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Construction Simulator 2

By astragon Entertainment GmbH
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Release Notes

04/05/2017 | Version : 1.06 | Size : 1.3 GB
Update 1.06: Urban Development: Culture & Commerce
- Several new special missions for advanced players available, for example the “Northridge Philharmonic”
- Added resolution option to settings (not applicable for all devices)
- Added new languages: Simplified and traditional chinese
- Added indicators to roadworks missions
- Improved behaviour of concrete mixer in combination with concrete bucket and concrete pump
- Improved steering behaviour of dozers during earth movement
- Adjusted unlock level and price of Atlas 340LC Excavator
- Mission adjustments and bugfixes
- Various small fixes and improvements

22/03/2017 | Version : 1.0 | Size : 1.3 GB


In Construction Simulator 2, you build your own construction company and take the wheel at 36 original licensed construction vehicles from Caterpillar, Liebherr, Palfinger, Bell, STILL, and ATLAS. Dig to your heart's content in the popular sequel to Construction Simulator 2014, operate massive cranes, load construction materials, pour concrete, and cover the streets in Westside Plains city with asphalt. Construction Simulator 2 takes you to the USA with much-requested road construction and tons of jobs with construction vehicles to match.

Once you have invested your savings and started your own company, you can begin to explore new regions in Westside Plains and accept ever larger and more lucrative construction jobs in the open world of Construction Simulator 2. Earn experience points and invest them in individual skills of your choosing. Generate income and invest it to build your own company. Expand into new regions, enlarge your fleet, and master more than 60 engaging and challenging construction jobs, including repairing crumbly roads and rebuilding a railroad bridge. On top of that, minor gardening work, building new residences and industrial halls, transporting goods and machines, constructing new apartment buildings, and mending canals are all just some of the thrilling construction jobs that await. Make a name for yourself in Westside Plains and tackle ever more complex construction work. Take the opportunity to unlock one-of-a-kind jobs or take on the challenging task of developing new building land to help your city grow.

The extensive fleet in Construction Simulator 2 includes 36 original licensed vehicles and machines from Caterpillar, Liebherr, Palfinger, Bell Equipment, STILL, and ATLAS. Operate CAT's D8T crawler tractor, 430F2 backhoe or 745C dump truck, Palfinger's PK 27002 SH loading crane, Liebherr's 81K tower crane and LTM 1300 mobile crane, ATLAS' L310 wheel loader and Bell Equipment's B45E dump truck. If your budget is tight or you want to try before you buy, you can now lease vehicles from your dealer of choice. Take care always to watch your bottom line though – how else will you become to greatest building tycoon the city has ever seen?

For the first time ever in Construction Simulator 2, you can carry out road construction and repair roads in poor condition. Experience the game from a new angle with purpose-built machines from CAT and enjoy an even more varied day at work on the construction site. Better yet, thoroughly enhanced graphics make Construction Simulator 2 even more immersive than before. Experience the most extensive construction simulator ever made on your smartphone or tablet. Construction Simulator 2 is the sequel to the popular Construction Simulator 2014 for your mobile device.


- Sequel to the popular Construction Simulator 2014
- Extensive fleet with 36 vehicles and machines
- Original licensed vehicles from CAT, Liebherr, Palfinger, Bell, STILL, and ATLAS
- More than 60 different construction jobs
- Includes road construction and repair
- Realistic steering of construction vehicles, optimized for mobile devices
- Unlock upgrades and new vehicles over time with the ranking system
- US setting, ideal to live your American Dream!
- Lead your company to power and glory!
- Supports Game Center


Overall :
#158 : Top Paid iPad Applications

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Comments and Ratings for Construction Simulator 2

Help (1.06)
08/06/2017 15:58:41 1/5 By Plane Guy 2016
Why isn't this brilliant game compatible with ALL iPad Mini's? I've heard such good things about this game but I'm disappointed with you, Astragon.

Best Construction Simulator Out There (1.06)
17/05/2017 21:36:45 5/5 By Ryanaldo123
This is for anyone looking for a detailed construction simulator. I have loved the construction industry from when I was born. It is well worth the money. Although it could to with some more vehicles, beacons on trucks and trailers and indicators. Hopefully in the next one Astragon

Cs2 (1.06)
05/05/2017 16:34:05 5/5 By Cappy89
Really good game spent hours on this game, next update could do with adding a few more vehicles maybe like a grab wagon and being able to load two vehicles on the transport trailer

Air brakes (1.05)
01/05/2017 06:08:43 5/5 By Sea24wolf
Great game. It would be nice if the lorries had the sound of air brakes. Keep up the good work.

