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MamaCoBaby is a community connecting parents and their children to share half-days of games and fun with other parents and their kids. One obvious goal : avoid isolation and create social bond quite naturally.


To enjoy the services provided by MamaCoBaby, download for free the application on your smartphone, register yourself on the application and find out about the parents registered in your area. You can decide to create a new “event” and invite other parents at your house, or you can participate in an “event” organized by other parents.

Each parent who organizes an event will be paid 3€ per guest.

Example : A parent organizes an event at home with 5 other parents and 8 children. The host will receive 5 x 3€, so 15€ (children do not pay). Each of the 5 parents will pay 6€ via the application.

Of these 6€, 3€ goes to the parent who organize, 2€ goes to the medical research and 1€ goes to the application maintenance.
Each CoMama/CoDad chooses himself or herself the number of his/her guests. You can invite from one up to ten other parents depending on the size of your house. Beware, MamaCoBaby is not a type of childcare and each parent is responsible for his/her children during the whole event.

The MamaCoBaby project is born from the acknowledgment that many families are having difficulties in finding child care : nursery places are insufficient, the price of nannies unaffordable for many and as a result, these children don’t have the opportunity to blossom in community in a shared environment. In Paris for example, 24 000 children aged 0 to 3 don’t have any child care solution (report from the Direction des Familles et de la Petite Enfance de Paris / DFPE).

To take care of their children, parents are often forced to stay at home.

Who can participate?

The events organised by the parents registered on MamaCoBaby are opened to all parents, the spirit is to the community and sharing. Children of all ages are welcome and invited to blossom together.

Mums, dads, stay-at-home parents, breast-feeding mums, single mothers and fathers are all invited to join the community and meet up for moments of sharing and conviviality.

You are pregnant with your first child and want to have a glimpse of what your life will look like after his birth? Join the community and participate to your first meeting. A good occasion to meet new people with whom you will share a lot of interests, before and after the birth of your child.

By enabling parents to meet each other, MamaCoBaby puts the struggle against social disruption at the heart of its project.

A project which supports the medical research

MamaCoBaby is committed to supporting the medical research. 20% of its turnover it’s donated to Evelina London Children's Hospital, which treats children with all kinds of health conditions. It is the UK’s leading hospital for paediatric heart services as well as a specialist in kidney transplants and dialysis, cleft lip surgery, metabolic conditions, allergy and neurology.

Release Notes

13/09/2017 | Version : 1.0 | Size : 16.2 MB

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