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Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links

By KONAMI (Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd.)
Supported Devices : iPad 2 3G , , iPad 2 Wifi , , , , , , , , iPad 4th Gen , iPad 4th Gen 4G , , , iPad Mini , , , , iPad Mini 4G , , , , , , , , , , iPad 3rd Gen , iPad 3rd Gen 4G , , , iPhone 4S , , iPhone 5 , iPhone 5C , , , iPhone 5S , , iPhone6 , , iPhone6 Plus , , iPod Touch 5th Gen , , , , , , , ,

Release Notes

19/05/2017 | Version : 1.6.0 | Size : 176.6 MB
Preparation for Additional Content
Bug Fixes

26/04/2017 | Version : 1.5.2 | Size : 176.1 MB
Preparation for Additional Content
Bug Fixes

11/04/2017 | Version : 1.5.0 | Size : 177.6 MB
Preparation for Additional Content
Bug Fixes


Take on global Duelists in real-time and while on the go with "Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links"!
- Star-studded lineup includes: Yugi, Kaiba, Joey, Mai and more!
- Voices from the anime heighten the Dueling experience!
- Intuitive controls for beginners! Depth to satisfy "Yu-Gi-Oh!" veterans!
- Signature monsters feature stunning 3D animations!
- Build your ultimate Deck and aim for the top!

Step into a world that crosses dimensions and connects all Duelists. Here, any location transforms into a Duel Field where heated Duels unfold!

Limited Time Offer! Don't Miss Out!
As a token of our appreciation for playing the game, new players will receive the following Gifts:
 Monster Cards: "Dark Magician" and "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" with alternate art.
 Card Sleeves: "Dark Magician" and "Blue-Eyes White Dragon"
 Game Mats: "Yami Yugi" and "Seto Kaiba"
 Gems: 1000 (Equivalent to 20 Card Packs)
 Deadline to Receive Gifts: July 31, 2017

The "Yu-Gi-Oh!" TCG (Trading Card Game) is redefined on mobile with newly designed, intuitive controls optimized for mobile devices! Also, signature monsters like the "Dark Magician" and "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" make their appearance with dynamic visuals!

-Single Campaign (Duel World)
Enjoy Dueling with your favorite characters from the "Yu-Gi-Oh!" world and complete Stage missions to earn various rewards!
New cards can be obtained in the Shop!

Challenge Yugi, Kaiba, Joey, Mai and other legendary Duelists! Complete specific missions to unlock and use these characters!
Earn Skills and rewards by leveling up your favorites and aim for mastery!

-Online PvP
With "Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links," engage in heated Duels anytime and anywhere with players from around the world! Climb through the rankings and take your place as the Duel World King!

Use the cards that you collect in-game to build and edit your trusty Deck to take on opponents!
Stay tuned for future card additions!

[ABOUT "Yu-Gi-Oh!"]
"Yu-Gi-Oh!" is a popular manga created by Kazuki Takahashi that has been serialized in SHUEISHA Inc.'s "WEEKLY SHONEN JUMP" since 1996. Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd. provides a Trading Card Game (TCG) and console games, based on the "Yu-Gi-Oh!" anime series created from the original manga, that are enjoyed around the world.

[Supported OS]
iOS 8.0 and above


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#19 : Top Grossing iPhone Applications
#83 : Top Grossing iPad Applications

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Comments and Ratings for Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links

Absolutely stunning but .... (1.2.0)
19/02/2017 09:58:00 4/5 By Sdjdduxdhy
I wish there was an offline mode. If that was a feature I will play this game till I die

Amazing (1.2.0)
19/02/2017 03:06:00 5/5 By Jehxjehx
Love this game, it reminds me of the thrill from the anime,

Amazing!!!! (1.2.0)
18/02/2017 19:06:00 5/5 By Trickster pranks
I can't stop playing

Amazing (1.2.0)
18/02/2017 18:29:00 5/5 By Khai56786568995422

Amazing (1.2.0)
18/02/2017 17:13:00 5/5 By Popmanbrad
This game is so amazing and it runs so well on my iPhone 4s yes it does crash here and there other then that it's so damn good

Very good (1.2.0)
18/02/2017 16:31:00 5/5 By Kam2222222222222
I still have the cards so it makes this game even more enjoyable to play

A Great Throwback (1.2.0)
18/02/2017 16:21:00 4/5 By McChookter
Really fun to grind it out for packs and make decks in the vein of the order slower format. My only complaint is it takes too long to get packs and paying money for them is FAR too expensive. Would still recommend wholeheartedly recommend especially with a group of friends playing with you

