High School Story 4.5/5

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High School Story

By Pixelberry Studios
Supported Devices : iPad 2 3G , , iPad 2 Wifi , , iPad 3G , , , , , , , , , , , iPad 4th Gen , iPad 4th Gen 4G , , , iPad Mini , , , , iPad Mini 4G , , , , , , , , , , iPad 3rd Gen , iPad 3rd Gen 4G , , , iPad Wifi , iPhone 3GS , , iPhone 4 , , iPhone 4S , , iPhone 5 , iPhone 5C , , , iPhone 5S , , iPod Touch 4th Gen , iPod Touch 3rd Gen , iPod Touch with Microphone , iPod Touch 5th Gen , iPod Touch 4th Gen , iPhone6 Plus , iPhone6 , , , , , , , , , , ,

Release Notes

01/06/2017 | Version : 5.0.0 | Size : 148.8 MB
Summer is upon us! Get ready for sun and days of fun with new HSS content!

In this update:

Beat the heat with 16 NEW OUTFITS! Check out flirty beachwear like Ocean Breeze and Pretty in Pink, or unleash your inner seafarer with Sailor Chic, Shipping Off, and more!

Summer brings some our favorite festivities along with it! Play fan-favorite quests, like Grad Party, where you can throw the seniors the party of a lifetime and Independence Day. Plus, enjoy NEW QUESTS like a date to the Kentucky Derby with Mia and more of Ace and Sebastian!

Keeping cool with our app? Let us know with a FIVE STAR REVIEW! And as always, thank you so much to all our players!

Level 6 Glee and Writer

15/04/2017 | Version : 4.9.0 | Size : 148.1 MB
Happy Easter! Celebrate with some eggcellent new HSS content! Then, join the biggest party of the year because Prom has arrived!

In this update:

Hop on over to the store and check out 16 NEW OUTFITS! Dress up as the Easter Bunny in the look Hare Hoodie or dance the night away at Prom in looks, like Aqua Fresh, Stunning Sapphire, Classic Cool, and more!

We’re bringing back some fan-favorite quests, like Spring Fling, The Prom-posal, and more! Plus, look out for some all-new quests like Blooper Reel and V is for Victory! Check back every week for more adventures with your friends!

If you love this hopping update, let us know with a FIVE-STAR REVIEW! Thank you for playing HSS!

Level 7 Gamer and Writer

10/02/2017 | Version : 4.8.1 | Size : 146.8 MB
As Valentine’s Day approaches and winter melts into spring, fall head over heels with some brand new HSS content!

In this update:

Get ready for date night with NEW OUTFITS like Heartstruck and Smitten Suitor! Then celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in style with outfits like Sprig of Luck and Lucky Sweater!

Get your autograph books ready to meet Sebastian, the new Movie Star ALL-STAR. This famous classmate might play a bad boy on TV, but there’s more to him than meets the eye! Unlock him at Level 13!

We at Pixelberry love the support of our players. Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for playing HSS! If you jumped for joy with this update, please let us know with a FIVE-STAR REVIEW!

Level 7 Gamer and Writer


PLEASE NOTE: High School Story is completely free to play, but some game items can also be purchased for real money. You can choose to spend between £1.49 and £69.99. If you don’t want to use this feature, you can disable in-app purchases in your device’s settings.

5/5 "Out of all the iPhone games I've played, High School Story is easily the one with the most heart." - K Alpert

5/5 "I'm way past my high school years... but this game is hands down one of the best games I have ever played." - Kaytumbear99


Play High School Story and create the school of your dreams, filled with all your friends. Throw parties, go on dates, and recruit jocks, nerds, cheerleaders, and MANY MORE classmates to unlock their stories! Plan a surprise party, go on a wild beach trip, take your team to the next level, and discover hundreds of other adventures!

- THROW PARTIES to unlock over 30 characters!
- DATE your crush and play matchmaker for everyone at your school!
- BATTLE a rival high school in an evolving story, including a showdown at the Homecoming game, a science fair, a prank war, and more!
- PUT YOUR FRIENDS in the game and join them on adventures, dates, and parties!
- MAKE NEW FRIENDS and play their stories!
- BUILD your dream school and decorate it with everything from a half-pipe to a box of puppies!
- CUSTOMIZE your look and choose your clique!
- ENJOY tons of updates coming soon, including more characters, more stories, and more romance!