Disappointing (1.05)
22/04/2017 05:17:02 3/5 By Arcnewal
Wouldn't recommend purchasing, it's just not worth it in my opinion. Lacks clear instructions and has various glitches.

Love it (1.05)
19/04/2017 13:12:05 5/5 By Sbarrowman
I loved the last version and i love this one even more, the only thing i would ask for would be to be able to carry two machines on the low loader trailer which is perfectly big enough, especially for the asphalt paver and the compactor being able to take both at the same time would be ideal or a bulldozer and a wheel loader that i would love to be able to do. Apart from that its a great game to play for hours.

Kevin (1.05)
16/04/2017 06:21:52 5/5 By Kevins1981
This is awesome. I played the 2014 for over a year, loved it and longed for an update. However, since playing this new version I'm hooked. It is by far the best app I've bought. Better and more machines to use, user friendly map and jobs that will test the mind and thumbs. Keep up the good work.

Let Down (1.04)
11/04/2017 16:09:38 2/5 By PooHead21
I was a big fan of the 1st game and wasn't bothered about the price, what I am bothered about is the fact there is no sound, vehicle steering is rubbish and so is the brake and acceleration functions. Please sort these issues out or I'll be asking for a refund!! Big big let down after how great the 1st one was. Please please fix and until these issues are fixed I can't recommend this game I'm sorry! Update: Was asked if my iPad was on iOS 10 which its not as I did not want to update this iPad to iOS 10, the sound settings are all turned on. The app states compatible with iOS 9 and up, so my iPad being on iOS 9.3.3 should work. Not helpful at all, also no mention of awful steering controls making driving extremely difficult. These issues need fixing on the iOS versions it states it's compatible on, £4.99 then also in app purchases I expect a bit better than this! Looks like a refund is needed! Updated 3/4/2017, seems very laggy and jumpy. And still no sound, come on guys fix the sound as its unplayable. Was hoping you'd fix in this update but no you haven't. Going to open a refund with Apple later today. Such a shame. Update 11/4/17: New update and still no sound at all, and seems others are complaining of this yet developer is doing nothing about it, 4 updates since I reported no sound and still no fix. States iOS 9 and up and yet doesn't work on iOS 9!! Yet they'll still take people's money who are on iOS 9. Steer clear is my advice!

Amazing game, slight glitch (1.03)
10/04/2017 04:05:46 4/5 By StuartC91
Absolutely loving the game, however. I'm now at a point I need to do the special job to unlock westgate area, to do this task I need a dozed/grader... however when I go to the vehicle dealer all of these vehicles are locked! And the requirements state I need to unlock westgate area first! Please fix this issue to enable the game to progress!

Really good game (1.03)
08/04/2017 04:40:59 5/5 By Dkfkjffjjr
This game is really fun it's worth the money the only problem is you can't buy more than one of each vehicle still it's a great game for anyone that likes simulators or just games.

Amazing, next level fun (1.03)
05/04/2017 07:06:31 5/5 By Ian is great
Absolutely amazing game, taking all that was good with the previous game and making it much more fun and much larger, played this for days now and genuinely could keep on going for days more, well worth the price!! For anyone that played the first one, basically expect better graphics, more vehicles and more mission variation, you also are changing the map when you've finished a mission so it's not constantly the same areas being contracted out as with the first one! Lots of fun and would definitely recommend.

cs2 (1.03)
04/04/2017 14:13:00 5/5 By Icky12397
Game is great but wont let me buy a money pack. says purchase not possible

The biggest and the best is back, oh yeah!! (1.03)
04/04/2017 04:25:11 5/5 By Burnett S.
Absolutely brilliant, love it, everything is so much better, vehicles drive like they real weight to them, the original was fantastic, this is so much better. Have no issues with the price, even had to cheat a little and bought one of the money packs which I have never done with any game before. Have no issues with recommending this game 100%. Have had no issues with the game crashing on my iPad Pro even though my iPad is actually flaky in its self. Keep up the good work and thank you.

