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App Uninstall: Remove application and its service files for complete uninstallation

By Trend Micro Incorporated
Supported Devices : Mac OS

Release Notes

28/08/2016 | Version : 2.0.4 | Size : 3.0 MB
• Fix minor bugs

23/06/2016 | Version : 2.0.3 | Size : 3.0 MB
• Various bugs fixed.

08/06/2016 | Version : 2.0.2 | Size : 3.0 MB
• Various bugs fixed.


Installing one application distributes many files throughout your Mac. App Uninstaller provides a straightforward way to remove apps and their associated files including Applications Caches, Application Log Files, Application Preferences and Crash Report.

Main Features:
• Manage all the applications installed on your Mac easily
• View all the information of applications installed on your Mac clearly and easily
• Lists all the applications installed on your Mac by name, size, and last opened date
• Easily and thoroughly remove applications on your Mac
• Remove all the associated files of uninstalled applications

How to Uninstall an application using App Uninstaller:
1.Launch App Uninstaller.
2.Grant App Uninstaller the permission to your system.
3.App Uninstaller scans and sorts all applications by Name, Size, Last opened date and App type(App Store or 3rd-party app).
4.Select unneeded application and Click Next.
5.App Uninstaller lists all associated files to the chosen app.
6.Click Remove and confirm your operation to the deletion.

We value your feedback! Please comment in the App Store or submit ideas and requests directly to our developers through our support portal (
You can also email us directly at


Overall :
#124 : Top Free Mac Applications

Categories :
#30 : Top Free Mac Applications [Utilities]

Screenshots Mac OSX :

Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX


Productivity , Utilities

Comments and Ratings for App Uninstall: Remove application and its service files for complete uninstallation

Misleading! (2.0.4)
08/06/2017 06:05:36 1/5 By Onthego1988
Avoid! only scans, and then asks for you to upgrade for £9.99. Pathetic!

Not free (2.0.4)
27/05/2017 05:51:59 1/5 By Stunina
The “next” button has been replaced with a “upgrade to pro” button. So it won’t let me delete any apps unless I pay.

Well done (2.0.4)
22/04/2017 05:49:19 5/5 By Tetleybuster
The app is good. It does what it described. Yes, it is not free. But I see it is a little bit redundant. Dr. Clearner Pro offers the same features and more but cost the same. Maybe the company should take down this and let us be transfered to Dr. Cleaner Pro instead.

awful (2.0.4)
20/02/2017 05:35:35 1/5 By Onewhitetea
I now need to get a truly free app to install this ****.

New Version does not Recognise Paid Upgrade - Avoid (2.0.4)
06/02/2017 10:12:00 1/5 By zzDavidzz
In brief, the free app will search your system to identify files associated with an app you wish to uninstall. To remove the files requires an upgrade at a cost of £9.99. However the the app supplier has communicated to me that the new version does not recognise that you have paid for the upgrade, and as such you cannot proceed with file removal. Instead the app requests another payment. Lots of emails and online chat with no resolution. I would not recommend. Have obtained a refund from Apple.

Be aware it’s not free (2.0.4)
25/01/2017 12:31:37 1/5 By .Smudge.
Quite simply put this is very misleading, now it may be very good but it certainly isn’t free, £9.99 in fact. The free version will scan and find all apps and associated files for removal however you will need to pay £9.99 to actually remove them. Which I consider to be quite expensive for something you can do without any added software, granted it may not remove associated files but it wouldn’t cost you £9.99.

NOT FREE, you have to pay to uninstall (2.0.4)
09/01/2017 23:05:00 1/5 By NE24Pink1969
only scans for free, should not be in free section, just coz its free to download doesn’t make it free as you have to pay to actually have the app do what its meant to do. FREE?

Not free!! (2.0.4)
05/01/2017 13:01:00 1/5 By Kgiutoi;yp0i
This app does nothing unless you pay to have the pro version. Very misleading !

Tried to uninstall isyncr - did it with ‘App Uninstall (2.0.4)
30/12/2016 09:20:00 5/5 By gordo_hormiga
I tried to remove iSyncr in the usual way but my Mac said iSyncr was open so it couldn’t be removed, I could not close the iSyncr app either….I tried two other app uninstallers and both failed…. ‘App Uninstaller’ did the trick without any fuss…Many thanks guys.