To our players:  Thank you for your passion.  Pixelberry is a firm believer that games can make a difference.  And you’ve proven they can.  

When we partnered with The Cybersmile Foundation, a cyberbullying non-profit, you responded with great enthusiasm.  Together, we’ve done some amazing things.
* Over 2 million players have learned more about cyberbullying.
* Over $200,000 has been donated by Pixelberry to Cybersmile.
* And every week over 100 new players reach out to Cybersmile, often for help with bullying.

Thank you!  We really, sincerely appreciate what we’ve done together.

- The Pixelberry Team

Your use of this application is governed by the Terms of Service available at: http://highschoolstory.com/terms-of-service/
Collection and use of your data are subject to the Privacy Policy available at:

Get the game now to join in the fun!

Chat with us: facebook.com/HSSgame
Follow us: twitter.com/HSSGame


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Games , Entertainment , Educational , Role Playing , Simulation

Comments and Ratings for High School Story

Needs reset button. (4.9.0)
30/05/2017 14:11:31 1/5 By Good or bad issy
I loved this game! But when I had no storage I had to delete it. The real game is fine But after a while I want to start again. The only way too is creating a new Game Centre but that means I reset all of my apps. It NEEDS a reset button and fast.

A-MA-ZING! (4.9.0)
30/05/2017 10:35:40 5/5 By Yacub987
When I first saw the game icon it looked epic. I just started and I haven't used my rings yet. This is so great and if I could, I would give it 100000000000000000 stars

I love it (4.9.0)
30/05/2017 10:16:37 5/5 By Chezza Tee

Unique to all the other games! (4.9.0)
29/05/2017 03:46:10 5/5 By This has saved my life :)
I've been playing this game for about 3 years now, it's crazy to think me being a 12 year old loving it's story, quests and characters to still playing as a 15 year old! I must be honest that it is so unique and a fun loving game that allows you to be you! Alongside, the good morals in life are taught within it, nor does the game demand you to play, but you play out of enjoyment! Thank you and keep going!

Not much activity.. (4.9.0)
27/05/2017 15:57:47 1/5 By 💜⭐️Umai⭐️💜
There's not that much to do in this game.. all you do is follow story lines and build your school. I get that this is what the game is made to be like but it just gets boring after a few days...

:) (4.9.0)
26/05/2017 14:41:09 5/5 By Ems1388
You can make them gay

Levelling up (4.9.0)
23/05/2017 15:16:50 5/5 By King of ballers
The game is great an everything but how do u level up

Has (4.9.0)
20/05/2017 15:46:26 5/5 By Little mix 17
Great game really fun

Absolute Ripoff (4.9.0)
16/05/2017 15:22:30 2/5 By Cherise Mason
I like the game, but I bought a hairstyle for a classmate for 200 rings, expecting it to be available for all of my characters. Turns out, I spend £2 on this game, for a hairstyle for only ONE classmate. Not everyone has the money for these kinds of things, it was an absolute ripoff and for the amount of money it would have been for every classmate would have been absolutely ridiculous.

OMG (4.9.0)
13/05/2017 16:16:26 1/5 By Tiggy2007
So sooooo bad

😡RINGS😡 (4.9.0)
13/05/2017 02:56:12 1/5 By Mini_Mii_Lover
Uhhhh!!! The damn rings, they are so hard to get and pretty much everything needs them! Unless you happen to have £70 to spend on a game, then this is the perfect game for you!!! I play this everyday, but it will probably take me 1000 years until I get 100 rings!!!!!!!!! 😡😡😡PLEASE CHANGE THIS!! Once there is a big difference in this problem I am going to rate it 5 stars, get yourselves in action!!

Brilliant (4.9.0)
10/05/2017 10:41:29 4/5 By AmeliaElephant😂😍🍕😊😎😜
Love this app! Just like real life! Although you dont make many choices it allows you to go on dates and have partys! You can create your own students and like most games it improves as you go along.

Love, love, LOVE IT!! (4.9.0)
10/05/2017 10:12:17 5/5 By TheEggRaiser
I absolutely love this game and recommend it. There are no problems. I think it would be nice if we started with a few more gems and you could have more space in hangouts. It's sounds weird, but I had to sell my friend to get Beckett.

