The Official DVSA Hazard Perception Practice 2/5

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The Official DVSA Hazard Perception Practice

By TSO (The Stationery Office) (The Stationery Office Limited)
Supported Devices : iPad 2 3G , , iPad 2 Wifi , , , , , , , , iPad 4th Gen , iPad 4th Gen 4G , , , iPad Mini , , , , iPad Mini 4G , , , , , , , , , , iPad 3rd Gen , iPad 3rd Gen 4G , , , iPhone 4 , , iPhone 4S , , iPhone 5 , iPhone 5C , , , iPhone 5S , , iPhone6 , , iPhone6 Plus , , iPod Touch 5th Gen , , , , , , , ,

Release Notes

05/04/2017 | Version : 1.1.3 | Size : 525.0 MB
· Minor bug fixes

06/12/2016 | Version : 1.1.2 | Size : 529.0 MB
· This is a minor update, consisting of some small updates to the Extras section.

10/05/2016 | Version : 1.1.1 | Size : 523.2 MB
- Updated app icon for 2016


The official Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency iOS app is a simple and convenient way to prepare for your hazard perception test on the go. Learners and Instructors asked us for more practice clips, so we launched this app.

There are 14 interactive hazard perception video clips for you to practise on, so you can see how the test works and develop your skills. It’s ideal for car, lorry and bus drivers, motorcyclists and trainee driving instructors. Learner car drivers will save money by buying the Official DVSA Theory Test 3 app bundle.

Key Features:

• From the people who set the tests – who better to learn from?
• Know what to expect – watch the official DVSA video, which introduces and explains the hazard perception part of the theory test
• Official practice clips – includes 14 official interactive DVSA practice hazard perception video clips showing a wide variety of environments and road conditions.
• Tap the screen when you see a hazard developing and receive a score for each clip to see how you’ve done.
• Useful tips to help improve your skills.
• Clearly tracks your progress so you know when you’re ready to pass!
• More clips – if you have bought the Official DVSA Theory Test Kit app and feel you need more practice clips – this is the app for you.

To prepare fully for your theory test, use this app alongside your choice of official DVSA books, eBooks, DVD-ROMs, DVDs, downloads and other DVSA apps in the series.

Please note:

1. Because of the high quality of the clips, this app will take slightly longer than normal to download
2. This app is part of The Official DVSA Theory Test 3 app bundle – please do not purchase both.


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Comments and Ratings for The Official DVSA Hazard Perception Practice

Not worth the money (1.1.2)
08/01/2017 10:16:00 1/5 By Johncakeboy
There is no mock test only practice and there not a lot of videos what a waste of money do your self a favour don't buy it

It's one of the best .i pass (1.1.2)
15/12/2016 15:08:00 5/5 By mamaaurica
I never mind i can learn on 🚗🚌🚝🚇🚏all most everywhere .trust this app and you will succeed 100%

Terrible (1.1.2)
04/12/2016 21:19:00 1/5 By Rebecca Brook
Absolutely pointless. Does not make any attempt to simulate the real test, but yet it's sold by the DVSA. Had 6 out of 14 tests marked as 0 for suspicious clicking, but not one warning in the app.

Great app but (1.1.2)
11/11/2016 13:14:00 4/5 By Gazmister
Great app but the clip called city 1 always cuts out after about 8 seconds so I can't get to the hazard ???

Perfect (1.1.2)
05/11/2016 01:16:00 5/5 By Apple only 🤗
Great app helped me greatly. Passed first time on the real thing worth the money all day long.

Misleading and expensive for only one test (1.1.1)
16/08/2016 05:11:00 2/5 By PompeyNathan95
I was expecting more tests for the price, and it is also misleading as it only allows you to tap 5 times which is not the case in the real test.

Worth it (1.1.1)
08/08/2016 13:53:00 4/5 By passed_it
There is only one test within the app, but it is a true and genuine reflection of how the hazard perception test will work. I didn't hit a limit on clicks at any point and I agree there is little replay value other than pride and getting people who passed before the hazard perception test to have a go, but it was still worth it as a revision aide. This was the best way I found to prep - the app allows you to review the clip with your clicks and the scoring zone highlighted so you know what you did wrong/right.

Totally Confusing! (1.1.1)
04/08/2016 11:43:00 1/5 By Smeever
Since they only allow you to click 5 times per video (not like the real test) it completely confused me on how the test would be and set the wrong schema in my head- don't buy!

Shocking (1.1.1)
01/08/2016 15:54:00 1/5 By Joseph Jason bord
Considering its DVSA official it isn't exactly helpful!

Very limited (1.1.1)
04/07/2016 00:24:00 2/5 By Snooozzze
There are only 14 different video clips so really very limited practice

Too few clips, disappointing function (1.1.1)
13/06/2016 21:43:00 1/5 By YOl217
1.There's only 14 CLIPS! Not 14 tests…not worth the money to me. 2. No pattern detection, and only allow 5 clicks per clip which is not the case for real exam. Very disappointing of the official quality .

