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YouTube - Watch, Upload and Share Videos

By Google, Inc.
Supported Devices : iPad 2 3G , , iPad 2 Wifi , , iPad 3G , , , , , , , iPad 4th Gen , iPad 4th Gen 4G , , , iPad Mini , , , , iPad Mini 4G , , , , , , , , , , iPad 3rd Gen , iPad 3rd Gen 4G , , , iPad Wifi , iPhone 3GS , iPhone 4 , iPhone 4S , , iPhone 5 , iPhone 5C , , , iPhone 5S , , iPhone6 , , iPhone6 Plus , , iPod Touch 4th Gen , iPod Touch 3rd Gen , iPod Touch 5th Gen , iPod Touch 4th Gen , , , , , , , ,

Release Notes

10/05/2017 | Version : 12.17 | Size : 113.3 MB
Bug fixes, stability improvements, repairs to the space–time continuum, etc.

03/05/2017 | Version : 12.16 | Size : 112.1 MB
Fixed bugs, improved performance and included a compatibility update just for you. <3

25/04/2017 | Version : 12.15 | Size : 114.5 MB
• Fixed issue with the 'Add to playlist' menu on iPad


Get the official YouTube app for iPhone and iPad.
See what the world is watching in music, gaming, entertainment, news and more. Subscribe to channels, share with friends, edit and upload videos, and watch on any device.

You can also create playlists, check out what’s trending, express yourself with comments, share videos with friends, cast a video to your TV, and more – all from inside the app.

- Browse personal recommendations on the home tab
- See the latest from the creators that you follow on the subscriptions tab
- Discover the world’s hottest videos on the trending tab
- Look up videos that you watched or liked on the library tab

- Let people know how you feel with likes, comments or shares
- Create, edit, add filters or music, and upload your own videos all inside the app


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Comments and Ratings for YouTube - Watch, Upload and Share Videos

Stupidly unwanted updates (12.04)
13/02/2017 03:49:00 3/5 By Pizza lover 52
The app works fine but it occasionally says video not available and the update was not asked for please listen to your app users for positive feedback

Lag (12.04)
13/02/2017 03:29:00 1/5 By Ubaldas
Hate scroll lag and minimise lag

NO SOUND!!!! (12.04)
13/02/2017 03:03:00 1/5 By Mistyday21827
I don't normally write reviews, however seeing as I cannot even watch videos anymore due to the sheer lack of sound - I felt it necessary to say at least something about it. It isn't problems with the phone as snapchat stories, personal videos and Facebook clips play perfectly. Even my earphone don't work through it! If I tap to go 10 seconds ahead this horrible consistent buzzing sound emits from the speakers! I use YouTube every day and have been through years of updated but this is awful.

Dangerous (12.04)
13/02/2017 02:55:00 4/5 By Jonny the gamer is wirdo
I started my own YouTube channel it had like 1000 subscribes and someone commented saying I know we're you live I'm going to kill your family and I deleted my channel

Big flop (12.04)
13/02/2017 02:41:00 1/5 By Tmnt80
I reinstalled this app hoping it would be better but it's still the same. I go to watch something and it won't load I always get tap to retry. It does it on my wifi and on my data such a waste of time I'll watch YouTube through safari more reliable

😢 (12.04)
13/02/2017 01:31:00 1/5 By Fu22ymon20
I am unable to watch certain if not all videos on the app and it has come to the fact I have to go on the web brow version to watch my stuff please fix this problem please

There is A issue that needs your attention (12.04)
13/02/2017 01:03:00 1/5 By Paulcraig007
Everytime I play a YouTube video I normally gets the advertise comes up but some reason it skips that Go straight to the video comes up with a message saying this is your car not play right now I'll try again later that has been happening to me for while now I've tried to delete and reinstall the app and I have tried to switch from Wi-Fi to 4G And I have tried to switch off my phone and switch it back on the issue still happens I think you need to fix this issue as soon as possible

Love it it's my life (12.04)
13/02/2017 00:33:00 5/5 By Coco_popz26
Can't live with out it on it every minute of the day. Best thing ever !!!!! 😋😜😝😛😏🤗

Videos don't load (12.04)
12/02/2017 23:45:00 1/5 By Jakeyjammin
Some videos won't load it is completely random with the choice of videos YouTube works fine on my MacBook but neither on the app or safari on my iPhone, needs fixed asap!! The new update is also a pain I wish they'd leave things as they are I used to like it when YouTube was a little brown tv app that came stock on a iPhone 3G 😪 I better time for apple.

12/02/2017 18:13:00 2/5 By Oscar Carvil
I like the new feature with the skip 10 seconds, and I was one of the few who escaped the not seeing vids in my sub box, so in all things have been going well accept for the fact that when I want to watch a vid I am able to watch the ad but then if I skip the ad or finish watching I'm unable to watch the actual video!!!! What the hell YT!!!!!!!😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

Worst update ugly design (12.04)
12/02/2017 18:12:00 1/5 By Shift Lock
Make it so that if you click the thumb or the number it likes it. Too many times I have clicked the number taking me onto the comment reply 🙄. Straight jokeman company 🤡.

