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Candy Blast Mania

By TeamLava (TeamLava, LLC)
Supported Devices : All , iPad 2 3G , iPad 2 Wifi , iPad 3G , iPad 4th Gen , iPad 4th Gen 4G , iPad Mini , iPad Mini 4G , iPad 3rd Gen , iPad 3rd Gen 4G , iPad Wifi , iPhone , iPhone 3G , iPhone 3GS , iPhone 4 , iPhone 4S , iPhone 5 , iPhone 5C , iPhone 5S , iPhone6 , iPhone6 Plus , iPod Touch , iPod Touch 5th Gen , iPod Touch 4th Gen , iPod Touch 4th Gen , , iPod Touch 3rd Gen , iPod Touch with Microphone

Release Notes

02/02/2016 | Version : 1.5.7 | Size : 67.9 MB
- Bug fixes
- Performance improvements

07/01/2016 | Version : 1.5.4 | Size : 67.8 MB
- Performance optimizations and bug fixes

20/12/2015 | Version : 1.5.3 | Size : 67.7 MB
- Performance optimizations and bug fixes


Candy Blast Mania is a match three puzzle adventure where you can match and collect candies in thousands of amazingly delicious games, guaranteed to satisfy any sweet tooth!

Enjoy the new flavor of match 3 game from the makers of hit apps Jewel Mania™ and Bubble Mania™! Match candies to collect them, and sweeten the value of neighboring candies. Easy to learn but challenging to master!

Can you crush the Gummy Bear King and his candied cronies looking to spoil the Candy Kingdom? Stop the gummied grouch before it’s too late!


The Candy Kingdom is in danger!
- Travel through cookie canyons, jawbreaker glaciers and more as you continue your saga to save your kingdom
- This journey takes you through a whole new world of fantastic flavors, including Cake Canyon, the Forest of Fudge, and more!

Find big matches to create Sweet Spots for explosive combos and big bonuses!
- Match 4 or more candies to create Sweet Spots and crush your way to victory
- Pop all the candies of one color, blast the board in all directions, and more!

Battle the tyrannical Gummy Bear King in the exciting Battle Mode.
- Stun the evil King with big matches before he Goops up your candies!
- Crush the evil Gummy Bear King in crazy puzzle battles!
- Match candies to create big combos and stun the King to switch the tide of battle

Play through over 1300 levels of candy collecting craziness!
- Stock up on Lemon Drops, Jelly Beans and other gummy candies that look good enough to eat!
- Match at least three pieces of candy to pop them and add them to your collection
- Collect all the candies of a certain color to win!

Earn boosts like the Candy Wand or Candy Scoop!
- In a jam? Use mouthwatering Boosts like the Candy Wand to pop and drop candies to clear the way!
- Recharge your Boosts for FREE!

Compete against your Facebook friends!
- Fight your friends for the top score in every level!
- Sync up with Facebook and battle for sweet, sweet victory across the Candy Kingdom!

FREE to play with FREE updates including new levels, obstacles, candies, and more every week!

Candy Blast Mania is the BEST puzzle adventure game on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. And just like the other best things in life, it’s FREE!

Download Candy Blast Mania and start your sweet saga today!

Please note that Candy Blast Mania is free to play, but you can purchase in-app items with real money. To delete this feature, on your device go to Settings Menu -> General -> Restrictions option. You can then simply turn off In-App Purchases under “Allowed Content”. In addition, Candy Blast Mania may link to social media services such as Facebook, and Storm8 Studios will have access to your information through such services.

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Overall :
#81 : Top Grossing iPad Applications
#109 : Top Grossing iPhone Applications

Categories :
#11 : Top Grossing iPad Applications [Arcade]
#17 : Top Grossing iPad Applications [Puzzle]
#19 : Top Grossing iPhone Applications [Arcade]
#21 : Top Grossing iPhone Applications [Puzzle]
#70 : Top Grossing iPad Applications [Kids]
#88 : Top Free iPad Application [Puzzle]
#122 : Top Free iPad Application [Arcade]
#123 : Top Free iPhone Applications [Puzzle]
#125 : Top Grossing iPhone Applications [Kids]

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Games , Entertainment , Arcade , Puzzle

Comments and Ratings for Candy Blast Mania

Addictive (1.4.6)
22/09/2015 20:03:00 5/5 By Js188
No real thinking necessary, perfect game for relaxation and reduction of stress. One of my favourites.

Bear necessity (1.4.6)
21/09/2015 09:19:00 5/5 By Kneejerk the third
Great game well constructed which keeps me occupied for hours. Only picky downside it takes too long to replenish lives.

