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Things for iPad

By Cultured Code GmbH & Co. KG
Supported Devices : iPad 2 Wifi , iPad Wifi , iPad 2 3G , iPad 3G , iPad 4th Gen , iPad Mini 4G , iPad 3rd Gen , iPad Mini , iPad 3rd Gen 4G , iPad 4th Gen 4G , iPad 2 Wifi , iPad 2 3G , iPad 3rd Gen , iPad 3rd Gen 4G , iPad 4th Gen , iPad 4th Gen 4G , iPad Mini , iPad Mini 4G , iPad Air , iPad Air Cel , iPad Mini Retina , iPad Mini Retina Cel , iPad Air 2 , iPad Air 2 Cel , iPad Mini 3 , iPad Mini 3 Cel , iPad Mini 4 , iPad Mini 4 Cel , iPad Pro , iPad Pro Cel , iPad Pro 97 , iPad Pro 97 Cel , iPad 6.11 , iPad 6.12

Release Notes

19/01/2017 | Version : 2.8.10 | Size : 45.3 MB
• Fixed a crash when creating a new to-do with VoiceOver.

05/01/2017 | Version : 2.8.9 | Size : 45.3 MB
• Sync improvements.
• Minor stability improvements and bug fixes.

30/09/2016 | Version : 2.8.8 | Size : 45.3 MB
• Improved stability and bug fixes.


Things is a delightful and easy to use task manager. It’s the perfect companion for everything you want to achieve in life, offering a great balance between ease of use and powerful features.

*** Updated for iOS 10 ***

“A stylish, simple yet intuitive task manager for the iPad.”, “It makes managing tasks not only easy, but fun.” - (9/10)

“What’s most striking about the iPad version of Things is that, like the Mac version (which won an Apple Design Award), it presents a stunning interface that could entice even the most disorganized user to, well, get things in order.” - Macworld (4 1/2 mice)


• Featured by Apple as Editors’ Choice in many countries
• Featured by Apple in “New Year, New You”
• Featured by Apple in “Get Stuff Done - Apps for Productive People”
• Featured by Apple in “@work - Apps for Business”


When you start using Things, you’ll be surprised how easy it is to enter and manage your tasks. And with Things’ beautiful interface, task management becomes a delight. But all of this doesn’t come at the expense of power—everything you wish for in a task manager, Things has you covered.

• Today: Decide which tasks you want to do today and put them into your Today list. Throughout the day, come back to this list to check items off. Things will automatically show you due and scheduled items there once their date arrives - so you won’t miss anything important.

• Focus: See what you need to do Today, what’s coming up Next, and what’s Scheduled for later. Put tasks in Someday if you can’t work on them right now, you can always come back to them later.

• Keep organized: Work, Family, Hobby - with Things, everything has its place. Projects and Areas of Responsibility let you master complex tasks and stay on top of your responsibilities in life and work.

• Use Tags to assign contexts, priorities, time – whatever fits your personal workflow. Quickly filter a list to find those tasks which are most relevant now.

• Out of your head, into Things: Enter new ideas the moment they hit you. Adding to-dos is always just a tap away.

• And much more: Create repeating tasks, add due dates, schedule tasks for a later date, review completed tasks in the Logbook, etc.


Things for iPad includes new Slide Over & Split View multi-tasking support; new keyboard shortcuts; a Today Widget in Notification Center for quick access to your to-dos; Handoff support for seamless transition between Mac, iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch; an “Add to Things” extension for creating to-dos from other apps; and Push Sync with Background Refresh to keep to-dos up-to-date even while the app isn’t running.


Your to-dos, on all your devices. Things Cloud is a free service that stores your to-dos and updates them quickly & effortlessly across your Mac, iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch (apps sold separately).


We provide world-class, professional support for Things. If you have any issues or questions about the app, please contact us and we’ll be glad to help you:

Screenshots iPad :

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Business , Productivity

Comments and Ratings for Things for iPad

Can't live without it! (2.8.9)
14/12/2016 00:46:00 5/5 By pillarboxcottage
A brilliant app for keeping my life organised and efficient. Simple to use and time-saving. Love it.

Far from perfect (2.8.9)
11/12/2016 13:44:00 3/5 By Creativeruss
Can't honestly recommend.Has some good points but unless I am missing something repeating tasks cannot be entered unless you have a mac.One of the most basic requirements which are available in programs a fraction of the price. Disappointing

Flawless (2.8.8)
19/11/2016 02:52:00 4/5 By Office user
Excellent if basic and intuitive software. Powerful simplicity that works. Lagging seriously behind competition in terms of basic functionality (e.g. timed alarms, can't repeat tasks in projects), organisation (only basic drag and drop), dated layout and theme, no attempt to make even basic use of larger screen estate of the plus series and iPad Pro 12"; and a routinely unreliable (and they know it) Apple Watch complication.

