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Complete Anatomy

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By, LLC (

Already a Complete Anatomy customer iOS or Windows 10? Download the Mac version, login via Profile, & get 50% off the Upgrade!

3 DAYS OF FULL ACCESS TO ALL APP FEATURES IS NOW AVAILABLE FOR REGISTERED USERS! DOWNLOAD and REGISTER to experience the full potential of COMPLETE ANATOMY — the world's most advanced anatomy learning platform. With groundbreaking innovations such as patented state-of-the-art tools, 3D recordings with audio and moving muscles, you can free yourself from other static atlases and elevate your learning in an entirely new way! Medical students, medical professionals and lifelong learners will love interacting with over 6,200 high- resolution anatomical structures and our revolutionary 3D technology.

A 2016 Apple Design Award Winner, COMPLETE ANATOMY seamlessly blends intuitive design with anatomical accuracy. An exclusive selection of world-renowned anatomy experts have been brought together to form the newly established Academic Review Board, guaranteeing even greater levels of anatomical detail.

Transform traditional 2D learning material into 3D and bring anatomy to life with features like nerve path tracing and tools that help to visualize complex functions, such as nerve supply to muscles, layer guides to identify bone parts/surfaces and muscle origin/insertion points.

Want to instantly create your own content? Working with the model is easy and intuitive; draw notes or cut through layers as you please, then Save. Our cloud sharing platform provides an easy way to share this content with other users within your own private or university in-app groups.

Continue enjoying COMPLETE ANATOMY after your trial period! Purchase an UPGRADE (a single in-app purchase):

- 3D Male Model (Female will be added late 2017).

- 12 Complete Systems (Skeletal, Muscular, Connective Tissue, Arterial, Venous, Lymphatic, Nervous, Respiratory, Digestive, Endocrine, Urogenital, Integumentary, and includes Heart & Brain).

- Skeletal Full Body Layers: Featuring bone parts, bone surfaces & muscle origin/ insertion points.

- Isolate Region: Easily view selected Body Regions.

- Lectures: Learn from top anatomical experts using expertly assembled Lectures, with topics for beginners through to specialists.

- Groups (Cloud Sharing): Create your own groups and invite users to join, or access content created by our medical experts. Share with your groups, publicly or within specialized categories.

- Animate Muscles: Visualize muscle movements for each articulation directly on the 3D model - view from any angle & zoom in.

- Muscle Innervation: Visualize the nerve supply to any muscle, and follow its path back to the nerve origin.

- 3D Cut & Draw Tools: Instantly alter the model with innovative tools: Cut, Spurs, 3D & 2D Pens, Growths, Fractures, Discover and Pain.

- 3D Recordings: Record your interactions with the model, along with audio, to recap on later or share with friends.

- Screens: Browse through our tailored content or content you’ve created and Share.

- Offline Mode: Creating Screens, Recordings, and Quizzes while offline! Content will be synced to the cloud the next time your device finds the internet.

- Annotation: Do a sketch, or handwrite a note, type some text, attach an image or take a photo, then overlay on the model.

- Quizzes: Challenge yourself with our pre-set questions and quizzes, or create your own to revise or challenge friends!

- Multi-select: Select multiple structures with Drag tool and view them in isolation.

- Explode/Assemble: Capture multiple structures and explode to better understand complex relationships.

- Tailored Content: Browse Screens, Recordings and Quizzes created by leading universities, professors and experts from different therapeutic areas.

COMPLETE ANATOMY is continually improving. Engage @

Release Notes

25/05/2017 | Version : 2.5.1 | Size : 570.7 MB
Updated content
Multi-device usage policy
Few fixes and cosmetic UI updates

05/05/2017 | Version : 2.5.0 | Size : 562.1 MB
Bug fixes:
Fixed an issue where some iOS and OSX users could not view cloud content.

New features (visit Complete Anatomy @ to learn more):
Keyboard shortcuts: Speed up your workflow with our new keyboard shortcuts exclusive to the Mac platform.

Free trial for Registered Users: Registered users now enjoy 3 days of the upgraded version of Complete Anatomy free of charge!

Universal 3D4Medical Account: Your Complete Anatomy account is now a universal 3D4Medical account! Access your account details with a single login from within the app to keep your profile up to date and receive content and updates that are most relevant to you!

Offline Mode: Now you can continue creating Screens, Recordings, and Quizzes while offline! Content will be synced to the cloud the next time your device is online.

Multi-select from Screens, Recordings, Quizzes: Select multiple screens at once by using a long press (hold down finger/cursor for one to two secs).

Import Button: Image Tool now renamed the Import Tool. Add images to match the model position that you are currently viewing.

Institutional license (Content Builder): A Content Builder license for institutions allows medical schools, universities, community colleges, pharmaceutical and medical device companies the ability to create a curriculum and share them to their intended audience. Additional functionality allows you to edit the model in Recordings, create links to content, import videos, and stylize your Screen descriptions.

Enhancements (visit Complete Anatomy @ to learn more):

Pelvis and male urogenital system: Explore our completely remodelled urogenital system; which includes a remodelled prostate and allows for the exploration of the lobes which constitute it. Follow the urethra through the body, see our clear representation of the arteries, veins, and nerves coming from the sacral plexus, as well as simplified testes and external genitalia for more efficient learning. Additionally, users can discover the newly 3D modelled, inguinal canal.

