Northern Lights Photo Taker 4/5

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Northern Lights Photo Taker

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By Lazily Inspired (Simon Leung)

This app only does one thing and that's to help you take better photos of the aurora borealis, aka the northern lights.

Here's the scenario - so you see the northern lights (!! - awesome for you, by the way), but you don't have a fancy digital camera with you. Thankfully, you have your trusty iPhone or iPad!

OK! Now what??

Do you know the tips and tricks to take photos of the northern lights ? Great, if you do! Enable manual mode; set the focus to infinity; change the temperature to a certain number; change the ISO between certain values; change the shutter speed to something else....wait what...?

Don't worry, this app does all of that for you so all you have to do is find those lights. ISO, shutter speed, long exposure mode, temperature, check check check. There are 3 presets that you can choose from based on the brightness of the aurora lights that you're seeing. Those don't work? Try out custom mode until you get that 'good-enough-for-me-to-show-to-my-friends' snap and take as many photos as you'd like!

Worth a shot ! (hah..a...was funny when this was typed...)

Release Notes

03/09/2015 | Version : 1.0 | Size : 2.7 MB


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Comments and Ratings for Northern Lights Photo Taker

Used In IceHotel Sweden to Capture Northern Lights (1.0)
12/01/2017 11:15:00 5/5 By Castawaykate
We travelled to Jukkasjarvi Sweden to the Ice hotel. We had alerts from an aurora app and then used this app to take pictures on the weak setting on my Iphone The greens from the Aurora were amazing the best 79p I've spent by far. We were the only people to capture it on the whole plane and were sharing pics on trip back. If you are thinking its 79p just do it. Normal camera will not pick up the colours it really works.

Great app but... (1.0)
29/12/2016 11:31:00 4/5 By D84rk_Knight
Not 5 stars as cannot take photo with volume key. Please update app to include volume key for taking photos.

Does what it says on the tin!!! (1.0)
03/12/2016 22:08:00 5/5 By Stebbular
We forgot our SLR camera but luckily I'd download this app as a back up and wasn't disappointed. Got loads of amazing pics I would definitely recommend using this app.

Mrs (1.0)
30/11/2016 14:27:00 5/5 By Sarah1974!!!
Great app highly recommend normal camera didn't pick anything up but the app did!!!! AMAZING

Don't waste your money. (1.0)
02/11/2016 10:09:00 1/5 By Diddle55
Lights were visible but this app didn't pick up anything from any angle. Waste of money.

Worked in the Yukon (1.0)
27/09/2016 22:28:00 5/5 By Alleyeagle
The instructions for using my 'proper' camera in manual meant holding it steady for seconds with no tripod. I got faint traces only. This app at least let me capture some impressive green lights on camera, and if held up to the horizon allowed one to check if there was any activity. (Only worked on 'weak' even when lights overhead).

AMAZING! Definitely recommend! (1.0)
17/04/2016 22:20:00 5/5 By Alicejaneevans
I thought it would be a little risky to pay for this app incase it didn't work... But the results were amazing and the app is so easy to use! I used the app on a school trip and everyone download this app after they saw the results! I cannot thank this app enough as now I have some amazing pictures of the northern lights! 100% recommend 100% satisfied

Amazing! (1.0)
13/04/2016 01:50:00 5/5 By Calvin (UK)
In Iceland at the moment and just used this App to take some absolutely amazing photos of the northern lights. It captures them beautifully and far better than the stock iPhone camera ever could in low light. Very pleased :)

Brilliant app (1.0)
28/03/2016 20:18:00 5/5 By Critterlicious
Currently in Reykjavik and bought this just before we left. Glad I did as our relatively decent camera picked up nothing despite setting the ISO, shutter speed, etc as per all expert recommendations. iPhone 6s didn't pick it up on normal camera either, however using this app the photos are amazing. So easy to use as well. I used a 6s iPhone but ended up sending the photos to another lady on the tour as her iphone4 didn't pick it up very well despite using this app also. she was amazed at how good mine were (down to the app, not my technique!). Honestly the best 79p I've spent, do it!

Waste of 79p (1.0)
11/03/2016 20:12:00 1/5 By Jimi2006
Don't buy this app. It is actually more effective to use the camera on my iPhone 6. Complete waste of time and money!

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