Fire Words

By omz:software Price : £1.99 Plateform : iPhone/iPad
As the saying goes: a word is worth 10,000 points. At least, if the word is long enough! Find as man...

Solitaire Top 3

By PosiMotion Price : £1.49 Plateform : iPhone/iPad
The Top 3 Solitaire games of all time! Includes: -Klondike -FreeCell -Spider Klondike offers ev...


By Buienradar B.V. Price : £0.69 Plateform : iPhone/iPad
Elevens is a fast paced and challenging card game. By creating combinations with a total card value ...


By WhiteNile Systems Price : £1.49 Plateform : iPhone/iPad
KillerSudoku for the iPhone allows you to play both Classic Sudoku and the increasingly popular (and...


By PosiMotion Price : £1.49 Plateform : iPhone/iPad
PosiMotion's Backgammon is the #1 Backgammon game on the App Store! Classic Backgammon Game for the...

Chess Classics

By Gameloft Price : £2.99 Plateform : iPhone/iPad
Tested comparatively with other iPhone chess games, Chess Classics has the more powerful and by far ...

81 Squares 10000 puzzles

By Price : £0.69 Plateform : iPhone/iPad
10,000 Classic Puzzles! Enough so that you may not ever need to buy another game or book again! Bo...


By DS Media Labs Price : £0.69 Plateform : iPhone/iPad
You will love this game because you will hate it. * NEW 3.0 Feature: Listen to your own iPod librar...

Aki Mahjong

By Ambrosia Software, Inc. Price : £4.99 Plateform : iPhone/iPad
Aki Mahjong was designed specifically for your iPhone or iPod touch, allowing you to enjoy Mahjong S...

Mondo Solitaire

By Ambrosia Software, Inc. Price : £4.99 Plateform : iPhone/iPad
mondo Solitaire is the ultimate Solitaire experience for your iPhone or iPod touch. With over 100 g...

81 Squares 81乗 스도쿠 数独 Судоку 20000 puzzles

By Price : £1.49 Plateform : iPhone/iPad
20,000 Classic Puzzles! This includes the 10,000 from the first release plus another 10,000 totally ...


By Mighty Mighty Good Games Price : £2.99 Plateform : iPhone/iPad
Join over 21,000,000 of our fans and download one of our Sudoku games today! Makers of the Best Sud...


By Kiss The Machine Price : £1.99 Plateform : iPhone/iPad
The classic game of Reversi, also known as Othello, is a much-loved strategy board game. It is often...


By Bayou Games Price : Free Plateform : iPhone/iPad
Play the classic strategy game Othello (also known as Reversi) on your iPhone or iPod Touch. The obj...


By PosiMotion Price : £1.49 Plateform : iPhone/iPad
Pool is the #1 Billiard game on the App Store for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Bring the challenge and...

Checkers Touch

By Digital Earthlings, Inc. Price : £2.99 Plateform : iPhone/iPad
Challenge your brain in this colorful modern rendition of the classic checkers game. As you get bet...


By Manta Research Price : £1.99 Plateform : iPhone/iPad
Take the traditional 2D blocks game to the next dimension! This highly addictive brain challenge ga...


By Shekhar Yadav Price : £0.79 Plateform : iPhone/iPad
The “iAntz” is a fun game that gives you company, whether you are stuck in a boring meeting, with a ...


By Pelted Software Price : £0.69 Plateform : iPhone/iPad
New low price! BattleAtSea brings the classic naval strategy game to your iPhone and iPod Touch. In...

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