Lower limb: Experience a remodelled thigh, knee, lower limb, and foot. You will find improved bone detail and landmarks on the bones of lower limbs. The connective system has also been remodelled to show a more realistic impression of joint spaces and the mechanical reinforcement of these areas. Improved neurovascular detail in the entire region, with particular focus on the foot.

Dermatomes: Find the new updated dermatome map, which is more in line with how dermatomes are currently taught worldwide. In addition, written content describing the distribution of the dermatome in each region has been added.

14/11/2016 | Version : 2.2.0 | Size : 537.7 MB
New Features

- Arterial Supply to Muscles: See the arteries that supply any muscle with the touch of a button, and trace these arteries back to the heart.

- Edit Audio in Recordings: Hiccup during your Recording? No problem, re-record sections of your Recording’s audio.

- Fast-forward Recordings: Jump straight to the section of the Recording that you need.

- Ratings: Get useful information about how others in the community have rated Screens, Quizzes, Recordings and Lectures, then rate them yourself!

- Alternative Names: Now use our smart search to find any structure, whether you search the official name, common alternative name or classic eponymous name. Also reveal a structure’s alternative names, where present, in the title area of its Info panel.

- Lymphatics: a variant of lymphatic classification entirely unique to 3D4Medical can be seen in the abdomen and thigh.


- Heart: We’re excited for you to experience our brand new, completely remodelled heart; more detailed and anatomically accurate than ever before! Explore three layers of pericardium, with new cuts and windows for better visualization of the intricate details of each chamber.

- Thigh: Reconfigured with increased anatomical precision and accuracy, the updated architecture for the muscles of the thigh has allowed for the creation of intermuscular septae, allowing the correct course of arteries, veins, nerves and lymphatics respectively. Muscle origins and insertions have also been reconsidered to match the academic literature.

- Pelvis: Following on from the recently updated abdomen content, we have updated the anatomical accuracy of the pelvic region follows suit with a redesign of the pelvic cavity, impacting a diverse range of structures from bones to vessels. The new placement of the psoas and ilacus muscles has allowed greater accuracy of the iliac vessels. Users will also benefit from an updated Sacral plexus, an area which can be challenging to learn on paper.

- Arterial System: Levels for arteries have been revised and expanded upon to reflect study difficulty level and branching patterns.

- Lungs: Updated to match the upgraded heart.

- Muscular System: Reorganised and regrouped in line with anatomical literature.

- Info panel: Reconfigured for more intuitive navigation, and Muscle Innervation feature renamed to ‘Nerves'.

- Screens: Introducing a more streamlined interface for viewing Screens, to allow clearer focus on both the model and for seamless learning about the Screen’s descriptive content.

- Quiz: Super sleek new look for Quiz Overview and Quiz Results.

- Breadcrumb Trail: Improved clustering of structures = more navigation options! Swipe the breadcrumb trail left and right to see the full path.

- Pinch-to-Zoom: Use your Mac’s trackpad to zoom into the model with the pinch-to-zoom gesture.


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Comments and Ratings for Complete Anatomy

Great app! (2.2.0)
09/01/2017 18:01:00 5/5 By GameGuy576
Have both ipad and mac versions now becasue this app is so good! only improvements needed are a female model and touch bar support for the new macbook pros. otherwise this app is perfect as an interactive learning tool for medical students such as myself. i look forward to seeing what improvements will be made to the app overtime, because since i boiught the app on my iPad they’ve improved teh heart model to make it more accurate and detailed

Review (2.2.0)
19/11/2016 03:49:00 5/5 By In student
really great app. somethings that might help would be: 1- after making fractures if you could move the bones in different angles proportional to that fracture 2-Maybe adding some clinical notes or images (e.g. ct) as a section when you chose a speceif part. i’d say that the app is great but it can be improved a lot.

15/09/2016 22:01:00 1/5 By I love sonic
Hi, I’m sorry but i feel tricked paying a large amount of money only to find the female pelvic anatomy is not there. I would like a refund.

Beware, there are device limitations ... (2.1.1)
13/09/2016 17:16:00 3/5 By Landshark2007
So this is the kind of really beautiful app that inspires and helps all ages and all interests. It looks fantastic on the MacBook Pro and it is really easy to use. Then comes the not-so-good bit. First off, I downloaded the iPad version so I could work on the hoof. Downloaded fine, crashed the moment I tried to use it. No matter what I did, nada, zip, goodnight Vienna. Dashed off a quick email to their support who (and it was a credit to them) answered very quickly. It turns out that only a really small subset of the iDevice(s) can use this app. Nothing written on the apps description so it is back to square 1 for a seamless operation. £40 is a lot of money to spend before you find out that the app doesn’t work on a portable device. I did ask for clarification on the iPad issue, but it seems that if you ask anything beyond a simple scripted answer it goes into the Siberian wastes of Supportville. Here’s the tip - don’t buy this until you know it runs on other devices (if that is what you need). It seems that many people are going to the chat-room support which seems to be either an automated vPerson who cannot answer anything more complicated than, "Have you tried resetting your device” after which you are dumped into no-man’s land. Very poor - especially for a promoted app.

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