Burger 4/5

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By Magma Mobile
Supported Devices : iPad 2 3G , , iPad 2 Wifi , , iPad 3G , , , , , , , iPad 4th Gen , iPad 4th Gen 4G , , , iPad Mini , , , , iPad Mini 4G , , , , , , , , , , iPad 3rd Gen , iPad 3rd Gen 4G , , , iPad Wifi , iPhone 3GS , iPhone 4 , iPhone 4S , , iPhone 5 , iPhone 5C , , , iPhone 5S , , iPhone6 , , iPhone6 Plus , , iPod Touch 4th Gen , iPod Touch 3rd Gen , iPod Touch 5th Gen , iPod Touch 4th Gen , , , , , , , ,

Release Notes

23/03/2016 | Version : 1.0.9 | Size : 44.0 MB
Various fixes

09/05/2015 | Version : 1.0.8 | Size : 25.7 MB
Minor Bug Fix.

02/11/2013 | Version : 1.0.7 | Size : 20.9 MB
- Fixed minor bugs


Want to be a master-chief?

A burger-serving game is coming now for your best enjoyment in a free version with the Magma Mobile’s touch!
You are hired in a chain restaurant to serve clients as fast as possible to earn money and even tips for yourself. Take orders from your customers and make a recipe among sandwiches, garnishes, desserts and sodas. The more you will play, the more ingredients will appear in the fast-food!

Take up the challenge and try the Career Mode to cope with a higher difficulty each day of the year!
Work from Monday to Saturday and reach your goal to get more money and new ingredients for the service. Then if you are a great employee, you will even unlock a lot of achievements!

Time is money!
Try also to do your best in the Time Attack Mode to collect a maximum of coins within the time limit!

This time management game will definitely entertain and challenge you and your family!

Features of Burger:

-Ingredients’ list : bread, meat, lettuce, tomato, cheese, onion, cucumber, mayonnaise, tomato ketchup, bacon, fish, muffins, ice creams, french fries, potatoes and sodas
-More than 300 levels and 40 achievements for burger’s maniac

So come play Burger and become the master king of burgers!

Screenshots iPhone / iPod :

Screenshots iPhone / iPod Screenshots iPhone / iPod Screenshots iPhone / iPod

Screenshots iPad :

Screenshots iPad Screenshots iPad Screenshots iPad Screenshots iPad Screenshots iPad


Games , Food & Drink , Arcade , Puzzle

Comments and Ratings for Burger

Repetitive (1.0.7)
19/10/2014 11:40:00 1/5 By Han93xx

Great Game (1.0.7)
28/08/2014 18:28:00 5/5 By Cool wicked awesome
This is a great game I like it :)

Boring (1.0.7)
04/08/2014 15:48:00 2/5 By I❤️games 💜💙💚💛❤️💗
This game is really boring. It just does not interest me . You should not get this. Xx😔

Brilliant!!! (1.0.7)
11/07/2014 15:31:00 5/5 By Any bobs
I love this game. So addictive.

Ok (1.0.7)
29/06/2014 09:13:00 3/5 By Sunshine1958jjj
Too many fake reviews, good for kids, tedious for adults

Beth Hughes (1.0.7)
29/06/2014 08:17:00 5/5 By Snugly booboo
This game is the best burger games I have ever played plus it is addicting and a was in the middle of playing then I wanted to type this and I was play this a 6:45 AM if you don't know what AM it is morning

Love it (1.0.7)
26/06/2014 19:04:00 5/5 By Breewinger
Addictive as it gets!

Burger (1.0.7)
03/06/2014 21:17:00 3/5 By Skills!!!!!!
Burger is epic it is amazing!!!!!!!!!:) hope you have fast fingers to beet the target everything comes up every second.

Love it (1.0.7)
24/05/2014 12:31:00 5/5 By Chrissy21x
Love it

Boring after a while (1.0.7)
23/05/2014 20:17:00 3/5 By Jimmylufc17
It's ok to start with, but gets boring quickly. Good for children

Brilliant game (1.0.7)
11/05/2014 13:20:00 5/5 By Tiny vicky
This is a brilliant game if you like a food games

Bad (1.0.7)
29/04/2014 20:30:00 1/5 By  David Sagna
Rubbish,graphics are awful also you get bored so quick. Not recommended for anyone rubbish game no point downloading it my kid hates it

Awesome game. (1.0.7)
31/03/2014 20:08:00 5/5 By Coolershaker 
So freaking addictive. Been playing with my sister to see who can get further quicker.. I'm winning!

Love this game love! (1.0.7)
20/03/2014 19:04:00 5/5 By  Mezzinmara
Wow best one yet

Burger letdown... (1.0.7)
11/03/2014 15:25:00 1/5 By Ark1002
I am disappointed in this game because it didn't let me become a master-chief as it says in the description :(

Quite good (1.0.7)
01/03/2014 16:23:00 5/5 By Skinnydoggeh6
Really addictive Nd fun to play, I honestly though think you don't get enough time sometimes. Bt good overall

Addictive (1.0.7)
19/02/2014 07:09:00 4/5 By Ami693
Hooked fun!!!!

Addictive (1.0.7)
01/02/2014 16:31:00 4/5 By Ameliapenny2011 
I have completed it and can't get enough it's fun and I'm very competitive so I have to beat the timer. My only complaint is that after you have collected everything and completed it all that's it.

Great (1.0.7)
25/01/2014 11:30:00 4/5 By Princessnicolemarieday
It is an amazing addictive game should definitely get this game totally worth the time:)

Burger by melissa (1.0.7)
24/01/2014 21:17:00 5/5 By Lissa b lol
This is an amazing game fun for anyone hope you've got fast fingers to beat the target everything comes up every time a couple of levels

Love it (1.0.7)
13/01/2014 19:54:00 5/5 By fmccool832
This game is the best one yet a good boredom killer and very addictive

Tots adictive (1.0.7)
12/01/2014 10:51:00 5/5 By Mosh mash
I can't keep up with this it's too epic for me and that's prity epic try it n buy it!

Zzzz (1.0.7)
08/01/2014 01:55:00 2/5 By Endamul1061
Ok if your younger than 10 yrs lol

Crashes (1.0.7)
31/12/2013 10:31:00 2/5 By thegez111
Every time I open the game it crashes. Needs fixing

Burger game (1.0.7)
31/12/2013 10:21:00 5/5 By Bazabbo47273
ThiS game is very fun it is also very addictive If you ever find yourself flicking through various apps on App Store and you come across this game definitely give it a second luck as this is a very well thought out game however some people may find the timer a bit frustrating as maybe you are not given enough time but overall this game is very much a pleasure to play x

Bad (1.0.7)
30/12/2013 09:46:00 1/5 By  Oztrexx
Very bad. And when I click something why does it make a circle? BAD, BAD, BAD!

Entertaining (1.0.7)
28/12/2013 23:48:00 3/5 By Olivercreations 
Fun app, fairly addictive exercises quick thinking and finger dexterity!

Simple (1.0.7)
22/12/2013 16:40:00 2/5 By  wetard wicket
This game is simple and easy. It is addictive and it is a waste of time I deleted it 10 minutes after getting it

Rubbish (1.0.7)
20/12/2013 15:17:00 1/5 By T user1986
It is very very very rubbish I deleted it after 5 mins

Good... (1.0.7)
19/12/2013 03:03:00 3/5 By Robsreds132621
Nobody else seems to have this problem but it won't let me click on the 'Play' button. Please fix x

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