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Deezer: New Songs & Playlists

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Looking for unlimited music?Dive into a world of songs with Deezer or enjoy something handpicked to suit your music taste.

If streaming 40 million+ songs - including the latest hits - isn’t enough, you’ll get personalised playlists, live radio stations, live sports, podcasts and all of Deezer’s music and audio channels!

Let Deezer hook you up with:

• New music suggestions just for you
• Unlimited playlists, created by Deezer Editors for you to listen to
• Deezer Flow, the best way to get music suggestions
• Deezer Editor suggestions based on your taste, whatever genres you love
• Listen to your favourite radio stations live right from the app
• Sing along with onscreen lyrics
• Unlimited personalised Channel and playlist suggestions
• More than just music: podcasts, live sports, audio channels and radio stations

Deezer Flow, your personal soundtrack:

• A mix of your music and fresh discoveries based on your taste
• One ever-changing stream of music suggestions
• One-click, non-stop music based on the songs you love
• Deezer Flow uses your taste in music to suggest new tracks you’ll love and mixes it with your favourite songs

Search over 40 million songs worldwide:

• Find songs, albums and artists. From Drake tracks to Beyoncé albums, the latest hits to death metal, streaming your music with Deezer is easy.
• Share your favourite songs with your friends. Just click ‘share’ so your followers can enjoy the music you love too.

Upgrade to Deezer Premium+:

• Skip unlimited tracks
• No more ads
• Download unlimited music to listen offline
• Enjoy CarPlay! Take your music from your phone to your car

*** Get 15 days of Premium+ free

Download Deezer today for unlimited, easy music streaming!
Download and use the Deezer app for free. Subscribe to Deezer Premium+ to go unlimited.

Deezer Premium+ is a subscription service with a monthly charge of:
AL 8.99 EUR / AR 3.99 USD / AT 12.99 EUR / AU 16.99 AUD / BE 12.99 EUR / BH 6.99 USD / BO 7.99 USD / BR 4.99 USD / BW 6.99 USD / CA 11.99 CAD / CH 17.00 CHF / CL 5.99 USD / CO 4.99 USD / CR 7.99 USD / CZ 7.99 EUR / DE 12.99 EUR / DK 129.00 DKK / EC 7.99 USD / ES 12.99 EUR / FI 12.99 EUR / FR 12.99 EUR / GB 12.99 GBP / GR 8.99 EUR / GT 7.99 USD / HN 7.99 USD / HR 8.99 EUR / HU 6.99 EUR / ID 89000.00 IDR / IE 12.99 EUR / IT 12.99 EUR / LT 8.99 EUR / LU 12.99 EUR / MU 6.99 USD / MX 139.00 MXN / MY 4.99 USD / NL 12.99 EUR / NO 129.00 NOK / NZ 15.99 NZD / PE 5.99 USD / PH 3.99 USD / PL 6.99 EUR / PT 8.99 EUR / PY 7.99 USD / RO 6.99 EUR / RU 229.00 RUB / SE 129.00 SEK / SG 12.98 SGD / SI 7.99 EUR / SK 7.99 EUR / SN 5.99 USD / SV 7.99 USD / TH 5.99 USD / TN 4.99 EUR / TR 12.99 TRY / US 12.99 USD / UY 7.99 USD / ZA 79.99 ZAR

Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase.
Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, at the same price.
No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during active subscription period

*** Manage your subscription directly from your iPhone ***
Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user's Account Settings after purchase.
1. Tap the "Settings" icon on your mobile, then tap the "Store" icon.
2. Sign in with your iTunes ID.
3. Tap "View Apple ID" then "Manage App Subscriptions".
4. You will be able to see when your next payment is due, or cancel your automatic renewal.

*** You may cancel your subscription at any time ***
Renewal of your monthly Deezer Premium+ subscription is automatic.
You can cancel this automatic renewal at any time, at least 24 hours before the end of the current subscription period.
Privacy policy:
Terms of use:

Release Notes

07/09/2017 | Version : 6.24.0 | Size : 130.7 MB
- Hello, anybody here?
Did we just see some tumbleweed roll through your empty Albums section? Start filling it up with awesome music by heading to our channel dedicated to all the new sounds, bangers and albums picked just for you.

