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ROME: Total War

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By Feral Interactive Ltd

History’s greatest empire, now in your hands.

Experience the full glory of ROME: Total War as you rule the ancient world from your iPad.

ROME: Total War is a strategy game of epic scale, offering players a seamless integration of strategy and tactics to fight spectacular battles, while using diplomacy, subterfuge and assassination to smooth the path to ultimate victory.

ROME: Total War for iPad comes without compromise. Turn your tablet’s screen into an exhilarating 3D battlefield alive with thousands of units, from tight formations of swordsmen to sweeping lines of chariots.

Welcome to Total War on your iPad!

ROME: Total War requires a first generation iPad Air or newer, an iPad mini 2 or newer, or any iPad Pro.

© 2002–2017 The Creative Assembly Limited. Originally developed by The Creative Assembly Limited. Originally published by SEGA. Creative Assembly, the Creative Assembly logo, Total War, ROME: Total War and the Total War logo are either trademarks or registered trademarks of The Creative Assembly Limited. SEGA and the SEGA logo are registered trademarks or trademarks of SEGA Corporation. Developed for and published on iOS by Feral Interactive Limited. iOS and iPad are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. Feral and the Feral logo are trademarks of Feral Interactive Ltd. All other trademarks and copyrights are the property of their respective owners. All rights reserved.

Release Notes

22/06/2017 | Version : 1.7.3 | Size : 3.7 GB
• Adds the option to play the game in Russian
• Adds a new option to the app settings, allowing users to double the size of units on the 3D Battle Map
• Adds 0.5x speed mode to battles
• Further improvements to stability
• Optimises the game for the new 2017 iPad (5th Generation)

10/02/2017 | Version : 1.5.2 | Size : 3.7 GB
• Adds an option to the Commander menu in battle mode to display your units’ current status and active orders.
• Tapping and holding the Atlas icon on the Campaign map now displays additional settlement, unit and fleet information.
• Controlling the width, depth and facing direction of selected units is now triggered by tapping and holding with two fingers.
• Selected units in battle mode are now highlighted by a higher-contrast glow for improved visibility.
• Increases the distance the camera can be zoomed out in battle mode.
• Further improvements to stability.

19/01/2017 | Version : 1.5.1 | Size : 3.7 GB
• Improved Battle/Campaign radar map navigation.
• "Tap and hold to view information" is now available on buildings in the Building Browser.
• Generals' speech cutscenes now begin after the player dismisses the Wait/Deploy screen.
• Improved text wrapping in some menu panels, improved Advisor prompts in the Tutorial, and improved general performance and stability.


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Screenshots iPad :

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Games , Simulation , Strategy

Supported Devices : iPad Air , iPad Air Cel , iPad Mini Retina , iPad Mini Retina Cel , iPad Air 2 , iPad Air 2 Cel , iPad Mini 3 , iPad Mini 3 Cel , iPad Mini 4 , iPad Mini 4 Cel , iPad Pro , iPad Pro Cel , iPad Pro 97 , iPad Pro 97 Cel , iPad 6.11 , iPad 6.12 , iPad 7.1 , iPad 7.2 , iPad 7.3 , iPad 7.4

Comments and Ratings for ROME: Total War

Ohhh the crashes (1.5.2)
16/05/2017 09:53:04 2/5 By Kemblize
Love this game, but my god it crashes a lot, got to the final battle in campaign and cant finish it because it keeps crashing!

So close to 5* but for 2 glitches (1.5.2)
14/05/2017 16:42:56 4/5 By The philanthropist
Love this game, just as good as I remember but agh having a hard fought for victory ruined by the game crashing and not registering the result or resuming with half your forces mysteriously dead is a real pain. Also I frequently get the camera glitch out when I'm attacking a city and can't focus on my troops. Please fix these for 5 stars

Well Done But No Sound (1.5.2)
14/05/2017 07:42:01 4/5 By Tinkylinky1128
Really great game but I can't seem to get sound. I've tried everything but there is still no sound. The controls are a little finicky and hard to master but it easier after a half hour of playing. Just wish it has the option to make ALL functioning factions playable, like you could in the PC version by editing descr.strat. I get the senate couldn't be made playable but I never understood why Macedon and Pontus weren't playable.

Game crash (1.5.2)
05/05/2017 13:44:50 2/5 By Drlunatic
Such an amazing game just like the pic version, also such a shame that the game constantly crashes at the end of a battle. I would go as far to say I think I deserve compensation as this game does not work as stated. Constant crashes !!!!!!!!!!!! Please update with a patch

Crushes (1.5.2)
02/05/2017 14:45:58 1/5 By Thanoskap
Hello, please fix this game. It is crushing all the time. I have restarted three times and it still crushes. Pleas fix this game.

Amazing just like the pc! (1.5.2)
01/05/2017 14:13:15 5/5 By s394010
Loved it then and love it now, playing on an iPad Pro and never crashed once and I have played enough rounds to kill everyone be two roman houses off.

Brilliant (1.5.2)
10/04/2017 14:28:57 5/5 By Sardazra
The latest update is great, a lot easier to manage battles. If you loved the original PC game, then definitely get it.

Amazing (1.5.2)
10/04/2017 10:30:08 5/5 By Jack12448309
This game is worth every penny however I don't like how you can't choose how Biggs the unit sizes are and should add an option to change this.

Amazing (1.5.2)
02/04/2017 10:51:19 5/5 By Blob789
This game is fantastic. My computer broke and I can't afford to fix it or replace it and then this came out and I was the happiest man alive.

Just brilliant (1.5.2)
26/03/2017 14:22:02 5/5 By JezzaM
Crashed once in 10 hours of play which is loads better than the pc version. Same unit sizes and massively improved graphics. Gorgeous visuals, slightly clunky unit positioning but I've been waiting for this on iOS from day one. Just...bloomin...brilliant.

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