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Football Chairman Pro

By Freaky Robot (Underground Creative UK Ltd)
Supported Devices : iPad 2 3G , , iPad 2 Wifi , , iPad 3G , , , , , , , iPad 4th Gen , iPad 4th Gen 4G , , , iPad Mini , , , , iPad Mini 4G , , , , , , , , , , iPad 3rd Gen , iPad 3rd Gen 4G , , , iPad Wifi , iPhone , iPhone 3G , iPhone 3GS , , iPhone 4 , , iPhone 4S , , iPhone 5 , iPhone 5C , , , iPhone 5S , , iPod Touch 3rd Gen , iPod Touch with Microphone , iPod Touch , iPod Touch 5th Gen , iPod Touch 4th Gen , iPhone6 Plus , iPhone6 , , , , , , , , , , ,

Release Notes

19/07/2016 | Version : 1.2.2 | Size : 19.4 MB
- New default English datapack for 2016/17: to play with this, you'll need to start a new game
- Two additional 'Popular datapacks' listed on startup (currently Italian and Spanish teams 2016/17)
- Can now load or import an old game from the initial 'Welcome' screen instead of having to create a club
- Fixed bug which caused the app to crash for some people on Stadium/Money pages
- Fixed issue which caused some users to lose data when their phone storage was low
- Updated all third-party software to provide greater stability and security

10/05/2016 | Version : 1.1.5 | Size : 20.6 MB
- You can now see how some of your chairman records compare to the very best scores from other users round the world: go to the Chairman page and click the 'Highscores' button!

- A new option on the Settings > Preferences page allows you to turn off the vector stadium graphics. This should help if your device has low memory or crashes the app when displaying the stadium.

02/02/2016 | Version : 1.1.3 | Size : 20.0 MB
- Fix for unresponsive match buttons
- You can now import saved games from Football Chairman Lite
- Fix for Turkish connectivity problems


Build your own football empire!

Create a football club from scratch, starting as a tiny non-league team, and see if you can make it through seven divisions to the very top.

See your players win play-offs, cup competitions and eventually conquer Europe!

Hire and fire managers, develop your stadium, negotiate transfers, contracts and sponsorship deals... while keeping the fans and the bank manager happy.

Football Chairman Pro is the latest and most in-depth version of the chart-topping Football Chairman series- now updated for the 2016/17 season!

The Pro app retains the fast-paced, addictive gameplay that made the earlier versions so popular, while adding a whole host of new features, including:

- Take over other clubs: become the chairman of your favourite team
- All domestic and European cup competitions
- Load datapacks featuring teams from all over the world
- Or use the free online data editor to create your own!
- No time limits or adverts, and all in-app purchases are 100% optional
- Manage merchandise sales, pitch condition and backroom staff
- Sign superstar players and boost your club's worldwide reputation
- Pick your club's local 'derby' rivals
- Full youth squad; watch your young players develop
- Players have personalities, playing styles, and happiness and fitness
- Managers use different formations and playing styles
- Offer win bonuses, promotion bonuses, and fine players for indiscipline
- New challenge scenarios to test your skills
- 50 achievements to aim for, including 15 brand new ones
- New club records to beat
- Improved 3D stadium graphics
- Pre-season friendlies
- Redesigned interface
- Plus thousands of tiny improvements to the gameplay.

Good luck... you'll need it!

* Want to try a free version of the game before downloading this one? Search the app store for 'Football Chairman Free'.


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Comments and Ratings for Football Chairman Pro

Basic idea great, few suggestions (1.2.2)
10/06/2017 02:34:01 4/5 By destroyer9015
First of all, thank you and congratulations for this game. The basic idea of owning a club and going zero to hero is brilliant. However, I have a few suggestions. 1. Give your club a value - self implanted by player or automatically by the game. 2. You should be able to own two clubs simultaneously. Either that or you should be able to receive bids and sell your club to fund a move to another. 3. Players should develop. I hate getting promoted and having to release all the bad players even when they scored 25 goals that season. 4. Managers should understand debt. 5. You should make expectations more specific. 1st and 2nd are very different things, as are 3rd and 6th and 7th and 10th. Also, add it so that you can expect another trophy like: Finish 4th and win FC CUP. Please build on this and you'll have a perfect game!

Fantastic (1.2.2)
09/06/2017 01:11:53 5/5 By Shambles1994
Well recommended only £3.99 and you can create a team and dominate the world (planning to!) it takes a while but once you get going then it becomes a great addictive game! I hope this never leaves the App Store as it's a fantastic purchase.

Great game. (1.2.2)
07/06/2017 01:45:20 5/5 By Mmikeym
Great game, hours of pleasure and addictive.

Way to kill a few minutes (1.2.2)
04/06/2017 13:20:07 4/5 By Asho66
Easy to play but annoying that you can't negotiate or interact with players or manager other than when the app says

5/5 (1.2.2)
04/06/2017 04:00:29 5/5 By Janusz76994
Best football game I've played on iPhone!

