Bubble Witch Saga 4/5

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Bubble Witch Saga

By King (King.com Limited)
Supported Devices : iPad 2 3G , , iPad 2 Wifi , , iPad 3G , , , , , , , , iPad 4th Gen , iPad 4th Gen 4G , , , iPad Mini , , , , iPad Mini 4G , , , , , , , , , , iPad 3rd Gen , iPad 3rd Gen 4G , , , iPad Wifi , , iPhone 3GS , , iPhone 4 , , iPhone 4S , , iPhone 5 , iPhone 5C , , , iPhone 5S , , iPod Touch 4th Gen , iPod Touch 3rd Gen , iPod Touch 5th Gen , iPod Touch 4th Gen , iPhone6 Plus , iPhone6 , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Release Notes

20/08/2015 | Version : 3.1.30 | Size : 45.1 MB
Today is Luna’s birthday and she’s feeling quite old! Fortunately, Selma and Hazel have some gifts for her, and for you too.

- When you replay a completed level you won’t lose a life. Free fun!
- You will also notice some great changes in the map of the game!

15/07/2015 | Version : 3.1.27 | Size : 42.1 MB
In case you didn’t know, Witches only have 1 day of holidays, and that is National Cat Day. For that reason, Luna, Selma and Hazel are enjoying a nice summer of work!

This time they are traveling to another Eternal Isle to fight evil. But evil found them in the way! There were some baddies affecting the game performance, but they have taken care of it now!

If you like the new update, please don’t forget to rate us and send us your feedback!

12/06/2015 | Version : 3.1.24 | Size : 42.5 MB
NEW UPDATE! The 3 witches have arrived at another Eternal Isle. There is a trace of magic that requires investigation! Are you ready for adventure? Selma, Luna and Hazel need your help!

We’re making some important changes. Make sure you update the game to the latest version to access all the magical content!


From the makers of Candy Crush Saga & Farm Heroes Saga!

Aim, fire and pop your way through this enchanting puzzle adventure.

Fend off the dark spirits that are plaguing the country. Travel the realm and win each potion challenge to free the land piece by piece.

Take on this epic journey alone or play with friends to see who can get the highest score!


This game is completely free to play, but some in-game items such as extra moves or lives will require payment.

You can turn off the payment feature by disabling in-app purchases in your device’s settings.



● Enchanting graphics that will leave you spellbound
● 3 friendly cats
● Potions and charms to help with challenging levels
● Bombs, spider webs, doom bubbles, locks, bonuses and lots more!
● Collect stars to unlock special items to help you on your quest
● Easy and fun to play, challenging to master
● Hundreds of magical levels
● Leaderboards to watch your friends and competitors!
● Easily sync the game between devices and unlock full game features when connected to the Internet


Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for the latest news.

Last but not least, a big THANK YOU goes out to everyone who has played!

*Minimum iOS version recommended: 4.3.5


Categories :
#72 : Top Grossing iPad Applications [Arcade]
#126 : Top Grossing iPad Applications [Puzzle]
#185 : Top Grossing iPhone Applications [Arcade]
#186 : Top Grossing iPhone Applications [Puzzle]

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Games , Arcade , Puzzle

Comments and Ratings for Bubble Witch Saga

Good game but annoying (3.1.30)
08/02/2017 18:02:00 2/5 By Pat & Alan
I like the game but the annoying pop ups drive me bonkers! Constant nag screens just spoil an otherwise good game.

Bubble witch (3.1.30)
04/02/2017 02:28:00 2/5 By Heatherlw36
Loved this at first, now stuck and have been for a few YEARS. Now only visit occasionally.

Love it (3.1.30)
27/01/2017 13:26:00 5/5 By JWhitelegg
Always go back to this game x

Decent addictive game (3.1.30)
02/01/2017 14:29:00 4/5 By nitebot
I'm new to the game. Only done 30 levels. It's good fun and very addictive. Some levels are pretty tough. Looks like girl's game but lads can have fun too as it's a standard bubble bursting game at heart.

It's ok but not worth wasting money on it (3.1.30)
22/12/2016 08:39:00 1/5 By Junquet
Title says it all!

Lasting entertainment (3.1.30)
28/11/2016 14:40:00 4/5 By Stateofplay88
I have played this game for a long time, I like especially that it is possible to advance without having to spend a fortune - I don't mind spending a bit of money occasionally for the enjoyment, but i lose interest if that is a must. You'd probably get more money out of me if individual purchases were cheaper. Good combination of luck and strategy.

Back in the game (3.1.30)
24/11/2016 03:13:00 4/5 By V1kk1p
After yrs of playing through facebook I loved it then stopped playing for 2 years as to many king games are addictive but here I am back again loving even more on my smartphone

BubbleWitch (3.1.30)
19/11/2016 22:27:00 5/5 By Tigerfenker
Good challenging game.

Bubble witch (3.1.30)
22/10/2016 12:09:00 3/5 By Morristoncat
The King games are a nightmare, you press play & they go back to home page & you lose games,I deleted a couple of them & then downloaded them again having to start at beginning but the problem is still there

Bubble witch Saga (3.1.30)
13/10/2016 10:19:00 2/5 By Lizgil
Waste of time. I persevered for months on level 170. When I eventually did it instead of going to 171 it went to 170 again. Has anyone else had this problem. Is there any way of proceeding to the next level?