Satisfactory (2.0.4)
29/12/2016 09:58:00 3/5 By AllMyNumberedBones
It’s OK. Sandboxing has made it less straightforward to use. While it will identify apps that need to be deleted, and their associated files, it won’t always delete stuff from the Applications folder. So you end up having to delete some apps manually, while App Uninstall deletes the associated files. … It’s OK, but I would have expected it to be a bit sharper.

Getting rid of stuff you don’t want (2.0.4)
12/12/2016 04:25:00 5/5 By FrankCharlie
Simple, quick, easy ...

Excellent (2.0.4)
25/11/2016 05:20:00 5/5 By GPTeignmouth
It “found” some apps that I wanted to get rid of that were hidden. Excellent!

Seems to do the job well (2.0.4)
15/11/2016 08:56:00 5/5 By Karl Jeffery
Of course, the thing about app installations is that you are usually never really sure where all the associated files are and although OSX is far superior to Windows in that respect there can still be a few lurking that you dont know about! This app seems to me to do a good job of locating and deleting everthing and has a nice interface and simple work-flow, making the job easy - I can find no reason to fault the app and plenty of reasons to keep using it so I guess I can recommend it to others!

Very easy to use (2.0.4)
14/11/2016 14:50:00 5/5 By Stevepd100
Simple, straightforward, no hassle. It does exactly what it says on the tin!

This App (2.0.4)
09/11/2016 11:04:00 5/5 By Snapypix
Worked straight out-the-box!

ronnie (2.0.4)
29/10/2016 00:52:00 5/5 By Foxyspy
fantastic-so easy & so satisfying getting rid of all that crap!

Perfect (2.0.4)
23/10/2016 20:17:00 5/5 By Chr1sathome
Absolutely awesome!!

Nice and easy (2.0.4)
18/10/2016 18:45:00 5/5 By GAMcC
Does what it claims without fuss (makes a nice change).

App Uninstall (2.0.4)
09/10/2016 20:31:00 5/5 By SnowflakeB
An excellent app and so easy to uninstall without any fuss. Worth having.

Works Well (2.0.4)
06/10/2016 12:08:00 5/5 By Tom Colmer
Quick and simple to use, Can’t ask for much more

Great (2.0.4)
30/09/2016 18:24:00 5/5 By Everyfuvkingnicknameistaken
Does exactly as it said it would do. No Hassle, great App!

Quick (2.0.4)
20/09/2016 19:38:00 5/5 By Brian Kav
Just downloaded this app surprised how quick it was to delete unwanted apps, (much quicker than Windows). superb app for free thanks.

Not quite the full monty. (2.0.4)
16/09/2016 15:29:00 3/5 By Luke Day
Succesfully uninstalled Sims 3. Did it easily and only took a few seconds. BUT 100s of thumbnail pictures from the game NOT REMOVED?!

Does just what is says (2.0.4)
14/09/2016 17:38:00 5/5 By "Chippy"
Perfect uninstall without the hassle of looking through folders

2 Clicks! (2.0.4)
12/09/2016 23:08:00 5/5 By Shaft5448
There is nothing negative about this app, does what it says, no ccount or details required, idiot proof….just 2 clicks to get rid of Mackeeper..nice ! Get the rest of their apps, like Dr Cleaner too :)

Git Hub (2.0.4)
11/09/2016 00:41:00 5/5 By Paulsmithy
This program got rid of git hub. i had a lot of trouble getting rid of it but this did it immediately, well done the authers

Does the job well!! (2.0.4)
04/09/2016 07:01:00 5/5 By Pri Sene
Very nice app that does what it says. Pretty simple interface you cant go wrong with it

Excellent ! (2.0.4)
02/09/2016 20:15:00 5/5 By Puggi UK
A nice simple app that just does what it say on the tin without unnecessary buff, very useful. Using El Capitan 10.11.5.

Straight Line Great (2.0.3)
09/08/2016 19:59:00 5/5 By Kolin Kelly's Brick
Very nice app. Once you’ve granted it access to your Applications and User folders, it’s a straight line from finding your unwanted app to deleting it. It also removes any associated files, such as preferences and support folders. Clean and simple, it just gets the job done!

Awesome (2.0.3)
02/08/2016 16:12:00 5/5 By Ray Ander
Nice app! Thanks!

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