Great fun (1.2.2)
02/06/2017 01:46:10 5/5 By Ghostwriter53
Clever game and v addictive

Brilliant (1.2.2)
29/05/2017 13:38:30 5/5 By Judge Mortis
Hours wasted

Enjoying the simplicity (1.2.2)
27/05/2017 15:17:09 4/5 By KarlosV
Addictive and engaging

Great game (1.2.2)
19/05/2017 01:57:18 4/5 By Phil wix
Very addictive. I'd like to see the chance to move countries to take over. Can choose a foreign league at the start but can't take over once you start. Pretty much dominated the premier league but would like to go to Spain or Italy for example. And completely agree with the previous comments about talking to managers.

Hopeless (1.2.2)
16/05/2017 04:35:52 2/5 By Sunnysurreytraveler
There is no rhyme or reason to this App. You get no feedback on what you are doing right or wrong or why you are failing. It's impossible to run your club without extra money.

Perfect Balance (1.2.2)
09/05/2017 12:04:24 5/5 By Joshuaporter
This game includes the perfect balance of management,simulation, and fun. Do you like: 1.Football(dont you dare call it soccer) 2.Tycoon Games 3.Management Games 4.Endless Fun Then all of this will quench your thirst for that perfect football tycoon game. And it is worth the money.

Disappointed (1.2.2)
07/05/2017 09:40:58 1/5 By tickle my toes yomo
I've downloaded the new pro version as the last version stopped working on my iPhone, disappointed that I had to pay for it again, even more disappointed that it won't let me import my game saves from either my lite version or from my previous paid for version, not happy in the slightest, so I lost all my money, records, super stadium and my players and manager. Seriously angry, more to the point this has seriously let down what was an absolutely brilliant game😞

AE (1.2.2)
05/05/2017 12:36:53 5/5 By Ali j e
All good. Addictive fun

Addictive (1.2.2)
02/05/2017 16:14:23 4/5 By Lubotty
Sound game

Great game (1.2.2)
23/04/2017 03:05:36 5/5 By B1878
One of the best manager games.

This game is (1.2.2)
14/04/2017 13:04:30 5/5 By PhillyBilly
Simply awesome.

Excellent (1.2.2)
14/04/2017 08:06:37 5/5 By Whisky Dom
Highly addictive and excellent fun

Could be a lot better (1.2.2)
13/04/2017 07:10:25 3/5 By Bigdave1862
Like the game and fun to play. Agree with other comments about the youth team and that managers recommend players to buy that will never get into first team. Also there has been a few times when the game suddenly restarts for no reason when you come back to it and you have to start from the beginning. The free original version, although basic was better value than this version at the moment.

Pure class (1.2.2)
10/04/2017 12:53:57 5/5 By Jsjdjdjdkddkdkfhkskd
Quality game, great little game to play as a distraction throughout the game, couldn't ask for anything better

Yeaaaaaah boi (1.2.2)
31/03/2017 05:32:08 5/5 By ReeceHodkin

Too addictive. Ace game. (1.2.2)
29/03/2017 16:54:29 5/5 By Yanmalmel
Love it.

👍 (1.2.2)
28/03/2017 05:53:04 5/5 By sam2002evans
Great game, puts a spin on the normal football manager game. It's not long and dragged out, you can get through a whole season in half an hour. You don't get direct control over the club or players which, while feeling helpless when you hit a losing streak, you get a great sense of accomplishment when you win. You can appoint managers of your choice, get backroom staff, approve the manager's decisions and organise the stadium and finances. I can prove to be a challenge but is great fun and I passes the time. A unique game and well worth the price. 10/10

Ooo dear (1.2.2)
26/03/2017 07:47:39 1/5 By My but crack
Big fan of the game, but when you have been playing a while and then try to load your game and it has disappeared into oblivion kinda gets annoying.

So addictive (1.2.2)
24/03/2017 06:56:11 5/5 By :)166252

Good Game (1.2.2)
23/03/2017 06:45:11 4/5 By fezmeister

22/03/2017 17:20:03 5/5 By Single boy 9

Brill idea but (1.2.2)
22/03/2017 03:37:12 3/5 By eikifr73
I agree with Rizla and his points. Also, what i like to see: 1) You should be able to communicate with manager what you want him to do with your club. Take the youth through? Play certain way etc. Quite annoying when your club is in the red and the manager is angry because you wont allow him a training course that would put the club over the limit. Manager should understand that situation. If we could communicate with manager from the start on what you want from him then all the angry exchange when you decide against buying a GK when you got 5 already in your team. Doesnt make sense. 2) You own the club and when you want to buy a new one then you dont just walk away, you put it up for sale for offers to come in. Then you can select what you want to do next. It is not like you just quit your job, throw your high wiz on the floor and walk out. I enjoy this game and would like it transformed to another level. More duties for owners would make it more fun. This could become a serious game.

Excellent! A must have! (1.2.2)
21/03/2017 15:20:15 5/5 By Corner_Stone
This a fantastic game, highly addictive and a great way to pass those dull moments that life has to offer. Warning: It will become your favourite waste of time!

Amaze (1.2.2)
18/03/2017 13:59:35 4/5 By Stevoweasler
Brilliant and highly addictive

Football chairman pro (1.2.2)
16/03/2017 02:35:44 1/5 By Joelegg
Terrible don't even buy anything on this because as what happened to me I got so far into the game and it went and deleted it. I HAD ALSO SAVED IT BHT IT DIDNT RECOGNISE THE SAVE!!!!

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