Why (12.04)
12/02/2017 17:50:00 1/5 By Scotthendo2611
Is it just me or when an ad plays it says 0 seconds to skip or the add won't play and then you can't watch the video

They changed the red button to push songs :( (12.04)
12/02/2017 16:06:00 2/5 By Washingtonbra
Is not good the new style ,YouTube is great but the red new bar is hard to push back the songs,is keeping missing,it's is keeping disappearing,I don't know,not good.

Can't watch videos (12.04)
12/02/2017 14:40:00 1/5 By Shannon Vokes
Every time I try to watch a video after a minute the screen goes dim and then my phone locks, never ever used to do this while watching a video. Extremely irritating.

Give them some slack (12.04)
12/02/2017 12:48:00 5/5 By Tkdlewy
There has been lots of people saying how bad youtube is , and yes I do have that bug when I can't watch videos (please fix that btw) but it is so hard trying to make updates to youtube and youtube can't keep up with all the bugs so just give them some sympathy Cause moaning is not gonna make things better

What happened? (12.04)
12/02/2017 12:47:00 1/5 By Lewraptor
App was working fine yesterday. Now it starts playing an ad and cuts to the 'this video cannot be played' screen. Please fix as I spend a lot of time watching it.

Comments (12.04)
12/02/2017 10:04:00 1/5 By MrGingerRock
The comment section was perfectly formatted before, now you have to load a separate page for replies? Also, the new look is confusing and hard to read, please change this back.

STOP (12.04)
12/02/2017 09:08:00 2/5 By Luke Micallef
Every single update it gets worse i liked the old one when it said watched on a video you'd seen not that that was the reason i just cant remember the year/date i wish the was an unupdate button they need to stop with the updates or make one that takes it back to the old version

Videos aren't loading (12.04)
12/02/2017 07:11:00 3/5 By TheAwesome00
The new update has made it very hard for me to watch videos since I get the "Something went wrong. Tap to retry." very frequently. The double tap to skip 10 seconds is quite good though.

Old version was better, FIX IT and leave it alone!! (12.04)
12/02/2017 05:51:00 1/5 By Cindyman150
Most of the songs I search for or have already listened to can't even load now it's just showing the buffering thing yet if I click on a suggested video it works (on some). Please fix this I'm getting fed up of not listening to music or watching videos that can't even load for whatever reason. The adverts don't play. Again I see it buffering but it's not even showing any progress of loading for the next hour. Fed up of having to only listen to two musics (BARELY) and then have to see 6-10 second adverts (in the beginning it was ok but if you're going to show them please actually MAKE THEM WORK). SUGGESTION: Use SoundCloud from now on, you have a better bet of actually being able to listen to music that actually plays :(

Hurry up and fix it!!! (12.04)
12/02/2017 05:27:00 1/5 By W00DY95
The latest update has just broken the app. So, so many videos just won't play now and for whatever reason they don't work on the mobile site either. Even some adverts won't load so I can't even watch the videos that still work. Fix the bloody app!!

Keeps crashing (12.04)
12/02/2017 04:23:00 2/5 By Instagrammerhammerxx
I'll be watching videos just wondering when (not if, when) it's going to crash and say "oops something went wrong, tap to retry" and tapping does nothing. I have to shut down and restart the app every time, sometimes this is midway through videos. Needs fixing ASAP

Crash (12.04)
12/02/2017 03:52:00 3/5 By Gamer Beast 126784
Since new update videos won't play which is highly anoying; please can you sort this out

12/02/2017 02:05:00 1/5 By youbumhole
Why is is that an app that's working fine, is updated and totally ruined, Sort it out, so unstable now and take ages to load video.

YouTube's getting much worse! (12.04)
12/02/2017 01:13:00 4/5 By Peter Awad
Youtube is not very good because to get the video tools up, it's way too slow for me and also, what's wrong with moving the slider backwards or forwards? I despise the new 10 seconds thing. Also tweak the comment thumbs up. Other than that, no problem for me!

Not working (12.04)
12/02/2017 00:33:00 2/5 By Man of the deep
Ever since your latest update videos are not working any and it's any even live ones

Yeeeah this broken (12.04)
11/02/2017 17:22:00 1/5 By VOTINGBUFFALO21
The new update won't let me play videos (IPhone 5s)

An awful disaster!! (12.04)
11/02/2017 16:19:00 1/5 By happyisernfkdkwkj
First of all can't go and view the latest videos posted by the youtubers I subscribe to in the "subscriptions" like I used to be able to!! And then the 10 sec fast forward function is useless and always end up double tapping it which makes me furious and the home page only has relatable videos to the last video that I watched and not the videos that I USUALLY watch! Will still be using the app but definitely not as often due to the complicity of it .

Advising you to watch these videos (12.04)
11/02/2017 15:18:00 5/5 By TheUni-master
I think there awesome!shes really good at blogging. I think she's really good at shearing her thoughts!😋😉

Good, but problems. (12.04)
11/02/2017 15:16:00 4/5 By Lilsta's opinion
The app is fantastic as itself, just a few glitches that I have to point out. 1. The comments sometimes overlap each other when they load incorrectly and make them unreadable 2. The screen freezes a lot for videos. 3. Lastly, when you skip to certain parts of the video, the audio jumps to the end. For no reason. Fix these and the app would be back to five stars for me! Thanks. ❤️

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