30/08/2017 | Version : 6.23.0 | Size : 130.6 MB
- New on Artist pages
Discover albums featuring an artist outside of their own discography.

- We've fixed a bunch of bugs:

Well, that's refreshing.
On your Playlists page on iPhone and Mixes page on iPad, you can now pull down to refresh.

Lost in space
On iPad, a search bar used to appear in the middle of the list when you sorted your favourite artists A-Z. We found it and got rid of it.

Who's that guy?
Bugs that popped up when displaying playlist covers and creator profile pictures have been fixed.

All lined up.
Now, when you've listened to a podcast on your computer, it will show up as listened to on your phone.

08/08/2017 | Version : 6.22.1 | Size : 122.0 MB
-The playlist that just keeps going
You can now add an entire playlist to another playlist. Try mixing your ‘Rapper’s Delight’ playlist with your classical playlist. Whoever said you couldn’t dab to Bach?

-Panoramic view
Every podcast episode is now available on every podcast page. More is more.

-As smooth as Chrome wheels, baby
We’ve improved Deezer on Chromecast by swatting a few bugs. You can now cruise your way through Deezer on your TV.


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#5 : Top Grossing iPad Applications [Music]
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Comments and Ratings for Deezer: New Songs & Playlists

Even more great features (6.20.1)
21/06/2017 11:18:13 5/5 By VanHenke
My FLOW is near perfect and the new car feature is cool. Like it.

Perfect (6.20.1)
21/06/2017 01:46:04 5/5 By The Gingleberry
One of my most used and most reliable apps

Cool interface, great app (6.20.1)
20/06/2017 18:23:18 5/5 By Woodland Hero
Deezer is the best streaming service by a mile.

Dont buy (6.20.1)
20/06/2017 15:33:17 2/5 By L Rainbow unicorn
They say it's free but you have to pay after a month, do not buy this unless you're willing to pay for it.

σк (6.20.1)
20/06/2017 10:56:55 2/5 By Prettylittleliars07
ιт ωαѕ gяєαт υρ υитιℓ тнє νєяу fιяѕт υρ∂αтє иσω ιт ρℓαуѕ ѕσиgѕ иσт σи тнє ρℓαуℓιѕт ρℓαуѕ ιи ѕнυffℓє мσ∂є αи∂ ωσит ℓєт мє ℓιѕтєи тσ мυѕι¢ σff ℓιиє

Not happy tbh. (6.20.1)
20/06/2017 09:38:51 5/5 By Spacieee
I've turned my phone on and off a few times, and even deleted and re-downloaded the app, but after deciding not to buy the premium at £9.99 a month to get rid of a few ads which don't bother me what so ever, it now won't load, and crashes every time I click "my favourite tracks". This is the only music app I've used for quite some time now, and is amazing for letting you have whatever tracks you want, but not so much for this small problem.

Problem (6.20.1)
20/06/2017 08:26:41 1/5 By Callum Barker
There ls a problem while trying to open music files in the app

An endless loop of chicanery (6.20.1)
19/06/2017 16:19:12 1/5 By Nomad jumper
I downloaded the app, followed the steps, and came to a final page. It told me there was one more step before I was finished and then took me to a tab asking if I wanted to join their one month free subscription to their premium service and then pay after that. I don't want to have to unsubscribe to it later, so I clicked on "skip this step" and got stuck in a loop. Back to the "one more step" tab and then back to the "join our subscription". Over and over. I refuse to be bullied into signing on to a subscription service when I've been offered an alternative. The app is being deleted.

Very good and easy to use app (Verified User) (6.20.1)
19/06/2017 07:15:00 5/5 By Kernalization
It's easy to use, and easy to find music and albums alike. No problems at all no crashes, can't complain💥

Useless playlists (6.20.1)
19/06/2017 05:35:05 3/5 By Blink_Me
Very good app until I want to listen to a playlist featuring a particular artist, then I get one song from the artist and after that a load of random songs that aren't seven features on the playlist!

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