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K. Macbeth

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By Createanet (Kevin King)

The Katakata Macbeth app contains lists of all the words you will need to write powerful, precise essays about Shakespeare’s ‘Macbeth’ at GCSE or A-Level!

This app will help you to find the words that are on the tip of your tongue but that you might forget to include. It will also help you to find words you wouldn’t normally use but which will help you communicate effectively.

Each word is organised by character, theme or idea, and each word comes with a definition, an example Katakata sentence, and sentence fragments that you can use to build your own amazing sentences.
Impress your teachers and examiners, and, more than anything, impress yourself with your sophisticated, mature vocabulary.

- 400 words (from important basic words like ‘parent’ or ‘hope’ through to challenging words like ‘indeterminacy’ and ‘empiricism’)
- Nearly 2000 different example Katakata sentences, tailored to different characters (e.g. ‘Lady Macbeth’s greatest offence is the overturning of the natural order, as symbolised by the cannibalistic horses.’)
- sentence fragments for every word and phrase to help you build your own sentences e.g.
…the proper order of society…
…the established order of society…
…the natural order of Scotland…
…the normal human order…
…imposes/restores order by…
…the established order…

- Macbeth
- Lady Macbeth
- King Duncan
- Banquo
- Macduff
- Lady Macduff
- The Porter
- The Witches

- ambition vs morality
- cruelty vs femininity
- masculinity vs morality
- kingship vs tyranny
- reality vs appearance
- bravery vs cowardice
- guilt vs innocence
- violence vs peace
- order vs disorder
- truth vs deception
- good vs evil
- salvation vs damnation
- natural vs supernatural vs unnatural
- fate vs free will

IDEAS (literary context and historical context):
- equivocation
- Catholicism and Protestantism
- predeterminism and self-determination
- accession
- the Middle Ages, the Reformation and the Renaissance
- regicide
- terror and horror
- the Great Chain of Being and the Doctrine of the Divine Right of Kings
- dramatic question
- tragedy
- cautionary tale
- parents and children
- patronage

Katakatalist was founded by teachers and is all about helping students feel more confident about writing great essays.

Our website is a great place to visit to pick up free resources that can be used with the Katakata Macbeth app. Take a look at www.katakatalist.co.uk.

Release Notes

13/09/2017 | Version : 1.0.0 | Size : 11.6 MB

Screenshots iPhone / iPod :

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Education , Books

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