One of my daily tools (2.8.8)
07/11/2016 02:40:00 5/5 By AlanHop
Things works simply and simply works. I use it for both work and personal actions and reminders and it is the best I have found.

Amazing (2.8.8)
04/11/2016 18:35:00 5/5 By Abo_AlZieZ
Such a stunning, simple and friendly to do app. Love it 👍🏻💯

Simplistic yet highly functional (2.8.8)
01/11/2016 16:48:00 5/5 By rory linn
There are a lot of to do apps. Things is still the most easy to get into and run. You don't need bells and whistles, you need solid and reliable. Just remember that when more complex ones start to get overwhelming.

Great well written Todo app (2.8.7)
24/09/2016 20:43:00 5/5 By Cuckoo Fancier
Rather expensive for a Todo app, especially as Apple's own apps are getting better all the time. Have been using Things on IOS and MacOS for several years now though and find them both really well written and thought out. Never had issues and never had to pay for an upgrade in several years. Supports GTD methods well.

Just solid. (2.8.6)
04/09/2016 11:08:00 5/5 By Skyesofrock
Things finally gives purpose to the endless lists I keep writing for myself, full of things I really should be doing. I've used a few different task management products, but this is ahead of the pack. Yes, Things 3 has been in development for a while now. Yes, it would be nice to know what Cultured Code is up to. But getting mad never helped anyone. Things 2 is still updated often enough to keep up with new iOS standards and makes great use of new OS features while development continues on the next version. Using Things is helping me to manage my life better than I ever have before. Cheers Cultured Code and congrats on making one of the few genuinely useful apps available on the Store.

Top App (2.8.6)
19/08/2016 19:39:00 5/5 By billjones11
Very user friendly. The more I use the app the more I like it. Excellent for reminders and small team projects.

Nagware (2.8.6)
11/08/2016 13:19:00 4/5 By AntUK
I've relied on this app for years and quite like it. It's one of those nagging apps which interrupt your workflow begging for an App Store review, hence 1 star deducted.

Special (2.8.6)
23/07/2016 22:58:00 5/5 By Zxcgggggbg55554
Take your time... Get to know it.... This a thinking mans app..... A crafted app...... Hope 3. Carry's on being special too. (:-)

Pretty good (2.8.6)
03/07/2016 19:09:00 4/5 By JoffaVMax
Works well, could do with some customisable features (like add new items at top of list instead of end). Being able to sync lists across devices and people is great.

Useful (2.8.6)
29/06/2016 12:01:00 4/5 By The Sea Urchin
I suppose that is about the minimum an app should be, useful. This app helps my day a to day organising of tasks along with Mind Node, for the more long term or project oriented problems. I changed to his from the simplicity of Do! Which did not sync across platforms or devices, but was straight forward and encouraging todo list. This app has that but not the simplicity. It syncs better but not best. It allows good flexibility. But there are niggling little things that make me think 'I wish it did this'. Tags are their own version of implementation and not the colours that iOS uses. So I have two standards there. I also have yet another cloud, not the choice of iCloud, Dropbox or whichever cloud I might prefer to use as the sync focus. Personally I think all document based apps, that use cloud syncing should have iCloud by default on iOS. My advice would be get the app, but only on one device. Then after a week or two decide if it works for you. Me? I have on iPad, iPhone and iMac, but am hoping the I loud integration comes soon along with a list of other minor niggles.

Where is Things 3 (2.8.6)
12/06/2016 12:06:00 4/5 By Totley_Rise
Things 2 is good, showing its age in styling.

Great app, but still waiting for Things 3 (2.8.6)
26/05/2016 11:07:00 5/5 By Giacomo Lawrance
Things is a great app, which is simple but powerful. It is easy to get going with it, and to quickly add todos and organise projects. I would really recommend it, but Things 3 needs to be released soon. We've been waiting for years for out to come out, and it's only in Alpha. All in all, Things is a really great app and I would recommend that you check it out.

Please fix issue which necessitates reinstall (2.8.5)
21/04/2016 10:07:00 3/5 By thelastnacho
I love Things but they really need to fix the issue which results in the app needing to be reinstalled. It's happened to me twice in the last fortnight.

Most valuable and loved apps I own (2.8.5)
16/04/2016 13:13:00 5/5 By DreDre512
I've used a wide range of productivity apps and over the years have found Things to be on top the pile. For the novice you can use simple checklists, if you require more bespoke and powerful functions you can delve deeper into the app to group, organize and tag items. A true example of how an app can help make life easier, that's improved over time and has been designed and developed to an expert level. Highly recommended.

A quality application for GTD (2.8.5)
18/03/2016 12:37:00 5/5 By DCXIII
I use the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and OS X applications. Each are solid, the sync is reliable and they are easy to use. I have no complaints at all about these apps and I love using it on my iPad. Only downside is no Windows or browser-based app for when I'm at work, but that's not a problem with this app.