Great game. (3.1.30)
24/09/2016 11:05:00 5/5 By IPad3 novice.
Still playing this after many months. Higher levels are almost impossible. A bit of skill and thought required. I never pay for any extras. Good time waster!

Addictive! (3.1.30)
22/09/2016 22:37:00 4/5 By Spirit fairy
Actually this game is very addictive and great fun. It also takes a certain amount of skill which I enjoy

It's addictive but not that good..... (3.1.30)
19/09/2016 02:51:00 2/5 By AngelSpell67
You only get 5 lives and you need more as the levels get harder... The rewards I'm supposed to get never materialise! When you hit a type of road block (this happens between levels), you either have to buy the coins although you've acquired them, ask friends for help and when you do, the game appears not to be able to get a wifi signal or you have to wait for 5 days before you can pass the road block...! Yes the game is addictive but it's not worth the time or hassle... The game needs to be binned and the developers need to start again....

Lane (3.1.30)
25/08/2016 17:35:00 5/5 By mywendy
Really great game

Tracy (3.1.30)
24/08/2016 13:27:00 5/5 By Thair@125
Great game

Bubble (3.1.30)
24/07/2016 10:27:00 4/5 By Laffers2
Challenging but annoying. Completing levels achievable but getting enough stars ridiculous. Not enough information about bonuses and special features

Disappointed (3.1.30)
17/06/2016 11:45:00 5/5 By RaineyB
Since the upgrade, I reverted back to 5 lives instead of 7. Not good enough, as the levels get harder you need more lives not less. Just an excuse to get you to buy lives. Still a great game though.

Very addicting game. (3.1.30)
13/05/2016 10:47:00 4/5 By NoddyMoto
Have had this game on three different iPads & just cannot put it down when there's time to kill.

Good game (3.1.30)
10/05/2016 18:21:00 4/5 By Rein doors
Good game but level 164 way too hard been stuck on it for ages!!

Need more levels (3.1.30)
10/05/2016 16:17:00 5/5 By Shark5784
Have got to level 510 and that's it. Please give more levels as I love this game.

Need more levels! (3.1.30)
20/04/2016 20:31:00 1/5 By Leenicjac
Have been waiting for an update for months. It was a good game while it lasted.

Good (3.1.30)
14/04/2016 12:15:00 5/5 By Jolantajj
Good game

Should have a minus star! (3.1.30)
09/04/2016 21:41:00 1/5 By Looby265
This game cheats the player so much. Level 55 on Eternal Isles. Start off with 38 bubbles and after a winning line of bubbles you find up to 10 bubbles have been stolen! Shame on you, play fair. I will probably stop playing now. I will NEVER buy anything so don't test me!

Brilliant (3.1.30)
06/04/2016 23:15:00 5/5 By ElBaz1957
I've been playing this game for about 8 years. Done all three of the sagas but still going on the Eternal Isles. Never get bored 👍🏼

A (3.1.30)
31/03/2016 23:41:00 4/5 By Parkl33
I'm locked at level 135, I've passed it so many times now it's frustrating it won't give me more levels, how many levels are there and whats the trick to 135?

Stuck (3.1.30)
12/03/2016 23:23:00 4/5 By Flowergolf
Despite getting 2 stars and a Well Done! I am stuck on 510 and unable to move on. Is there a problem?

Bubble Witch (3.1.30)
25/02/2016 20:27:00 4/5 By Smythe 63
Excellent game very entertaining though a little frustrating at times

Challenging and addictive (3.1.30)
21/02/2016 13:33:00 5/5 By GMGP
It might be a simple concept, but in my opinion, this is the most addictive of all the 'shoot to match three' games I have played and is far more fun to play than its more childish and colourful sequel - which misses the point of what 'playing solo' entertainment is all about... i.e. interacting with the game and not other players except competitively - This version of Bubble witch keeps competitive scoring in the forefront as a challenge, but makes beating the game itself the most important goal - so far more fun - If you play any of these Games, though, would strongly advise playing them linked to Facebook or on more than one device as, if your platform glitches it will stop you from losing unbacked up levels - I wrote this review some time ago - but it now needs updating as the leftover bubble system is unfair - the game is still a keeper, but playing it well in minimum bubbles, leaving say thirty or forty bubbles in the pot should give you the final kick to achieve a high score... But it doesn't - all you get are a wretched four or five and this is definitely taking the edge off this game, especially on the harder levels when that extra last kick can make a difference between winning or losing

horrible (3.1.30)
19/02/2016 03:04:00 1/5 By bisashwi
know what rhymes with cancer?... yes, you guessed it, King

Ridiculous (3.1.30)
12/02/2016 05:11:00 1/5 By Sue@987
I have been on level 170 for some time now and have managed to get one star but instead go going to the next level it just goes back to the beginning again saying The Lord of darkness gathers his strength, well I shall gather my strength and delete the game!

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