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ChronoSync Express

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By Econ Technologies, Inc.

ChronoSync Express is the entry-level version of the popular ChronoSync utility. It is the one application you can count on for both reliable backups and easy folder synchronization. ChronoSync Express combines an efficient file copy engine, flexible scheduling options, broad connectivity, and a robust user interface into the one utility that no Mac should be without. 

IMPORTANT: ChronoSync Express enjoys the added security benefits of running within the application sandbox, as is required for all Mac App Store apps. As a result, however, it differs from the standard version of ChronoSync by eliminating a few features such as embedded script execution and bootable backups. Full details can be found by clicking our website link.

At its simplest, just create a new Synchronizer Document, pick two folders, and synchronize! When you need more control, use the built-in Options to dictate how individual files are handled, create archives of deleted or replaced files, and customize error handling and notifications. ChronoSync Express brings professional-level features to a consumer-level product!


• Unidirectional Backup
• Unidirectional ‘Blind’ Backup
• Unidirectional Mirror (aka ‘Clone’)
• Bidirectional Synchronization


• Internal & external storage devices (hard drives, SSDs, thumb drives, etc)
• Shared volumes (other Macs, file servers, NAS drives, etc) w/auto-mounting
• Disk images w/auto-mounting
• Other Macs via ChronoAgent
• iPhones and iPads via InterConneX


• Unlimited number of backups and synchronizations
• Group multiple sync and backup tasks into containers
• Run tasks manually within the app or from system menubar
• Schedule any task to run automatically at daily, weekly or monthly intervals
• Schedule tasks to run when volumes mount or computers join the network


• Custom error and conflict handling
• Detailed logging
• Package dissection or aggregation
• Custom file change triggers
• Extensive rules for filtering files and folder scans
• File and folder exclusions


• Verification of copied data
• “Safe copy” operation will not overwrite files until copied & verified
• Automatic retry on errors
• Archiving of deleted and overwritten files
• Optional compression of archived data


• Visual analysis of entire file hierarchy
• Select individual file-pairs to examine metadata differences
• Manually force files or folder branches to sync or backup
• Run a trial to see exactly what will happen before it happens
• Manual overrides when running trials
• Manual deletion of files or folders
• Manual recovery of file/folders from backups or archives


ChronoSync Express is surrounded by utilities that enhance and expand its capabilities! Add ChronoAgent to a remote Mac to add more reliable and secure connections as well as faster file copying. You can even connect to ChronoAgent over the Internet!

Add the FREE InterConneX app to your iOS device and ChronoSync Express can now sync files to your iPad or iPhone so you can take your files with you. With InterConneX, you can even connect to your ChronoAgent-enabled Mac back at the office and browse or retrieve files that you left behind.

Lastly, the ChronoMonitor utility allows you to track sync and backup operation activity from your iOS device.

Release Notes

31/03/2017 | Version : 1.1.6 | Size : 29.5 MB
Bug Fixes

• Email notifications can now be sent through Office365 mail servers.
• Right-to-left date roll-back warnings are no longer counted as errors.
• Corrupt synchronizer documents should no longer cause the program to crash.
• Can now edit scheduled items whose corresponding synchronizer document cannot be located.
• If a partition scheme for a target volume cannot be determined, an exception is no longer raised.
• No longer crashes if an offline target becomes available the instant a synchronizer document is closed.
• Eliminated some visual artifacts when switching document panels on macOS Sierra.

20/01/2017 | Version : 1.1.4 | Size : 29.5 MB

• Better macOS Sierra compatibility.
• File extension rules can now take a comma-separated list of extensions.
• Increased logging capacity and better ‘auto-snapping’ behavior.
• Can now initiate drags from the Document Organizer.
• Sorting improvements to the Analyze Panel.

Bug Fixes

• Default window sizes could not always be changed in General Preferences.
• Completion sounds would still play if the global default was turned off.
• Tabbing through all fields in any sheet window would sometimes not work.
• Visual artifacts were sometimes appearing in the Analyze Panel when files were deleted.
• The path selector in the Archive Panel would sometimes fail to update after changing targets.
• Turning ON the file modification or size trigger on a previously run synchronizer will now work as expected.
• Blind sync mode will no longer sync attributes on all folders if the size trigger is ON.
• The Return and Enter keys are now properly mapped to the Synchronize button in the Trial Sync window.
• Container Synchronizers no longer report erratic progress in the Scheduled Documents window.
• Stability improvements when running Container Synchronizers.
• Stability improvements when connected to InterConneX targets.
• Scheduled items more accurately respond to changes in their associated Synchronizer Document.
• Eliminated visual artifacts that sometimes appeared when highlighting a drag destination.

12/05/2016 | Version : 1.1.3 | Size : 29.3 MB
• Fixed a bug that was sometimes causing scheduled syncs to crash at the end of a synchronization.
• Fixed a bug where post-sync notifications were being improperly executed.
• Fixed a bug that could erroneously state that the scheduler was out-of-date.


Categories :
#145 : Top Grossing Mac Applications [Utilities]

Screenshots Mac OSX :

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Productivity , Utilities

Supported Devices : Mac OS

Comments and Ratings for ChronoSync Express

nice interface but too slow (1.1.6)
09/05/2017 03:00:39 1/5 By Karting
this app is a joke its so slow i could write the data by hand and it would be faster. interface is really great but its way too slow guys

Rubbish (1.1.4)
29/12/2016 12:14:00 1/5 By 2012bs
This app can’t even perform a simple copy abserlute rubish wast of money Wanted to Synch my Documents to my DROBO NAS But it simply gets stuck on 1 File every tiem and if i remove the file it finds another one it gets stuck on. Jus ramdem files PDF’s .doc file ext

Easy (1.1.3)
22/05/2016 18:53:00 5/5 By Prkanne
I am not a copmuter wiz, and wanted to sync 2 external hard drives. Found this easy easy to use and so far no problems. Would reccomend it

great software (1.1.1)
23/02/2016 15:56:00 4/5 By ProfGR
I need to sync files automatically between my macbook air and macbook pro. I’ve struggled for ages with other syncing software, finally gave up and bought this and it’s worth every penny. Simple to set up, excellent supporting documentation and works really fast. You do need though to install this on one computer and then buy Chronoagent and install it on the other.

Does the Job (1.0.3)
08/01/2015 00:12:00 5/5 By Mr Mark S
If you have 2 machines and you want to keep the records in sync… this is the ticket…. Keep in mine you will need to go to there web site and buy the Agent for $15 dollars to allow you to connect 2 machines but the software can point to a specific location or drive within it self with out the agent. I have a mac air that i carry with …and update a few files etc… Get home want to work on a Mac Pro.. so just launch the Chrono from the Air…… turn on the Pro with agent running and walla.. all over… When im done with Mac Pro sync back and im Off… Chrono can do bio directional sync that works… 20 quid worth it… This is one of thos programs that if you have the need its 10/10

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