Be Focused Pro - Focus Timer & Goal Tracker 4.5/5

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Be Focused Pro - Focus Timer & Goal Tracker

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By Denys Yevenko

Staying on task seems is a real challenge for our screen-bound generation. The Be Focused lets you get things done by breaking up individual tasks among discrete intervals, separated by short breaks. It’s a surprisingly effective way to retain motivation and focus. Create tasks, configure breaks and track your progress throughout the day, week or custom period. Use either your iPhone, iPad or Mac – your devices always stay in sync.

Key features:
- Manage your tasks
- Track your progress throughout the day, week or custom period
- Fast and easy goal tracking
- Customize to maximize productivity:
• Work interval duration
• Short break duration
• Long break duration
• Number of intervals between long breaks
• Target number of intervals per day
- Ability to start, pause, or skip work interval
- Auto-start the next timer (option)
- Ability to edit the number of intervals
- Export to a CSV file
- Ability to paste a task list from other applications
- Global hotkeys
- Optional ticking sound
- Different alarm sounds
- Launch at startup option
- Syncs between iPad, iPhone and Mac*
- Also available for iPhone and iPad

* Sync with iOS devices requires Be Focused Pro for iOS, sold separately.

Release Notes

17/01/2017 | Version : 1.6.2 | Size : 10.8 MB
• Fixed "Unable to start timer" issue
• Updated the app icon design
• Multiple fixes and improvements

24/11/2016 | Version : 1.6.1 | Size : 10.9 MB
- Fixed app launch on Mac OS Mavericks (10.9)
- Multiple fixes and improvements

16/05/2016 | Version : 1.3 | Size : 13.0 MB
- The app was moved to the new server. Your account data will be moved automatically when you login.
- Added new completion sounds
- Fixed the issue with "Skip break if idle"
- Added the ability to hide the task "Other"
- Changed the app name
- Improved performance
- Multiple fixes and improvements


Overall :
#19 : Top Paid Mac Applications
#88 : Top Grossing Mac Applications

Categories :
#13 : Top Paid Mac Applications [Productivity]
#28 : Top Grossing Mac Applications [Productivity]

Screenshots Mac OSX :

Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX


Business , Productivity

Supported Devices : Mac OS

Comments and Ratings for Be Focused Pro - Focus Timer & Goal Tracker

Please leave me to work. (1.6.2)
20/06/2017 05:31:24 4/5 By letsget_awesome
Would be 5 stars if it didn’t keep asking me to rate it.

Good but missing features and annoying rating notification (1.6.2)
19/06/2017 09:18:55 3/5 By Cheesy nibles
The app is good as a timer however there is not enough customisation regarding notifications and logging distractions. The app also contiually asks for ratings which is poor form for a paid app.

Excellent (1.6.2)
07/06/2017 07:32:27 5/5 By jrchuks
Such an effective app, it has really changed the way i study !

Great app. Ratings nag is a pain though. (1.6.2)
10/05/2017 06:54:38 4/5 By G3ntleman
Does everything I want of a pomodoro timer and the UI is great. I’d give it 5 stars but it keeps nagging me to rate it after. I hope it stops now.

Great app - stop pestering me to rate it!!!! (1.6.2)
02/05/2017 09:58:21 3/5 By Firthy1972
I love the app - so much so I paid to get the add free versions. Apparently I didn;t pay enough to avoid all the pop ups continuously asking me to rate the @$£!ing app. to say this is annoying is a profound understatement. Especially for an app that is supposed to enhance productivity by increasing focus / reducing distractions!! Please stop now or I will stop using your app and ask for a refund!

The phone app is better (1.6.2)
01/04/2017 13:01:51 2/5 By m0nonoke
I had expected that the PC app with it being so expensive to be the same as the iPhone app, but its not. There are some features like being able to adjust your sessions for the graphs that isn’t available in this version. This means that if you leave the app running accidentally there is not option to amend it - which is very annoying. Also I felt that the app version is a bit easier to use than the PC version - and why can’t you sync them??? But all in all a great study product and would recommend the iPhone version.

Amazing (1.6.2)
12/03/2017 08:40:38 4/5 By Ammar Ahmed Zaki
Amazing app for increasing productivity

Simple and easy. (1.6.2)
05/02/2017 02:31:51 5/5 By Martin.L
The app works perfectly fine. Clean and simply interface. Nothing to distract you. It’s updated regularly and to keep the developer doing that, I’d say it's worth paying for the pro version. Bought the iphone app as well. Very happy bunny. Go for it — Productivity is priceless!

Good but could use some minor improvements.. (1.6.2)
31/01/2017 07:41:17 3/5 By Dimensional bloop
The app works as promised. No problems there. As per the Pomodoro tequnique it’d be very useful if the app provided a way to record interruptions and even better if those interupptions were added to the reports, unfortunatley you can’t do this. Occasionally, I have lost all my completed tasks halfway through the day which is annoying. Think it has something to do with the old free version creeping along and messing things up. Space bar starts/stops the timer which is very very very annoying when using any audio app!! I press play in logic only to find that I’ve stopped the timer two hours ago! One thing that a piad app SHOULD NEVER DO, it repeatedly ask for reviews and try to sell other apps, I find that really annoying, especailly in a productivity app, and the main reason for only three stars. I do not want to be sold stuff while I’m trying to work thanks.

Simple to use (1.6.2)
27/01/2017 05:14:31 5/5 By Mega_Bubbles
The developer has now sorted out the issues preventing the iOS version being sold, so integration to the phone app works - The timer now runs on my desktop, laptop and phone, so I’m reminded whereever I am. The key for me with Pomodoro technique is something that is simple and easy to integrate in to everyday working. This app does that - it’s interface is simple and it sits unobtrusively on the top bar. Would be good to be able to designate different types of break not just different lengths - exercise break, hydration break, social media catch-up etc

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