger app for iOS, you can quickly and easily publish posts to your blog wherever you are.

Screenshots iPhone / iPod :

Screenshots iPhone / iPod Screenshots iPhone / iPod Screenshots iPhone / iPod Screenshots iPhone / iPod Screenshots iPhone / iPod

Screenshots iPad :

Screenshots iPad Screenshots iPad Screenshots iPad Screenshots iPad


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Comments and Ratings for Blogger

Rubbish (
18/05/2015 21:33:00 1/5 By Muttleyyy
App won't even sign me in! Spent all day trying to sign in and trouble shoot, completely useless!

17/05/2015 12:18:00 1/5 By PuddingJ
Won't allow you to upload photo's Not in sync with the version on the computer Randomly refreshes losing any unsaved work Time consuming frustrating and rubbish don't put yourself through it this app needs scrapping

The app just doesn't work (
17/05/2015 11:54:00 1/5 By Laurennah
Can't even log on...

Needs updates (
13/05/2015 23:32:00 1/5 By MSaficionado
You would think that Google as a competent organization would provide users with a half decent tool to use but this is the most pathetic peace of ridicules rubbish they could possibly have churned up! The app does not even allow you to add hyperlinks into the text, you have to go onto safari to do this. I am now considering paying £3 for a blog app just because this one is so useless. If you can find me an app more useless then tell me, a 5 year old could make a better one! I'd at least hope for some new updates and some new features, the app hasn't even changed in ages. Come on Google! I have pretty good expectations when it comes to your services.

Can't even embed a link (
11/05/2015 16:58:00 1/5 By AndersMc
Terrible app, can't even embed a link into the text, so cannot publish a single thing I blog about from my phone. An absolute pain when I'm out and about and have to wait until I'm home to use my laptop. I don't need the data analytics in the app, but some recognition of the basics of blogging would be useful.

Sort it out (
06/05/2015 00:02:00 1/5 By Help blogger
Please work on making the blogger app more user friendly. It's endlessly frustrating how little has been done to improve the platform on mobile better. Please please please do something about it.

Very basic and very crappy (
05/05/2015 04:08:00 2/5 By Beckii-20
This app is so basic, you can only write posts, which I know is the whole point, but you can't check stats or other updates..also following other blogs is difficult on both the app and the website, a follow button would be so much better and a feed to look at other blogs would make the whole website much more interesting, please update them both! Also blocking of blogs should be much easier!

Basic and feature poor (
04/05/2015 22:42:00 1/5 By Coolnfunky
Not a good app. Barely functional enough to get a post out there, but that's it. Really infuriating to use, and missing things like break points, so it's very hamstrung even for a free app. I'm looking for something else. Poor show Google.

It needs an update, (
18/04/2015 19:37:00 1/5 By Arturogiii
This app hasn't had an update for almost 2 years, how come the best blogging website does not have a good app for bloggers who use iphone or iPad, this is really frustrating👎

Average (
16/04/2015 02:08:00 2/5 By Wazza1234567
The app is easy to use but annoying doesn't show the simple stuff like post stats. This would be very helpful if it was updated as being a blogger I would love to see how my views are going. Please fix this and the app with be good

Does just what it needs to (
14/04/2015 23:57:00 4/5 By cheesey1977
If you are looking to use this as your main blogger app then it's not for you. It's perfect to allow you to edit and review your posts, as well as adding notes on the fly. It is just a mobile accompaniment to using a web browser. Shame you cant see any stats using this app though.

Poor! (
11/04/2015 00:05:00 2/5 By JKilday
I am really disappointed in this app, it needs some serious work. It's slow, you are unable to schedule posts, and even editing posts is a challenge.

Not the best (
06/04/2015 08:36:00 2/5 By GeorgiasCrochet
I recently restarted my blog and thought it might be cool for me to get the app- it wasn't. All this app basically allows you to do is write a new post, change to another one of your blogspots, or view your blog. No stats/traffic counter, no auto save for your work either, basically it's not really blogger at all. Stick to the PC/Mac version people- this free app is little help!

