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Complete Anatomy 2018 +Courses

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By, LLC (

The world’s best-selling and most complete 3D male anatomy models ever, not just an atlas but a sharing platform with unprecedented collaboration and learning tools. Female pelvis & urogenital system coming spring 2018, shortly followed by full female anatomy. Apple Design Award Winner 2016.

Transform your anatomical learning with Complete Anatomy. Explore the most detailed 3D anatomy model ever created, with incredible levels of anatomical accuracy and high fidelity textures. Discover a rich Library of reference content created by subject matter experts. Share your work and collaborate with your classmates and teachers.

*Study how you want*

Complete Anatomy adapts to allow you to study whatever way suits you best.

Download the app for free and register to gain access to Courses store: guided lessons through anatomical topics, created by subject matter experts. Discover the Undergraduate Human Anatomy courses, designed to give you the best understanding of anatomical principles quickly and simply. And all of your Courses are available across all devices, so you can study wherever you are.

Or purchase the Complete Anatomy Upgrade to access the full 3D model for your own exploration. Featuring 12 body systems; structure-specific features including innervation and arterial supply; and fully interactive muscle movement, you can say goodbye to static textbook diagrams and discover the anatomy all over again. Plus with a suite of powerful Tools, and an extensive library of anatomical content included, you have everything you need to pass your exams.

*Share and Collaborate*

Create reference material to share and collaborate with your classmates. Screens allow you to set up the model position with custom edits or record a brief overview of an area complete with voiceover and share it to your study group. Or test your friends’ knowledge by creating a Quiz.

If your lecturer uses Complete Anatomy, you can receive custom course material from them to enhance your study, and break your anatomical learning out of the confines of the lecture hall.

*Download for free*

Experience Complete Anatomy for free by downloading the app today. Create an account to gain access to:

*A free 3-day trial of Upgraded content*
Tools, including Cut; Bone Spurs; Pen; Labels; Textbox; and Image
Screen, Recording, and Quiz creation
Library content for the skeletal and connective tissue systems from 3D4Medical
Ability to purchases Courses (in-app purchases)

*Upgrade for more*

Upgrade to gain access to the full Complete Anatomy experience:

Additional Tools: Sketch, Fracture, Discover, Pain, and Growth;
The full human anatomy model, including:
12 body systems: Skeletal, Connective Tissue, Muscular, Arterial, Venous, Lymphatic, Nervous, Respiratory, Digestive, Endocrine, Urogenital, and Integumentary;
System Layers: Bony Landmarks (parts and surfaces), Muscle Origin and Insertion points;
Physiological features: Muscle Motion, Origin Path tracing for nerves and arteries, Muscle Innervation, and Muscle Arterial Supply;
The full library of 3D4Medical content, featuring all body systems;
Create Groups to share and collaborate on your work.


Apple Design Award winner 2016
Best of App Store (Mac) 2016
Best of App Store (iPad) 2015
Best innovative product (American Chamber of Commerce) 2017
Demonstrated on Apple’s keynote 2015


We love to hear how you’re using the app, and what you’d like to see next in Complete Anatomy. Contact us at

Release Notes

07/11/2017 | Version : 3.2 | Size : 566.3 MB
Physical Based Rendering techniques have been applied to ensure the 3D anatomical models appear more realistic than ever.
Based on feedback, we have automated and optimized many of the procedures and functionalities within Content Builder to ensure an improved user experience.

04/10/2017 | Version : 3.1.1 | Size : 566.1 MB
Few UI changes
Client-Server communication improved

22/09/2017 | Version : 3.1.0 | Size : 554.1 MB
We're continually working hard behind the scenes to bring you an even smoother 3D anatomy experience.


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#5 : Top Grossing Mac Applications [Medical]

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Education , Medical

Supported Devices : Mac OS

Comments and Ratings for Complete Anatomy 2018 +Courses

Great app! (2.2.0)
09/01/2017 18:01:00 5/5 By GameGuy576
Have both ipad and mac versions now becasue this app is so good! only improvements needed are a female model and touch bar support for the new macbook pros. otherwise this app is perfect as an interactive learning tool for medical students such as myself. i look forward to seeing what improvements will be made to the app overtime, because since i boiught the app on my iPad they’ve improved teh heart model to make it more accurate and detailed

Review (2.2.0)
19/11/2016 03:49:00 5/5 By In student
really great app. somethings that might help would be: 1- after making fractures if you could move the bones in different angles proportional to that fracture 2-Maybe adding some clinical notes or images (e.g. ct) as a section when you chose a speceif part. i’d say that the app is great but it can be improved a lot.

15/09/2016 22:01:00 1/5 By I love sonic
Hi, I’m sorry but i feel tricked paying a large amount of money only to find the female pelvic anatomy is not there. I would like a refund.

Beware, there are device limitations ... (2.1.1)
13/09/2016 17:16:00 3/5 By Landshark2007
So this is the kind of really beautiful app that inspires and helps all ages and all interests. It looks fantastic on the MacBook Pro and it is really easy to use. Then comes the not-so-good bit. First off, I downloaded the iPad version so I could work on the hoof. Downloaded fine, crashed the moment I tried to use it. No matter what I did, nada, zip, goodnight Vienna. Dashed off a quick email to their support who (and it was a credit to them) answered very quickly. It turns out that only a really small subset of the iDevice(s) can use this app. Nothing written on the apps description so it is back to square 1 for a seamless operation. £40 is a lot of money to spend before you find out that the app doesn’t work on a portable device. I did ask for clarification on the iPad issue, but it seems that if you ask anything beyond a simple scripted answer it goes into the Siberian wastes of Supportville. Here’s the tip - don’t buy this until you know it runs on other devices (if that is what you need). It seems that many people are going to the chat-room support which seems to be either an automated vPerson who cannot answer anything more complicated than, "Have you tried resetting your device” after which you are dumped into no-man’s land. Very poor - especially for a promoted app.

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