Cricket Captain 2016 4/5

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Cricket Captain 2016

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By Kavcom Limited

Cricket Captain 2016

The Number One Cricket management game returns for 2016. It’s time for cricket fans around the world to put their tactical expertise to the test in the most in-depth cricket management game ever made.

Developed in association with Chris Rogers, captain of Somerset, Cricket Captain 2016 has more playable teams, new South African and New Zealand leagues, and more great features than ever before.

Cricket Captain has been hailed as the best cricket management simulation ever created and Cricket Captain 2016 takes the game to the next level with day/night matches, an updated interface, improved match engine and all the attention to detail that you expect from the series.

Key features for 2016 include:

• 79 playable domestic teams: across 5 domestic leagues, including 12 new teams in the New Zealand and South African domestic cricket leagues.
• Day/Night matches: with night-time 3D highlights and match conditions.
• In-Game Help System: help text available with guidance and tips.
• Updated Tournament modes: Updated One Day International and 20 Over World Cup tournaments. Play as any international team that played in the last two World Cups including Afghanistan, Hong Kong, Ireland, Netherlands, Oman, Scotland or the UAE.
• New 3D lighting system.
• User controlled cameras in 3D highlights: choose between active and user-controlled cameras.
• Improved One Day and T20 match engine: combined with revised player form calculation for One Day and T20 games.
• Updated kits: for International teams, NZ and SA domestic teams.
• Historical scenarios: Classic series between England, Sri Lanka and Pakistan.
• Improved interface.
• New database: with improved player ability ratings.
• 58 Game Center Achievements and 12 Game Center Leaderboards

Release Notes

15/03/2017 | Version : 1.5 | Size : 385.5 MB
- Updated player database for Winter teams
- Fixed generation of additional youth players after contract section for non-U.K. First Class teams.

25/11/2016 | Version : 1.4 | Size : 417.3 MB
- Enabled players to stay logged in to online whilst playing offline
- Fixed issue with user not being able to play Aus OD final
- Fixed Zimbabwe vs India Test squads not being picked
- Fixed issue with SA, NZ and Indian players not retiring.
- Fixed issue with some saves incorrectly ineligible for online play.
- Improved generation of NZ, SA and Indian players.

15/09/2016 | Version : 1.3 | Size : 385.0 MB
- New database (thanks to feedback from the forum).
- Australian pitches more bowler-friendly.
- Player availability in contracts fixed for mobile versions.
- Fixed occasional freeze with new ball message.
- Added delay to LBW out commentary.
- Fixed for competition stats skipping a year for English players.
- Improved contract AI for non-user teams signing keepers.
- Fixed Coin Toss crash (Network game only).
- Improved handling of disconnections in-match (Network game only).
- Stopped messages appearing for overseas players that don't re-sign.
- Fixed crash if background noise was off and then turned on.


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Comments and Ratings for Cricket Captain 2016

Simon (1.4)
09/01/2017 04:55:00 5/5 By Its_Dylan______
Really enjoy this game - best cricket app I have found yet!

Ok (1.4)
23/12/2016 09:04:00 3/5 By No quite sure
Good game but keeps freezing when I switch bowlers

Terrible, unrealistic and not worth the money (1.4)
17/12/2016 01:23:00 1/5 By Dhsvsjshsbsjxnclgofjdbd jdkddb
This game is so unrealistic, for example in an odi the opposition get 160 all out in like 35 overs, in real life that would be easy to chase but in cricket captain that is almost impossible to chase, you always get to the final 5 overs even though you have like 7 wickets left. At least test the game before releasing it or just don't bother releasing or you could make this game for free because it is definitely not worth the money don't get it!!

£6.99 for this game is a waste of money!! (1.4)
30/11/2016 12:14:00 1/5 By Mikey braiders
Game keeps crashing, would expect a lot more reliability than this when paying £6.99 for a game

Batting overpowered (1.4)
05/11/2016 17:03:00 1/5 By Plyr1688
How can players score so fast and never lose their wicket. I have made scores of 600-3. Bowlers find difficult get wickets, not realistic. Please test the bloody game before releasing it.

Good game but needs improvement (1.4)
14/10/2016 23:40:00 1/5 By garthur79
In T20s and the One Day games, the opposing team will score at 9 or 10 an over and no matter what you do you can't slow them down. HOW IS THAT REALISTIC. I have tried time again to get back into this game and the same thing happens and frankly I give up. The game looks fantastic, but it just isn't realistic

Good but so so many injuries (1.4)
29/09/2016 12:11:00 3/5 By GwionG
The game is inherently excellent but what spoils it for me is the unrealistic number of injuries, especially to bowlers. I was left with only one bowler fit!! Also many many batsmen retire hurt...... it doesn't really happen every week in the county championship!!!

Nice gage but has faults (1.3)
18/09/2016 21:39:00 2/5 By Rowanmk
Enjoyable for the first month... then you start seeing the patterns of play and it becomes so predictable. The number of batting collapses for a 5 star team vs a 3 star team is just realistic.... I will be taking a break.

Crash (1.2)
27/07/2016 19:54:00 2/5 By Cjg3169
It's a good game if u can play it when ever I get to 2nd innings its crash

Good game but needs improvement (1.2)
25/07/2016 21:24:00 2/5 By garthur79
This game looks really good and the gameplay in the longer formats is fine. However in the ODIs and the T20s if you bat too defensively you don't score enough runs and if you bat too aggressively you constantly collapse. Also, it sometimes doesn't matter where or how you bowl, they will score at 9 or 10 an over. It is not very realistic and it ruins the game.

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