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The National Lottery(Official)

By Camelot UK Lotteries Limited

Download the Official National Lottery App now and make magic happen! You can check your National Lottery results for the Lotto, EuroMillions, Thunderball and Lotto HotPicks results and play life changing games anywhere.

With the Official National Lottery app you can scan and check your results, save your lottery numbers, and see how huge the prizes are for each draw.

It’s the quickest and simplest way to play the National Lottery with Lotto, EuroMillions and Thunderball and access your favourite GameStore Instant Win Games in one app.

Play a Lucky Dip® when you’re feeling lucky, or set your numbers for weeks in advance.

It’s all in the palm of your hand with the official app. Give your dreams a chance, play makes it possible.

Here’s what our users are saying:
* I've just played on tonight's EuroMillions and it was super intuitive!
* Love this app. Its scan function is fantastic you instantly know if you're a winner!
* It's easy to use the app so I like using it to play my games on EuroMillions!
* This is one of the best apps available, I use it to check my lotto tickets every time and it never lets me down - get it - you won't regret it!
* Bought my tickets for tonight's EuroMillions, which was super quick and easy!
* So quick and friendly to use. The ticket scanner is simply the bomb!

If you prefer to play the National Lottery, Lotto, EuroMillions, Thunderball and Lotto HotPicks in-store, use the ticket scanner to quickly find out if you’re a winner. It’s so simple to tap the screen, scan and check your ticket and tap into the big thrills that playing The National Lottery brings.

Play Lotto, the nation’s favourite game, to scoop cracking jackpots or win the Millionaire Raffle. You can play, save, scan and check your numbers automatically.
Play EuroMillions, the game with the biggest thrills and two giant jackpots every week. Save your numbers with the official National Lottery app and scan or check the latest draw results and prizes with a tap of your mobile phone screen, the simplest and quickest way to play your way to a fortune... Don’t miss out on our #MegaFriday offers too!

Play Thunderball each week and have the opportunity to play for £500,000! The Thunderball jackpot isn’t shared, so it could be all yours for just the cost of a £1 ticket!

Download the official National Lottery app to save and play your favourite Thunderball numbers each week, it couldn’t be easier to give your dreams a chance to come true. Somebody has to win each week; it might as well be you!

Play all your favourite Instant Win Games on Gamestore. You can bag anything from quids to quadruple millions and play for pennies or pounds.

The Official National Lottery app makes it easy to play, scan and check your numbers to see the results.

Remember, every time you play National Lottery Games you help to support Good Causes all over the UK
Start Dreaming! Download the official National Lottery app and play today!

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Release Notes

14/12/2017 | Version : 4.7.1 | Size : 24.3 MB
Minor performance improvements

27/11/2017 | Version : 4.7 | Size : 24.3 MB
We have fixed an issue where some players' My Saved Numbers were deleted from the app.
General performance improvements

21/09/2017 | Version : 4.6 | Size : 22.6 MB
General performance improvements
The new app now supports all iOS9 (or later) iPhones


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Comments and Ratings for The National Lottery(Official)

LymnBank1945 (4.4)
21/06/2017 03:09:49 5/5 By LymnBank1945
I simply buy my Lottery tickets anytime anywhere as the mood takes me and, to use a well worn cliché, 'You win some, you lose some'. (Obviously, more losses than wins) As far as checking the results are concerned, I have begun to use the checker thingy on my iPhone and find it quite exciting, just very gradually edging my phone towards the scan code on the ticket until it suddenly, win or lose, the result flashes up. As a matter of fact, when I checked my latest ticket a moment or so ago, (just a couple of Lucky Dip lines on Thunderball) - Wal Lah! A £5.00 winner! (Which, as my old granddad might have said if he hadn't passed away long before the UK Lottery was introduced, it's better than a brog (sic) in the eye with a sharp stick) In fact, this was my first-ever Lottery win when checking with the scanner so it was interesting to see how it looked on the phone's screen. Now, had it NOT been a winner, I would have simply kept the ticket safe (as with all previous non-scanner-winner tickets) until I had an opportunity to have it checked again at a normal Lottery shop's ticket machine: better safe than sorry.

Frustrating (4.4)
21/06/2017 01:49:34 3/5 By Krisconvery
Why can't you just let me stay logged in? So annoying having to log in every time I want to check a ticket or put a line or two on etc Surely in this day and age with other apps allowing it, you can?

So clonky..... (4.4)
20/06/2017 11:15:24 3/5 By Ross0
Have a look at some of the betting apps, bet365 for example. It's smooth and depositing funds takes just 2 clicks! Your app doesn't keep you signed in and depositing funds is like how it was 5 years ago. Invest it a great business analyst (me) and let's make this app something to shout about. You could use a decent UX designer too.... it doesn't piece together at all....

It's ok (4.4)
20/06/2017 07:38:02 3/5 By Hersheys6
It's convenient to use the app when I want to do my lottery. Haven't had any trouble signing in and doing my game. Only drawback can it be a top up of £5 to start with and not the £10 it's at.

John Mac (4.4)
20/06/2017 06:28:01 5/5 By John Mac 2
Fantastic App made me £50 already !

Easy (4.4)
20/06/2017 04:11:11 4/5 By mioldsnurgg
Because I runs a syndicate and have over 70 lines to check it takes me less the 5 minutes know to check our tickets it was getting a little tedious but know I don't mind carrying it on.

Ticket scanner (4.4)
19/06/2017 11:30:44 5/5 By ctformwork
So easy to use

Awful Really (4.4)
19/06/2017 09:51:00 1/5 By southbank1
You move from app to web to process any funds movement A totally pointless app Designers should be ashamed

Fantastic app (4.4)
18/06/2017 16:51:54 5/5 By Dan13945929293495
Makes checking tickets so easy

So user friendly! (4.4)
18/06/2017 09:29:20 5/5 By Belinda5
I always forgot to check my tickets but this scanner is fabulous and makes the ordeal effortless. I'm taking tickets more regularly now as a result.

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