٥٤٥ (4.9.0)
08/05/2017 11:33:01 1/5 By Princess Morroco
Ehhhhh it's not bad but not good

Awesome (4.9.0)
07/05/2017 06:34:47 5/5 By Missi Rosie
I love it

Wow (4.9.0)
03/05/2017 12:50:33 5/5 By crocodilelizzie
If this game cost a thousand pounds I would save up to buy it! Keep doing wat ur doing!!! But could the pencils come any faster? Id appreciate that!!

HSS (4.9.0)
29/04/2017 01:03:12 4/5 By Scary little ooneecorn
I love this game but I think you should be able to make your character walk around. You should also let them go into the hangouts and classrooms because in real life you don't walk around the school outdoors.

Love it❤️❤️ (4.9.0)
26/04/2017 16:16:57 5/5 By hssfanxx
This game is the best. I am definitely addicted to it(in a good way of course)and play daily. I would definitely recommend this game👍👍❤️

Interesting game (4.9.0)
26/04/2017 11:08:34 5/5 By Gymtast
This game is fun and addictive!! I love it!

Braaaaa (4.9.0)
25/04/2017 15:12:09 5/5 By 16rmcleod
I ain't played it yet but it looks good?🎀

#lovehighschoolstory (4.9.0)
22/04/2017 05:55:35 5/5 By ErinRalph
ι αвѕσℓυтєℓу ℓσνє❤️ тнιѕ gαмє! ιт ιѕ α∂∂ι¢тινє, вυт ιи α gσσ∂ ωαу. ιт нα∂ мє нσσкє∂ яιgнт fяσм тнє ѕтαят. ι яє¢σммєи∂ тнιѕ тσ αℓℓ ρєσρℓє ωнσ ℓσνє❤️ тσ мαкє ℓσνє❤️! ιт ιѕ ¢σσℓ😎 нσω тнєяє ιѕ αи α¢тυαℓ ѕтσяуℓιиє 📓📏 αи∂ иσт ʝυѕт α мιи∂ℓєѕѕ gαмє📱 вєнιи∂ ιт.

Please get this! (4.9.0)
19/04/2017 11:22:11 5/5 By HKDANCE06
This is a great game! ❤️

Lovehighschool#😬 (4.9.0)
17/04/2017 14:53:21 5/5 By Lilstar😍😋😜homtp!!
Now I'm in year 7 I now know how to get away with detentions and all those other stupid things teachers give you!!😁😂 this game is AWESOME!!

Best.Game.Ever!!! (4.9.0)
17/04/2017 11:46:02 5/5 By #Minithemoocha

Amazing! (4.9.0)
16/04/2017 06:43:27 5/5 By Redbricks
Not your average city building game. There's actual plot and story involved that are actually engaging and teaches good moral values. The art design is pretty and the overall execution of the game is smooth and clean. This game doesn't feel like one of those games that demand the players to pay which is admirable. Overall an addicting game so kudos to the developers :)

Mr;) (4.9.0)
15/04/2017 20:56:34 5/5 By Boom35687788
Very good

Amazing app could use some improvements though 😕 (4.8.1)
15/04/2017 11:17:25 4/5 By Jiupxdf
This app is so entertaining I love it but I do wish we could get rings more easily because the amount of rings I need to spend on one quest is ridiculous like some people might not be able to spend real money of coins and have to earn them instead I would like to have more side quests that allow you to get rings or even a daily prize but other than that this app is brill ♥️😁

Awesome (4.8.1)
11/04/2017 03:42:01 5/5 By Sir B
This game is amazing . I ❤️ it so much

😀😀 (4.8.1)
10/04/2017 19:41:23 5/5 By Yasmyn1213

Facebook (4.8.1)
10/04/2017 12:23:19 4/5 By Me!!😃
I love this game a lot but the biggest thing that frustrates me about it is that once you've connected it to Facebook once, if you delete/restart the game you can't connect your Facebook to it again. I think this is unfair and I would highly recommend that it is made so that you can connect our Facebook again as a lot of people have deleted the game for good because of it. My only other problem is that rings are so hard to get and because I can't connect it to Facebook, i can't link my friends to get more rings. There is loads on the app that you can do with rings but I can't get enough of them. Don't get me wrong though I love the game and also Hollywood U! I'm going to check out the game Choices now as well as in the game it was recommended!!!

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