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Google Translate

By Google, Inc.
Supported Devices : All , iPad 2 3G , iPad 2 Wifi , iPad 3G , iPad 4th Gen , iPad 4th Gen 4G , iPad Mini , iPad Mini 4G , iPad 3rd Gen , iPad 3rd Gen 4G , iPad Wifi , iPhone , iPhone 3G , iPhone 3GS , iPhone 4 , iPhone 4S , iPhone 5 , iPhone 5C , iPhone 5S , iPhone6 , iPhone6 Plus , iPod Touch 4th Gen , iPod Touch 3rd Gen , iPod Touch with Microphone , iPod Touch , iPod Touch 5th Gen ,

Release Notes

26/01/2017 | Version : 5.5.1 | Size : 60.4 MB
Instant camera translation: English to/from Japanese
Fixed background audio issue
Several bug fixes and usability improvements

24/01/2017 | Version : 5.5.0 | Size : 60.4 MB
Instant camera translation: English to/from Japanese
Fixed background audio issue
Several bug fixes and usability improvements

05/01/2017 | Version : 5.4.1 | Size : 54.6 MB
Several bug fixes and usability improvements


• Translate between 103 languages by typing
• Offline: Translate 52 languages when you have no Internet
• Instant camera translation: Use your camera to translate text instantly in 30 languages
• Camera Mode: Take pictures of text for higher-quality translations in 37 languages
• Conversation Mode: Two-way instant speech translation in 32 languages
• Handwriting: Draw characters instead of using the keyboard in 93 languages

Translations between the following languages are supported:
Afrikaans, Albanian, Amharic, Arabic, Armenian, Azerbaijani, Basque, Belarusian, Bengali, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Catalan, Cebuano, Chichewa, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Corsican, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Esperanto, Estonian, Filipino, Finnish, French, Frisian, Galician, Georgian, German, Greek, Gujarati, Haitian Creole, Hausa, Hawaiian, Hebrew, Hindi, Hmong, Hungarian, Icelandic, Igbo, Indonesian, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Javanese, Kannada, Kazakh, Khmer, Korean, Kurdish (Kurmanji), Kyrgyz, Lao, Latin, Latvian, Lithuanian, Luxembourgish, Macedonian, Malagasy, Malay, Malayalam, Maltese, Maori, Marathi, Mongolian, Myanmar (Burmese), Nepali, Norwegian, Pashto, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi, Romanian, Russian, Samoan, Scots Gaelic, Serbian, Sesotho, Shona, Sindhi, Sinhala, Slovak, Slovenian, Somali, Spanish, Sundanese, Swahili, Swedish, Tajik, Tamil, Telugu, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Urdu, Uzbek, Vietnamese, Welsh, Xhosa, Yiddish, Yoruba, Zulu


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Comments and Ratings for Google Translate

1 problem (5.4.1)
21/01/2017 06:10:00 4/5 By Minton___
Love this app, it's very useful and has helped me a lot. However, recently when I go onto the app whilst listening to music, my music is automatically turned off by the app. Not a major problem just very annoying whilst I'm working.

Good but.... (5.4.1)
15/01/2017 07:06:00 3/5 By Chrimmy
Quite impressed - great for copy and paste conversations with friends abroad (though sometimes reversing the process shows a few inaccuracies - thankfully none of them too embarrassing) I would happily give four or five stars but for the problem others mention - music being cut. I appreciate that this may be for spoken translation so I turned off access to the microphone in settings - this has 'half' fixed it, in that the music continues to play but the volume is reduced dramatically!!! Why - when I don't wish to do anything other than type???? If this were fixed I'd be happy to throw another star at the app.

Was great. New update has audio problems (5.4.1)
14/01/2017 07:33:00 3/5 By agswilson
When opening app. It stops all audio (pauses) playing. Inconvenient when in the gym or listening to music and want to quickly check translation for a word. (Have to manually go and resume music each time). Please fix!

Life saver!!! (5.4.1)
12/01/2017 14:27:00 5/5 By Vtvhni
Took me minutes to translate a page of vocabulary that I might have spent an hour to draw into my other Chinese dictionary tool. Camera was a bit slow, but honestly compared to anything else out there, no complaints whatsoever!!! However it would be nice if we could import learned vocabulary to places like Quizlet etc. So that my vocab can be with the rest of my flash cards?? However, VERY impressed!!!

Awful! (5.4.1)
11/01/2017 16:38:00 1/5 By Emelyewalker
Couldn't translate an Italian menu. Literally got amount 5 words right 😂 serious improvement needed

Bug. The app stops running music when open!! (5.4.1)
07/01/2017 04:18:00 3/5 By Gosia Szeremeta
Please fix the bug where when listening to music from an iPhone (7, latest iOS version) and opening the app, the music gets stopped. The rest is fine ☺

Great app (5.4.1)
05/01/2017 15:27:00 5/5 By errrsy
Just what I was looking for ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Good - but... (5.4.1)
02/01/2017 05:22:00 3/5 By kennethmac2000
It's really not OK to stop sound playing from other apps as soon as you open the Google Translate app. This seems like lazy programming. Also, you can't translate whole web pages from the app - would be nice to have this parity with the web version of Translate.