Good enough (
01/04/2015 23:33:00 4/5 By RT/FD
At a first glance, this app seems to do what it says - you can write posts and view your blog. However, you cannot view the settings or design of your blog, as well as other important things such as your view count. Nevertheless, this app will be useful for posting on the go, though I will still be using the desktop version whenever possible.

Dreadful (
20/03/2015 00:41:00 1/5 By Liambailey1234
Google apps are usually well designed but this one is dreadful. I am forced to use blogger as my degree requires me to post my work via blogger, if it wasn't for that I'd have scrapped it along time ago. Please help us all out Google, we are all suffering. Good design and UX I know is something Google prides themselves on so please can you fix it. Thanks Liam

Really very bad (
13/03/2015 22:30:00 1/5 By chazbear.
Why don't they incorporate all of the features from Blogger into the app? You should at absolute least, be able to see your stats. Complete overhaul please.

Horrible!! (
01/03/2015 21:54:00 1/5 By Katexhoward
I wanted to start blogging and this app come up and I thought I could use it. I made a google account and now it says It won't log in!!!!!!! Stupid, rubbish and useless!!

Rubbish (
26/02/2015 16:21:00 1/5 By A Gutierrez
Doesn't let me link my google email to this account. It keeps crashing when it tries to open.

Really, really awful (
22/02/2015 22:28:00 1/5 By Aribooxo
This app had an okay idea, but it's absolutely awfully put to work. Barely any options regarding font or colour, no text alignment. just a terrible app. Shame, really could have been useful.

Rubbish app (
22/02/2015 15:49:00 1/5 By Food_x_
This app isn't that good. You can post but not much else. I don't like that you can't change your fonts on it my blog is HappyLittlePostz check me out😂😂

19/02/2015 22:23:00 1/5 By Stramy1999
I have tres logging in so many times I've give up and got ride of the app it's so stupid never agin

Terrible (
19/02/2015 01:51:00 1/5 By Lolololololooooooooooooolool
Worst app ever

Absolute rubbish (
14/02/2015 22:47:00 1/5 By Anyardsroad
Exactly as the others have said. Simply doesn't work on an iPad. A Google/Apple thing apparently. How utterly pathetic! Quite useless.

Good.. (
14/02/2015 19:47:00 4/5 By Missbabieeg
Good, easy to use if laptop isn't available. But it would be a lot better if you could see friends blogs you have added to your reading list on the app. Please include this in the next update :)

Good👍 (
14/02/2015 02:01:00 4/5 By 5699gh
Except from the screen not auto-scrolling as I type -have to manually scroll as I reach the bottom of the screen or else I continue typing blindly - the app is perfectly fine to use. I can post just as I would from my computer. I don't have any problems with typing, adjusting photos etc. Good for use on the go.

5 stars (
11/02/2015 21:46:00 5/5 By D8NCR
Great app does exactly what it's meant to do. 5 stars

Log on (
09/02/2015 22:36:00 1/5 By Izzysmiles
I can't log on. I have a google email address and I have tried to sign in but it doesn't work and comes up with a message saying "no blog found" or something like that anyway. I know the blog isn't found cuz I'm trying to make a new one. Don't get this app until they have done something about this problem and the other ones people are posting. xx

Best app ever!!!!i lalaLOVE it!!! (
06/02/2015 01:31:00 3/5 By brayan_dickinson973

Terrible (
01/02/2015 19:06:00 1/5 By Alii babes
Wouldn't even allow me to log on

50/50 (
26/01/2015 21:56:00 3/5 By BexDane
The bare bones of a good app is there, however, it badly needs rich text, hyperlink & scheduling abilities. The ability to embed html would also be nice. Auto-draft/save too. Basically it needs a lot of work.

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