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By Dave Cheng (David Cheng)

Chill is a minimalistic background noise generator that will help you relax, sleep or concentrate by blocking out background noises with soothing sounds.

*** User Reviews ***
"I've tried other types of apps for but this is the ONLY one that I found that sounds realistic and does not have obvious repeating 'LOOPS'. Thank you for the extra care in building your sounds. Great purchase!"

"It does what it says it'll do, and well. It is not at all cheesy, doesn't sound fake, doesn't obviously repeat. You can get lost in the sounds without getting caught up on patterns or flaws."

"I literally can't do work without it now since downloading it. I turn it on and use it all day with the rainforest being my favorite. Superior product, great price and my stress level is reduced by the great white noise it produces. Price is definitely worth the therapy! :)"

*** Features ***
* A wide variety of sounds, including Airplane, Beach, City, Crickets, Fan, Fire, Ocean, Pier, Rain, Rainforest, River, Shower, Thunderstorm, Wind Chimes, Wind and other synthetically generated noises.
* Sleep timer, which will stop playback after a specific amount of time
* Won't clutter up your workspace. Chill lives in the Mac menu bar.

*** NOTE: To turn Chill OFF, access the menu status bar at top-right of your screen (see the screenshot)  ***

Please keep the feedback coming so I can know what features to work on next!

Be sure to check out Chill for iOS on the App Store at

Release Notes

26/03/2013 | Version : 1.4.0 | Size : 30.8 MB
Added two more fan sounds
Added option to hide splash screen
Added option to disable autoplay on launch

Version : 1.3.1 | Size : 33.1 MB
- Fixed some sounds that only played out of the left channel
- Evened out some of the volume levels


Categories :
#29 : Top Paid Mac Applications [Health & Fitness]
#39 : Top Grossing Mac Applications [Health & Fitness]

Screenshots Mac OSX :

Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX


Health & Fitness , Productivity

Supported Devices : Mac OS

Comments and Ratings for Chill

Recommended! (1.4.0)
05/11/2013 02:41:00 5/5 By JamieUKLondon
This app is pretty straight forward. It has the most common relaxing sounds and they are also in high quality audio. The loops are seemless and ive found the sounds to be the most realistic of any other app of this kind. Paid or not. If you, like me love the sound of the rain or ocean in the backround, give this app a try!

enjoyable (1.3.1)
01/10/2012 04:47:00 4/5 By Eborall
some of the sounds have slightly noticeable loops, but makes great ambience and i love the sounds it comes with the app itself functions well!

Very useful (1.3.1)
21/04/2012 17:36:00 5/5 By Sketcm
Great and surprisingly effective little app for blotting out the sound of rowing neighbours and noisy kids when writing. I prefer "wind" and "Rain (heavy)" for this purpose. For general noise when less concentration is required, "city" is particularly good, with very evocative bustle. Interesting how I perceive the heat of the city, and the coolness of the rain. App-specific volume control is also very useful. Only thing I don't like is the splash screen, but I won't dock a star for that. Recommended if you need help to isolate yourself.

Pretty good, could do with some improvements (1.3.1)
21/11/2011 10:32:00 4/5 By Harry N
The sound quality is good, it has a fairly wide choice of samples and it works reliably for the most part. That said, in this version there are a few issues that I've noticed. 1) There's a huge silent section in the 'Pier' sample (a few minutes in) and 2) In a few of the tracks you can hear the loop end/start cross over - particularly the rain-on-leaves sound in the 'Rain - Light' sample. This is quite noticeable as the sample begins to fade down, then back up again and get's annoying after a while. I would also like to see a preference panel or options adding because: a) I don't want it to auto-play when the computer starts. I do want the programme to auto-run, it's just that I want it to sit on the menu bar and be silent until I start the sounds explicitly; b) I don't want the absolutely huge start-up splash screen showing. So, overall it's a good app and worth the money. It helps hugely with concentration in a noisy environment (baby crying, office noise, etc). It needs some improvements and fixes to make it really good, but it's already better than the other 5 programmes I tried.

Worth the money (1.3.1)
04/11/2011 21:40:00 5/5 By charlottepenelope
Very relaxing! I love the timer feature, it makes it so easy to have intense concentration in small bursts!

Great App (1.3.1)
27/10/2011 00:26:00 5/5 By Hanying Tang
I use it to defense my drunk neighbours!! Brilliant!

great app (1.1)
01/09/2011 11:13:00 4/5 By Kirsty Wright
turned it on and fell straight asleep within half an hour. definitely a relaxing app :)

mr (1.2.1)
07/06/2011 23:05:00 4/5 By jason holloway
this is very good only you get the same amount of sounds with the free trial version so dont understand what i got extra by purchasing full version??

Only a few sound tracks but all relaxing while doing work. (1.2.1)
29/05/2011 23:39:00 5/5 By Gettings
This reminds me of the SleepMaker apps for iOS, it's great when you need to get on with work which requires you to think (situations where music/TV/Coversations are too distracting).

not good enough, make some updates (1.1)
18/04/2011 14:14:00 2/5 By RossCarrick
not much effort has been put in to the sounds of these effects. You can clearly hear the crack in the loop for the rain sound effect, which is irritating. They all kind of sound similar. The wind is a constant hiss, really, without any authentic breaks and bursts of wind. The ocean sound effect and the brown noise are Ok.

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