Amazing (5.4.1)
01/01/2017 12:25:00 5/5 By Chessecake101
Super useful

Safsaf (5.4.1)
25/12/2016 13:54:00 5/5 By Safsimon
Excellent app but after the latest update I can't listen to the word spelling( no sound )

Handy little tool (5.4.1)
21/12/2016 07:51:00 5/5 By simon cowper
Used this recently on a weekend to Madrid! Used both modes and the AR facility was impressive!! Definitely full marks here!

Was good before (5.4.0)
17/12/2016 09:50:00 1/5 By Haydn Pugh
The app was amazing before but since the update it continues to crash whenever I try to take a picture or often does not work. The camera widget for the app also takes a long time to focus and is very annoying.

Excellent 👍🏼 (5.3.1)
12/12/2016 04:38:00 5/5 By Bigboss68
Thnx 2 Google team awesome job much appreciated. '

Fun (5.3.1)
04/12/2016 23:05:00 5/5 By Louise muc
Really good

It is brilliant (5.3.1)
21/11/2016 10:51:00 5/5 By whizzylozzy
If you learn how to use it correctly! Now it finally has the offline thing, there's no better translator on the app store.

Problems with Hungarian language (5.3.1)
16/11/2016 17:44:00 4/5 By Petra P R
Hungarian - english , english- hungarian translate is poor.

Starred words (5.3.1)
15/11/2016 07:42:00 5/5 By Borosgyerek123
Please make the starred words limitless. It is annoying that there is a limit to those words, otherwise this is my first app to grab when it comes to translation. Great.

Problem with Japanese (5.3.1)
13/11/2016 14:03:00 3/5 By Jun Manjoume
When I write something in Hiragana, the app suggests the kanji underneath. However, when I press to select that kanji, the app crashes and closes. This didn't happen before the latest update.

Brilliant app! (5.3.1)
09/11/2016 22:25:00 5/5 By Peter north cyprus
What are the other viewers thinking about? This is absolutely free and instantaneous. You can input scripts, your voice and the best feature for me is the photo application. I can view Turkish scripts like ingredients in food or directions for medicines and gets Immediates live translation or I can take a photo and the translation will be recorded in the app into English. This is worth five stars plus! Thank you, the developers of this. I am going to use it whenever I go shopping!

Just doesn't work on translating emails. (5.3.1)
08/11/2016 08:50:00 1/5 By Brian29a
Ok to enter words or phrases for translation but will not translate emails.

Good app, needs some work: (5.3.1)
01/11/2016 10:22:00 3/5 By JoshBenDict
I have used this to 'help' me in so much of my French homework. The camera function is helpful but still needs improving. Great app, needs more work though. -Josh

Fab app (5.3.1)
28/10/2016 20:05:00 4/5 By Sunsetlombok
Wow loving this app - currently in Indonesia and have translated menus & other reading material. Also used the hotel staff for trials - pretty good accuracy to English.

Rubbish (5.3.1)
24/10/2016 09:07:00 1/5 By DevonshireCream
Can't do anything with it. Kept bringing up 'English to Arabic' - should translate ANY and opening camera and nothing else happening!! Total waste of time

Not good for English Speakers learning Thai (5.3.1)
22/10/2016 06:00:00 1/5 By Kapin12x12
Pretty limited for English speakers needing help translating the Thai language.

Update problem (5.3.1)
13/10/2016 20:24:00 3/5 By gezinjapan
When I type in Japanese it adds an extra letter to the start .... like the user said below . Really annoying ... please try and fix it . For now I'm switching to a different translator for typing .

Awesome! (5.3.0)
13/10/2016 11:48:00 5/5 By Unlimited downloads!!!! Wow
Such a good app the photo translate really works! Helped me a lot

Horrible bug when typing in Japanese (5.3.0)
13/10/2016 04:51:00 1/5 By Mattd89
When I type in Japanese, the first character always types again, for example when I type "は" it comes out as "hは" This is incredibly frustrating. Please fix this and I will upgrade to 5*

Horendous (5.2.0)
10/10/2016 18:21:00 1/5 By Bob+Steve
It does not translate perfectly in French as gave me the wrong text completely and does not do the right grammar in the text. This is just not going to help pass exams

Google Translate (5.2.0)
08/10/2016 11:55:00 5/5 By CMBGTF
This app is actually the Very best translator I've ever come across . I wish I could give it more stars .

No Thai Augmentation (5.2.0)
02/10/2016 13:53:00 4/5 By CarrOliver
When will this be able to augment Thai into English?

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