Go for it (1.4.6)
19/09/2015 19:56:00 5/5 By bgrimwade
This is one of the few games that can be played without spending a fortune. Well worth playing as long as you have patience

XXX (1.4.6)
19/09/2015 12:31:00 5/5 By Miss cat 999
Love it, compulsive Need cheaper more lives, expensive ! Adds up when actually spending on Nothing ( message to self)

Candy blast mania (1.4.6)
18/09/2015 09:45:00 5/5 By Honzo.
This is an excellent game, best of all they don't expect you to keep buying things to progress.

Candy Blast (1.4.6)
18/09/2015 09:07:00 1/5 By Lesley Loo 2015
I have played this game for over 18 months and used to love it. However since I was requested to download the latest version I have been plagued with problems. Lives have been lost because the game jams and freezes and as I move on to higher levels I lose a life because it freezes at the start of the new level. I am very disappointed.

Addictive love it (1.4.6)
18/09/2015 08:56:00 5/5 By Ch544
Fab game

Great Game (1.4.6)
17/09/2015 22:34:00 4/5 By Panda 47
Overall I really enjoy this game, except if it's to do with Gummy Bear. Definitely not enough points are deducted, sometimes, none at all, even if you score. Spoils the whole game for me.

Candy blast mania (1.4.6)
17/09/2015 02:16:00 4/5 By Mcsmichel1
Ok i'm like this games

Was a great game... (1.4.5)
14/09/2015 22:33:00 1/5 By Litt1e Bird
..but the latest update means it will no longer open and is unplayable. What a shame.

Great Game (1.4.5)
14/09/2015 20:38:00 5/5 By Ryan Didcot
Love this game, Better than the alternatives.

Candi mania (1.4.5)
14/09/2015 18:25:00 5/5 By Margaret. J
My favourite game.It keeps you challenged

Crash after upgrade (1.4.5)
14/09/2015 16:23:00 2/5 By Yun234
Couldn't open after upgrade, please fix it

Keeps crashing (1.4.5)
14/09/2015 00:12:00 1/5 By SuSchmoo
Same as other comments. Loved it until you meddled with it and now it won't open, just crashes. Sort it out please!

Candy mania (1.4.5)
13/09/2015 14:28:00 5/5 By Katy(63)
What have you done ???? It won't open at all. Please fix it.

Crashes!!!! (1.4.5)
13/09/2015 01:13:00 1/5 By GEC3
Loved the game until the last update, now it doesn't even load up!!!!!! Frustrating, please fix. Why do apps keep 'updating' there programmes to 'FIX' problems if they only makes the problems worse!!!!

Keeps going off (1.4.5)
12/09/2015 20:40:00 4/5 By jmorr.
This games is great but keeps going off after just starting the games please sort out.

Pauline (1.4.5)
12/09/2015 18:53:00 5/5 By Pollyperd
I love this game it good very good

Help (1.4.5)
12/09/2015 16:36:00 3/5 By Xrhj
Since you updated Candy Mania I have not been able to play the game!! Help.

New version (1.4.5)
12/09/2015 12:18:00 1/5 By Z1z2xxxx
Don't bother it doesn't work

Great game (1.4.5)
12/09/2015 12:00:00 4/5 By Afterextratime
Have been playing this game for ages and now since last update it won't load just keeps crashing please sort soon. Lives take too long to reload though.

Update (1.4.5)
12/09/2015 11:59:00 5/5 By cazpf1
Unable to play from update on 9th September

Candy mania (1.4.5)
12/09/2015 11:49:00 1/5 By Manic Wendy
Since the update I too have been unable to access the game. If you have managed to get it please let me know how you did it without losing your score. Help!

Rubbish (1.4.5)
12/09/2015 10:26:00 1/5 By Jele05
After this last update as people have mentioned you cant even open the app. Goes blank and back to the app. Useless they not check after they have updated !!!

Great game (1.4.5)
12/09/2015 09:05:00 4/5 By Robbo63
This is a great game but is sometimes difficult to open.

Latest update... no longer works (1.4.5)
12/09/2015 02:39:00 2/5 By darwohlj
Have loved playing this game but with the latest update it doesn't load anymore. A blank screen before going back to the Home screen. Disappointed... Please resolve quickly.

Was good (1.4.5)
12/09/2015 00:56:00 2/5 By Diddler57
I loved this game till the last update!!! Will not load and agree with others just keeps going back to iPad screen. Please sort!!!!

Rubbish update (1.4.5)
12/09/2015 00:14:00 1/5 By A-mul
Game will not open since recent update, please sort this out soon !!

Was my favourite game! (1.4.5)
12/09/2015 00:09:00 3/5 By High Society Babe
Can honestly say this was my favourite game on the iPad - why can't they leave it alone? Since latest update it won't load at all - really frustrating. Please sort it or bin it, the whole idea of these games is to release stress and relax - ain't happening..... blood pressure through the roof!!!

Crashes (1.4.5)
11/09/2015 17:31:00 4/5 By Maggut
Great game...until you tried to 'fix' it. Now it won't load and crashes before it gets anywhere! Played on iPad until update. Very disappointed :(

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