A really good game (1.2.0)
18/02/2017 14:20:00 5/5 By cw199237283
Nicely designed strategy card game

Almost Perfect (1.2.0)
18/02/2017 13:19:00 5/5 By C4LIBR3
Fantastic game, immensely addictive with a great layout, decent AI, this game is basically a massive time absorber (for good reason). The auto-duel function is awesome to watch, very dramatic and fluid, in fact the gameplay is practically 99% frustration and glitch-free, with no major bugs (some in PVP currently), not let down by poor loading times, slow game-play or anything of the like. One thing I'd change is the EXTORTIONATE in-app purchases, honestly they're insane if they think it's okay to charge £28.99 for 30 VIRTUAL packs (only 3 cards per pack)... that's almost the price for a dam booster BOX in real life! If KONAMI actually lowered the prices, I'd bet they would own the virtual purchases market. Also note: not all cards created are currently available in this game (just FYI).

Great game! (1.2.0)
15/02/2017 07:29:00 4/5 By Dreamzy Malone
Cant fault any of the gameplay but there is some issues server side😩however its a great game overall 💯

Love it (1.2.0)
11/02/2017 12:43:00 5/5 By Bhaisaab
The game I've always dreamed of

😊 (1.2.0)
11/02/2017 06:56:00 5/5 By MegaAbsol64
It's tons of fun, not to hard but not to easy ether

Awesome game (1.2.0)
11/02/2017 00:45:00 5/5 By BuggyClown1432
At first I thought this was another pay to win game but it's actually not and a lot of fun

Love it (1.2.0)
10/02/2017 21:29:00 5/5 By Enszai
Streamlined yugi oh what's not to like

Yu-gi-oh has finally come to iOS in a proper way (1.2.0)
10/02/2017 15:52:00 5/5 By Wareing125

Nostalgia (1.2.0)
10/02/2017 14:15:00 5/5 By Datboi2897
This game is really great I can play yugioh with friends who don't have decks that are good enough and still have fun games keeping in touch with yugioh

Amazing game (1.2.0)
10/02/2017 13:40:00 5/5 By Asif251100
Best iPhone game i have played in like 4 years. To improve this games you can add more cards like jinzo, summoned skull ect. Also make the card packs cheaper or put more cards in them.

Absolutely amazing (1.2.0)
10/02/2017 12:22:00 5/5 By DavidHarris93
Brilliant game, been a waiting for this for a very long time, definitely worth every minute.

Brilliant! (1.2.0)
10/02/2017 11:16:00 5/5 By Matt 73748( xjdi back I
Such a good addictive game, you won't be disappointed!

A step towards better Yugioh games (1.2.0)
08/02/2017 16:47:00 4/5 By Kaiba Booooy
Its got great pace and gameplay. Have to get use to its minimalism though. I hope they add a full game mode at some point with 5 zones and 8k life points but with the same feel. Could have more space by making you turn your phone side ways.

Great game! (1.2.0)
08/02/2017 16:39:00 5/5 By ScourgeDark
Having a lot of fun with the game so far! C:

Class (1.2.0)
08/02/2017 16:34:00 5/5 By TD1a2b3c4d5e
If you enjoy Yu-Gi-Oh you'll love this

Brilliant true to the to series (1.2.0)
08/02/2017 15:52:00 5/5 By Oliver A Ryan
Seamless game app runs perfectly, it takes a while to install but it is well worth it!!

Good game (1.2.0)
08/02/2017 15:06:00 5/5 By Chazjw
Best in app purchase game I've ever played, easily progressing through the game without having to spend loads on packs and things, Flawless gameplay , really like it. My only criticism is that there isn't an 8000 Lp mode you can play against friends that's would be awesome.

It's LIT (1.2.0)
08/02/2017 13:50:00 5/5 By OG Nansen
If you can look past having only three monster and spell/trap slots and no main phase two then you are in for an amazing experience.

Fantastic game (at the start at least) (1.2.0)
08/02/2017 13:22:00 5/5 By Fizzythepie
Really fun game which bring back great memories of the franchise from childhood. Obviously one of those games where you benefit from spending a bit of bread, and I'm yet to see if it becomes more pay-to-play as it progresses.

Sick (1.2.0)
29/01/2017 05:24:00 5/5 By John boyne
Sick! Af

Very fun (1.2.0)
29/01/2017 05:24:00 5/5 By Johnmc8
Although there is minor bugs it doesn't stop me from playing it's one of the best yu gi oh games to date

Siiiick (1.2.0)
28/01/2017 08:15:00 5/5 By Moebarel1

This game (1.2.0)
27/01/2017 19:34:00 5/5 By JakRoks
Is awesome

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