Only 14examples (1.1.1)
25/05/2016 00:12:00 1/5 By Giampooo
This is extremely expensive, would have given 0 stars…

Your app made me FAIL! (1.1.1)
24/05/2016 17:52:00 2/5 By Badw0lf
I failed my theory test by THREE CLICKS! And that's thanks to this poxy hazard perception app making a big deal about not clicking too much and limiting you to 5 clicks therefore getting me into the habit of rationing my clicks for what looks serious or fear of clicking too early. It's only after that the lady told me you can't click too much or too early. Just don't click in sequence ie continually. Fat lot of good that does me right now! YOU OWE ME A RESIT!

Poor app (1.1.1)
23/05/2016 17:10:00 2/5 By yoshi_kk
14 clips is definitely to less. After 1hour you gonna remember all of them what is point of this?

It's okay (1.1.1)
19/05/2016 18:11:00 3/5 By Mest_up
The clips and the variety are great, but once you have done all the clips, that's it. The advice seems to be, that practice works best when you haven't seen the clip before. I got full marks on all the examples but still failed my hazard perception by a single point. I think it would be good to swap out examples. That would mean that anyone practicing for their theory can see how they are doing picking up the process of doing the hazard perception on unseen examples.

Very good! I give it four out of five! (1.1.1)
22/04/2016 09:03:00 4/5 By Mine craft prow
The four golden stars are well deserved because believe it or not the clips are just like been inside the drivers seat of a car! The blank star is only because the videos are very low graphics. If you fix it I would give 5/5

Only 14 HP Clips!! (1.1.1)
20/04/2016 00:53:00 1/5 By Ash245790
Paid £2.99 for this and you only get 14 HP clips!!! Disgusting

Do not purchase Nothing like the Test (1.1)
23/03/2016 10:29:00 1/5 By Marc C63
Do not purchase this, it's nothing like the test Video's are out of date DVSA are now using 3D animated Test unrealistic 3D Videos shocking they can sell this on App Store and have a totally different experience when it comes to the test.

Disappointing! (1.1)
19/01/2016 19:08:00 2/5 By LittleLunatic
Very disappointed with this app. I expected there to at least be a catalogue of videos to demonstrate the Hazard Perception Test but unfortunately there is only a handful that, once you seen once, renders the entire app useless. Certainly not worth anything when compared to free (and better) online alternatives. Do not buy.

DVSA Hazard Perception Practice (1.1)
13/01/2016 22:37:00 5/5 By Louise3005
The app is fantastic, a see a few people say they can't hear anything on the app i couldn't at first then a noticed you need to take ur iPad/iPhone off silent to hear it or you want hear anything and also go in to settings on the app it's self and turn on over voice and the problem is solved. A took the offer of buy the 3 apps together and cost £9.99. Keep learning until you keep getting pass pass pass as i did and passed first time I'm well over the moon. Good luck👍

Good enough (1.1)
04/01/2016 01:28:00 3/5 By Hassan01
It's good enough I passed just about but not worth the money because there are not enough videos to build ur confidence but if ur desperate then go for it

Not great... (1.1)
26/11/2015 16:30:00 2/5 By Phillipa I
There aren’t many clips included in this app which is a shame as before long you anticipate the hazards, completely defeating the object of the app. The main problem is that this app only allows you to click 5 times per clip (or 10 times for clips with two hazards) which isn’t the same as the actual test and causes you to score zero if you click on too many potential hazards before the developing one. There are websites which are much better for practicing, some are even free!

Average (1.1)
06/11/2015 23:29:00 2/5 By Hamster1266
The voice over files DO NOT download (iPad Air). It says unzipping but then takes no further action, just freezes. This is a big problem for me as I cannot stare a screen for too long. For an app costing £10 one expects all aspects of it to function.

Almost helpful (1.1)
27/10/2015 00:45:00 2/5 By Edmund883
While this helps me anticipate what I need to click and when, there aren't enough practice videos to build confidence.

Very disappointed and unnecessarily so!! (1.0)
08/10/2015 08:31:00 1/5 By Dvsa&Sm&57
Bought the app to prep for motorbike theory test (having passed car test pre-hazard perception). According to app and following all instructions I would typically get either 4 or 5/5 per clip leading to very comfortable pass, or so I thought!! Real world situation was fail on first 3 clips using same clicking "pattern?!". App is not clear on advising how not to click when hazards are developing, and REALLY UNHELPFUL in not reflecting how one would fail a particular clip. Most helpful advice would be to make it so obvious that you must click "ONCE" when you see the hazard developing! Hope this helps. Passed by skin of teeth....incidentally, 50/50 on the theory part.

Do not buy (1.0)
02/09/2015 22:34:00 1/5 By Walsh90
Do not buy. Not worth the money.

Good app (1.0)
27/08/2015 03:20:00 5/5 By Hi all .........
This app made aware of what to expect in the test + I passed from the first time today

Disappointing, waste of money (1.0)
24/08/2015 23:54:00 1/5 By autumn aura
I expected much more from this official DVSA app, but there are only 14 video clips on which to practice. After you've watched and reviewed a clip once, there is little point in doing it again because you already know what to expect, which defeats the object somewhat.

18/08/2015 20:00:00 1/5 By Conor_Jaay
Do not purchase this app if you are buying the 'Official DVSA Theory Test Kit' as hazard perception is included in it.

Not worth it (1.0)
17/08/2015 13:35:00 1/5 By Nmhspooner
Buy the theory app instead. It's the same price and has more than double the resources. This is not worth £4.99. Nowhere near.

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