I love it (2.8.4)
09/03/2016 22:57:00 4/5 By deedeers6
Beautiful to look at and to use. Does most things brilliantly and other things very well. it is easy to use and well worth investing a bit of extra time to really get to know it deeply, you will be amazed by how good it is. Great value for money, when you consider what it allows you to accomplish. Will give it 5 stars when recurring projects feature is added to iOS version. The one big omission is converting emails to Things tasks on iPad version. My work around is to forward the email to Evernote and create a link to the note in Evernote and paste it into the Things task note section. Not a slick solution but it works OK. I do miss the Contacts feature on Mac version only. iPad version, so useful having this on Mac version. Lastly great user forum will help you get the most out of this truly great app

Nice Todo app (2.8.4)
02/03/2016 15:35:00 3/5 By PeacefulSpace
I like this todo app especially it's Apple Watch integration. However it doesn't have icloud support for sync and I don't want to create an account just to sync my todos so only three stars from me.

Because you're worth it (2.8.4)
01/03/2016 21:44:00 5/5 By histuart
Okay so this isn't the cheapest todo app out there. And you have to pay separately for the iPhone, iPad and Mac versions (and that really ain't cheap!) but...and isn't there always a but?'s absolutely worth every penny! I've been using Things for years and I love the unapologetic simplicity of the app, it does 'simple' incredibly well. As a keen proponent of GTD (that is, Getting Things Done) this app gives you everything you need (and nothing more!) Cloud integration between devices works amazingly well and I've genuinely never had any issues at all with syncing. Perhaps one of my favourite features is Logbook, there's something very satisfying in seeing all that you've accomplished over the years! Buy it, use it, LOVE IT!

Very good (2.8.4)
27/02/2016 18:43:00 4/5 By Saintly68
I am finding this program, elegant and useful. The sync is excellent if I could give it 4.5 I would. But I wouldn't give it 5. I would like specific timed tasks, but apparently that's against the pure GTD ethos. I'd find it useful, though. Bought and using omnifocus at the moment. Will use both for three months and then decide which I'm going to use exclusively going forward.

Tidy tasks (2.8.3)
06/02/2016 05:40:00 4/5 By JeremyPB
Things is delightfully easy to use. You can easily curate a list of things to do today in seconds and spend the rest of the day doing them. It really is a joy to use every day.

Things (2.8.3)
04/02/2016 11:30:00 5/5 By C P G
Great app - very easy to use

29/01/2016 10:42:00 2/5 By Penmia app is broken,
I like this app but there's better apps out there FOR FREE. This app is a rip off!

The best GTD app (2.8.2)
24/01/2016 08:22:00 5/5 By Oldmansam
Like others, I have tried many different apps for managing my Todo lists. They all have different features but for me this offers the best compromise of functionality and ease of use. The killer feature for me is the the Today list. Each day Things tells you all the items that you had marked to do that day and you can quickly either add to the Today list or defer it to a future date. Combined with tags for filtering and great Apple Watch integration this makes it ideal for me. It's missing time and location based alerts which some other GTD apps provide but I am learning to live without them. Overall very impressed.

Mainly Good things to say (2.8.2)
04/01/2016 14:43:00 4/5 By Nathan Squires
I like this app a lot. Yes it is more than a usual app but when you invest in an app like this across all devices it really can make a difference. The philosophy behind putting in any thing and everything is the best way to want to keep looking at the app. Two things I would love to see come to this app. 1. Shared things lists between other things users. 2. An UI update. Only by look. Move with the vibrant sleek times to stay looking as good as it works. Otherwise this is a brilliant organisational app.

Annoyingly good... (2.8.2)
02/01/2016 14:22:00 4/5 By SimonbLondon
Every so often I get frustrated by the non-appearance of Things 3. I look around for something better but guess what, nothing comes close.

The best (2.8.2)
08/12/2015 13:40:00 5/5 By jsums
Things has the perfect combination of power and simplicity. The synchronisation service is also 100% reliable.

The Best to Do and Reminder App you can Buy (2.8.1)
26/11/2015 18:23:00 5/5 By Mr. Michael Mansell
I have tried every app out there Always come back to this on Why ---- Simple / effective / Works Brilliantly Syncs Excellent Backup Believe me in have tried to better this App But i always come back to this one Two easy words describe this App Get it

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Price : £9.99
Platform : iPhone/iPad
By Cultured Code GmbH & Co. KG

Price : £48.99
Platform : Mac OS
By Cultured Code GmbH & Co. KG
Things 3
Things 3

Price : £9.99
Platform : iPhone/iPad
By Cultured Code GmbH & Co. KG
Things 3 for iPad
Things 3 for iPad

Price : £19.99
Platform : iPhone/iPad
By Cultured Code GmbH & Co. KG
Things 3
Things 3

Price : £48.99
Platform : Mac OS
By Cultured Code GmbH & Co. KG

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