Total War Battles: SHOGUN 4/5

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Total War Battles: SHOGUN

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By SEGA (Sega America)

Specifically developed for touchscreen platforms, Total War Battles™: SHOGUN is a new real-time strategy game from the makers of the award-winning Total War series.
Total War Battles™ delivers quick-fire, tactical combat balanced with intuitive building and unit management. All set in a beautifully illustrated Medieval Japan.

“This high-quality production dramatically streamlines the RTS genre for mobile play, while making sure it's packed with enough tactical depth to make its many skirmishes tense and exciting” – 90% Gold Award

“A refreshing change from the App Store's barrage of angry avians, physics-based puzzler and match-3 games.”
TouchArcade – 4/5

“Total War Battles is a surprisingly beautiful and engaging mix of war gaming and puzzles.”
Slide To Play – 4/4

Lead your clan to battle through more than 10 hours of story-driven campaign set in the world of Total War™: SHOGUN 2; winner of “Best Strategy Game of 2011” awards from Gamespot, IGN, Gamespy and GameTrailers.

Deploy and manage your bases to generate resources and recruit units including samurai, archers, ninjas and cavalry. Each victory awards XP to spend on building and troop upgrades that could make a decisive difference to your future battles.

Total War Battles™ introduces a new real-time battle system that feels both familiar and fresh. The hex battle maps allow for natural unit movements and deep strategy. However, as followers of the “Bushido” code of conduct, your units can never turn back – this twist to classic RTS gameplay adds tension and intensity to the action, making each victory even more rewarding.

Introducing an interface designed specifically for touchscreens – drag and drop buildings and troops, swipe across the battle map with a flick, and pinch to zoom in and out.

Play against a friend in real-time on a single device in three different multiplayer modes.

Play through six standalone battles in Normal, Hard or Shogun difficulty. Compete against other players on the leaderboards and unlock new Skirmish achievements.

Total War™ fans will naturally enjoy the intense, deep and rewarding action-strategy gameplay, while more casual strategy fans will appreciate the Zen simplicity of the opening tutorial battles, scalable difficulty level and hint system that will soon make them a tactical master.

This iOS app is designed to scale its appearance for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, which means Total War Battles™ takes complete advantage of the iOS device that it's installed on.

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© SEGA. Creative Assembly, the Creative Assembly logo, Total War, Total War Battles and the Total War logo are either registered trade marks or trade marks of The Creative Assembly Limited. SEGA and the SEGA logo are either registered trade marks or trade marks of SEGA Holdings Co., Ltd. or its affiliates. All rights reserved.

Release Notes

05/01/2017 | Version : 1.5 | Size : 635.0 MB
Total War Battles: Shogun is back and better than ever!

Build, battle and avenge in medieval Japan in our high definition update!
Enjoy enhanced visuals with real time dynamic shadows as well as many post processing effects, including bloom.

We have also added the ability to log in with your Total War account, so if you already have a registered Total War Battles: Kingdom or Total War: Arena you can use the same log in details and keep all your battling information in one place!

20/12/2012 | Version : 1.4 | Size : 314.2 MB
> iPhone 5 support: Full use of the iPhone 5 wider retina screen
> Gallery: Head to the options menu to access this concept art show
> Tweaks: Difficulty balancing on several maps and minor AI improvements
> Sunset: A new relaxing title screen
> Optimizations: Faster loading and improved stability

Version : 1.3 | Size : 291.6 MB
> Challenges: Complete alternative objectives on campaign maps for EXP and an extra achievement
> Graphical upgrades: dynamic wind, glittering lakes and flames, cranes, fog and more…
> Nightfall: A new peaceful title screen
> Facebook login improved for non FB App installed devices
> Minor bugs fixes and optimizations


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#198 : Top Paid iPhone Applications [Strategy]

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Games , Entertainment , Action , Strategy

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Comments and Ratings for Total War Battles: SHOGUN

Great Game (1.4)
27/05/2015 12:05:00 4/5 By Gimmiemoooooorenanaaaaas!
Total war: battles is a great game, with a long and intriguing storyline and campaign ( for a mobile game!). The only flaw with this game is the multiplayer - the multiplayer we have now is great for when you are with friends, but you have to be with them. To make my review 5 stars could you add an online multiplayer, with random battles against random players, and the option to search for your friends and play online even when you are not together. The multiplayer would have to be like the skirmishes - you can build your own base, not like the multiplayer we have now. Thank you for reading this!

Terrble (1.4)
25/04/2015 08:46:00 1/5 By King mider lord
Terrible God help the creator when I fain him I am serious Al way lags out.

Waste of money ! (1.4)
06/08/2014 22:06:00 1/5 By AKarpun
It doesn't even start, regardless do you have connection or not ! Iphone 5 iOS 7.0.6 Will escalate it to Apple, I want my money back !

Shogun (1.4)
12/07/2014 18:59:00 5/5 By JHTRM
Hard to take seriously at first, but once you get into to it, you can't stop playing.

The good the bad and the ugly (1.4)
17/04/2014 22:18:00 2/5 By A Happy Biker
The Good: the game is really enjoyable with nice graphics and wonderful sound. The Bad: any game where you can purchase an advantage and later the game seems to expect this from you to level the playing field should be frowned upon The Ugly: after a good week of playing without incident the game crashed and will not load again now. At all. Judging by the date on the last game update I assume this is no longer being serviced so it's hard to recommend Total War at all when I can't play it anymore.

Fine (1.4)
22/11/2013 23:50:00 3/5 By Jamienobes

Epic (1.4)
17/10/2013 16:49:00 5/5 By Ally2341
This game is worth the cost and is brilliant the reason it cuts off is because you need to be connected to wifi and I use iPhone

Awesome (1.4)
14/10/2013 19:41:00 5/5 By HarveyCoB
I didn't expect this much from a game but this is great. If you aren't sure about it though get the demo. It's a great game and I really enjoy it! Really adictive!

Crashing on load up (1.4)
19/08/2013 13:52:00 1/5 By Espen11

4stars (1.4)
11/08/2013 13:04:00 4/5 By Epic ninja koala
Very fun campaign , extremely fun multiplayer and there is even a skirmish mode. Only thing I'd like is to make the campaign about 10levels longer because i finished the campaign in about 7hours of gameplay. Also one thing this game beats the total war series at (shogun , rome and empire ect) is that the the AI in the campaign is NOT stupid. Must have for strategy war gamers. Also i don't know why you people say it crashes. It works fine on ipad 4. Btw if you read in the description it doesn't work on iPhone 2.

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