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Release Notes

19/05/2017 | Version : 1.0 | Size : 32.5 MB


iINVENTORYpro by PROTECToVision LLC is the easiest and most powerful patented inventory program on the market. We make getting your personal or business property inventoried and organized fast and fun.

But iINVENTORYpro does so much more! iINVENTORYpro fulfills the important need to help individuals, families and businesses quickly, easily, and in as detailed and comprehensive a manner as you like, inventory your home, estate, or business, including: images/photos, documents, videos, warranties, property management, multiple properties, reminder emails, photo memos, and estate planning tools. You can accomplish this on both your smart phone with this app, or by going to iINVENTORYpro and logging into your account on your computer.

When any important personal, business, or estate responsibilities are forgotten or omitted, it is often a very costly mistake in terms of many dollars, a great deal of your valuable time, and the resultant stress, anxiety, and dismay!
Let iINVENTORYpro make it fast, fun, and streamlined for you.

Our company operates on the principles of dedicated service to our clients, honesty, integrity, and a strong work ethic. We have developed this Home and Business Inventory software and system because since the inception of insurances policies, there has been a clear cut need for “the insured” to be able to substantiate their possessions. Although no one can guaranty how much an insurance company will play for a claim, let there be no doubt that the more evidence that you have of your property, the better your chances of a larger award. As many unfortunate victims have found out, it is difficult to make the claim when the house or business has been totally destroyed by fire, hurricane, tornado, flood, or the untimely theft of valuable possessions.

iINVENTORYpro was founded by a US Naval Academy graduate who was a Naval Officer with a security background, held a Top Secret Security Clearance, and was a qualified Instructor Pilot with 20 years of proud military service to the United States of America.

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