Needs a fix (1.02)
31/03/2017 17:35:12 3/5 By Spoony002
The game is absolutely immense! Large improvement on the last version, (which was already one of my favourite games) very detailed and in depth, much more centred around owning your own business which was a little daunting at first but is actually quite easy to get your head around. But it has to be said there are bugs like with any new game this size except the ones I'm experiencing are quite annoying, on my iPhone 5s for some reason it will not let me get past the "get to work" load screen the theme tune will play and the loading icon will move but it will never load. So I downloaded it on to my iPad and while this still works it has never had any form of sound no music either on load screen, main menu or in game. And no Sfx at all almost as if my iPad is on silent (which it isn't iv checked) iv tried everything to get it working and can't iv deleted and reinstalled to no avail. I do hope a patch is created soon as I love the game and would love to give it full stars!!

Awesome game (1.02)
31/03/2017 12:45:59 4/5 By Wire.Wrightster
I had the privilege of being a beta tester for this game and was very happy with the game so was not to bothered about paying the £4.99 But since the update last night I have played it once today and now it will not load up

Good game but has flaws (1.02)
31/03/2017 04:36:09 4/5 By Thewl84
Started off great, graphics are great, large map to explore but all of sudden I can't load my game up again. Seems others have had the same problem which is a shame especially with the price too. Recent update has now fixed the above issue which is great

The best (1.02)
29/03/2017 15:04:30 5/5 By Sparky2223
Great game but could do with an in cab view would make it much easier

Amazing (1.02)
28/03/2017 20:34:26 5/5 By Info Brad
Absolutely amazing game

Good game (1.01)
27/03/2017 17:46:05 4/5 By Struc53
A good game which is fun to play. A lot different from construction sim 14 and is much improved. As it's a new game it needs bug and glitch fixes otherwise great game!

Game crash (1.01)
27/03/2017 13:48:24 5/5 By Awesome-Ginger
Great game but since closing can no longer start back up. Crashes after selecting profile to carry on with my career. Contacted developer and had swift response so waiting on update for today or tomorrow.

Keeps Crashing (1.01)
27/03/2017 13:35:55 1/5 By Mike Leah
I have completed one level on this and keep trying to continue from where I left and the app keeps crashing???????

Great game... but (1.01)
26/03/2017 17:12:15 5/5 By Fox-troq
Guys, you've done so well, construct'14 👌🏼👌🏼, and now... ledies and gentelman, please welcome construction simulator 2!!!! GTA V graphics level, american truc simulator sounds, and those legit vehicles! A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!! But😥😥, after 16 h of playtime... the load screen crushes😭😭😭, please, please fix it!!!!

Crashing (1.01)
26/03/2017 15:03:15 2/5 By Squibble
Keeps crashing straight away

Great game (1.01)
26/03/2017 07:46:37 5/5 By Scoobyboy91
It's a great game, far superior to the old one, well worth a purchase

Brill (1.01)
25/03/2017 17:41:40 5/5 By Nitintee
Love this game better than the first one!

Great game (1.01)
25/03/2017 06:36:01 4/5 By Ollie_grover17
The game loads better than the last one, reducing the time in the loading menu, haven't yet experienced a crash of the game, which given the instability of the last game which crashed for me at least twice in a sitting. However i have experienced some lag spikes and the vehicle range has increased but some customizability would be greatly appreciated, for the price its being sld at i would say some updates would be welcome in the long term but overall a great buy for anyone who loves a good simulator

Awesome but a little buggy (1.01)
25/03/2017 05:22:50 3/5 By ThatchamTMD
This game is far better than the last one but... It has loads of little bugs even with the latest patch traffic violations and AI behaviour needs to be amended and the sound file when a concrete bucket is on the flatbed is so annoying.

Brilliant game, but currently not working (1.01)
25/03/2017 03:25:05 4/5 By Jack2912
Really good game. It really is a must but please do not buy it until they bring out a new update as it will not load up now.

Keeps crashing (1.0)
24/03/2017 02:40:43 2/5 By Docproc23
Every time I go on to the game it crashes !!

Let down (1.0)
23/03/2017 19:31:29 1/5 By cragst
Loved the last one really enjoyed it, couldn't wait to get number two no hesitation in paying nearly £5 for this app but completely let down and rather wish I hadn't bothered game far too glitchy, traffic violation rule far to strict, slow response while driving means yet more fines needs lots of work to make this as enjoyable as the first

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