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"One of the fastest breaking news services in the UK from the leading commercial news broadcaster.

This unique app gives you the news as it happens in news streams specifically tailored for your mobile. Plus you're in control of the news you want. Get the news just from your area and stay in touch by following stories as they develop.

The Details
- All the top national, international and local stories
- A 24 hour livestream of news, delivered as it happens using the best video and pictures
- Pick the area you want local news on, at city, town or county level
- Follow the stories you're particularly interested
- Alerts on your local news and stories you're interested in
- Share everything to your social media accounts
- Instant Analysis from our world class, award winning reporters.
- Get the latest trending stories, determined by our users

Please be aware that viewing content over a mobile data network may incur additional data charges. We recommend you check your allowance with your mobile supplier.

By downloading and using the app you are agreeing to ITV and authorised third parties storing data on your device in accordance with our Cookies Policy at"

Release Notes

30/10/2017 | Version : 1.2.0 | Size : 46.4 MB
Implementation of Brightcove HTML5 player and general bug fixes

31/05/2017 | Version : 1.1.3 | Size : 46.3 MB
This version includes ELECTION 2017 widget and bug fixes related to ELECTION 2017 category.

18/05/2017 | Version : 1.1.1 | Size : 46.1 MB
Implemented push notification service provided by Urban Airship.


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Comments and Ratings for ITV News

Jumps back to beginning (1.1.1)
28/05/2017 03:23:22 1/5 By kazik99
After last update it keeps jumping back to the beginning, the first story of the page. you scroll through stories and read one and back out, BACK TO THE BEGINNING. Scroll 3 pages read a story and guess what! BACK TO THE BEGINNING. Getting peed off. If I see 2 stories I want to read basically just choose 1. Or go to another news site.

Useless (1.0.8)
16/05/2017 14:07:15 2/5 By Darling sugar baby chicken
Is it just happening to me or is anyone else having the same problem? Every time I have finished reading a news report I have to start scrolling from the beginning agin, ITV please sort this out as it is so frustrating 😡 also everything is repeated very poor app, you can't follow stories as only one at the moment is starred, what's going for on ITV

Freeze (1.0.8)
10/05/2017 13:51:05 1/5 By _psycho45
Doing my head in!! Re-installed again and again and still having problems....It's okay for a few days then freezes! Very annoying! What's the point of a review if you don't actively sort the problem?

Tells Me what I want 2 know (1.0.8)
25/03/2017 02:20:20 5/5 By ƈɛཞყʂ
I live in the IOM so not much happens here but it tells me all the latest stories and the things I want it 4 are there I would definitely recommend this app !!!!

Why all bad news? (1.0.8)
19/03/2017 05:59:15 1/5 By Nathanaeldgw
I've just been through the app this morning. It's full of murder, rape, political arguments, children being killed and missing people. I know that these things happen, and they are sad, but why fill the news with them? It's depressing and doesn't inspire me to use your app again.

REALLY BAD (1.0.8)
02/03/2017 13:18:47 1/5 By Woodland0000
this app is really bad, layout and navigation as well as the content itself and it's really lacking in local content, worst news app I've downloaded

App designer needs head examined (1.0.8)
21/01/2017 04:29:52 2/5 By 1best boss
Improved slightly

Same result as other reviewers (1.0.8)
03/11/2016 13:42:00 1/5 By herronrath
Woeful....!!!!! Woeful for all viewers who live in Ulster. Considering the vast sums of money involved in the recent takeover of UTV the local news for Ulster is as significantly absent as the news for all other areas of Britain is present!

Very disappointing (1.0.8)
16/10/2016 10:20:00 2/5 By Hangtuft53
This app takes way too long to open - it should go straight to news and not a fancy home page! Also it appears there is no news in Northern Ireland only sport headlines particularly at the weekend! Come on UTV - give us an app that tells us the news. How about a sport section on its own!

Ni local news (1.0.8)
10/10/2016 17:51:00 1/5 By Bradley 2
Bradley2 Bring back the UTV app nothing but sport at weekends local news should be local ie the six counties ROI not local at least with the UTV app people could give their views on each story we no longer have a voice useless app

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