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Forest by Seekrtech

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Have you ever been addicted to your phone and just cannot put it down? Forest provides an interesting solution to beat your phone addiction. You can plant a seed in Forest. In the following time, this seed will gradually grow into a tree. However, if you cannot resist the temptation and leave this app to check Facebook or play a game, your tree will wither away. With this interesting mechanism, the sense of achievement and responsibility will drive our users to stay away from their phone with no pain.

• A self-motivated and interesting way to help you beat phone addiction. Stay focused, be present!
• Stay focused and get more things done
• Based on Pomodoro technique
• Turn your focused time into a lovely forest
• Manage your own tags and view the detailed statistics about how you allocate your time
• Compete with friends and users around the world
• Earn reward and unlock more tree species
• Track your focused time in Health App
• Plant real trees on the Earth and protect our environment

We also provide browser extensions. Find out more on!

*Sound Design : Shi Kuang Lee
*Some icons appearing in the app were made by Freepik from and are licensed under CC BY 3.0

Release Notes

15/12/2017 | Version : 3.29.1 | Size : 96.3 MB
• Christmas theme
• Some bug fixes

06/10/2017 | Version : 3.28.6 | Size : 93.7 MB
Some bugs fixed and small improvements.

28/07/2017 | Version : 3.27.1 | Size : 56.8 MB
• More tree species are added
• You can now edit the plant's note and tag at the beginning of a planting session
• You can now choose the time unit of the planting time statistics from Minutes or Hours


Overall :
#14 : Top Paid iPhone Applications

Categories :
#1 : Top Paid iPhone Applications [Productivity]
#8 : Top Paid iPhone Applications [Kids]
#13 : Top Grossing iPhone Applications [Productivity]

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Productivity , Lifestyle

Supported Devices : iPad 2 Wifi , iPad Wifi , iPad 2 3G , iPad 3G , iPhone 4 , iPhone 3GS , iPod Touch 3rd Gen , iPad 4th Gen , iPad Mini 4G , iPhone 4S , iPhone 5 , iPad 3rd Gen , iPod Touch 5th Gen , iPad Mini , iPad 3rd Gen 4G , iPad 4th Gen 4G , iPhone 5C , iPhone 5S , iPod Touch 4th Gen , iPhone6 Plus , iPhone6 , iPod Touch 6th Gen , iPad 2 Wifi , iPad 2 3G , iPhone 4S , iPad 3rd Gen , iPad 3rd Gen 4G , iPhone 5 , iPod Touch 5th Gen , iPad 4th Gen , iPad 4th Gen 4G , iPad Mini , iPad Mini 4G , iPhone 5C , iPhone 5S , iPad Air , iPad Air Cel , iPad Mini Retina , iPad Mini Retina Cel , iPhone6 , iPhone6 Plus , iPad Air 2 , iPad Air 2 Cel , iPad Mini 3 , iPad Mini 3 Cel , iPod Touch 6th Gen , iPhone 6s , iPhone 6s Plus , iPad Mini 4 , iPad Mini 4 Cel , iPad Pro , iPad Pro Cel , iPad Pro 97 , iPad Pro 97 Cel , iPhone SE , iPhone 7 , iPhone 7 Plus , iPad 6.11 , iPad 6.12 , iPad 7.1 , iPad 7.2 , iPad 7.3 , iPad 7.4 , , , , ,

Comments and Ratings for Forest by Seekrtech

Simple yet effective (3.26.1)
06/06/2017 06:09:30 5/5 By lcarter123
I'm studying for exams at the moment, and this really helps to keep any distractions to a minimum. If you're lazy/easily lose focus, then this may be the app for you. The incentive to stay on the app is to get coins, and in turn to plant your own tree in real life. The only requirement really is to be competitive with yourself, otherwise you're killing the 'trees' you've planted in your app & it does become a bit pointless. I have recommended this to my phone-addicted student friends and I'm yet to hear of it not working!

Literally the best app ever (3.26.1)
05/06/2017 11:13:07 5/5 By Amiefitz
I use it everyday and I think I'd fail my exams without it

Brill (3.26.1)
04/06/2017 15:37:46 4/5 By Tiff41
Really helpful and I feel like I'm getting something out of it

Brilliant Idea (3.26.1)
04/06/2017 09:44:09 5/5 By Bgndhbnmxxj
Perfect for revision or just wanting to concentrate or relax!

Innovative solution to the problem of distractions (3.26.1)
04/06/2017 09:36:11 4/5 By Fshang
This is app is great for keeping you motivated and you feel determined to work towards some short-term goals to get you through your exams. Well worth the cost. It would be even better if the forests and trees more detailed for a truly gratifying experience.

Incredible Revision Help (3.26.1)
04/06/2017 07:20:59 5/5 By A-Level procrastinator
As a student taking A levels this year, this app has helped hugely to help me sit down and concentrate without constantly getting distracted. Plus the fact you can plant trees with this app, I couldn't recommend it enough. For anyone struggling to study like me, this is 100% worth it.

Great for productivity (3.26.1)
04/06/2017 05:13:51 5/5 By jizzmaster97
Great for anyone looking to be productive. Mother Russia loves

Absolutely love it! (3.26.1)
03/06/2017 12:54:26 5/5 By Estelle0208
As a teenager who's on the phone pretty much 24/7, this app really motivates me not only to get off my phone, but also spend more time on revision and generally being productive. Also the fact that the money you collect in the app can be spent on planting real trees in Africa is just incredible. I honestly think there should be more apps like this.:)

Great App!!! (3.26.1)
03/06/2017 12:44:02 5/5 By WillArmitage
Had this for over a year and a had now, used in regularly and can't fault it. I did discover a glitch to get around the tree dying but they patched it - which I suppose is for the best.

Useful app (3.26.1)
03/06/2017 12:38:25 5/5 By Gabby to the abi
Very good app, easy to use and stops distraction from your device. Literally my homework and studying is so much better now. Also love the idea of planting a real tree. Great idea!

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