Disk Drill Media Recovery 3/5

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Disk Drill Media Recovery

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By Justin Johnson

Disk Drill Media Recovery is the most user-friendly data recovery app for Mac.

Disk Drill can recover your lost pictures and photos, music, documents, applications, videos and other data. "Quick Scan" and "Search for lost partitions" can recover files of any format. "Deep Scan" file recovery method works on a lower level and analyzes disks as a binary. It runs your hard drive recovery based on file signatures, thus original file names, locations and properties might be unrecoverable.

Disk Drill Media Recovery supports files recovery on all known systems: HFS, HFS+, FAT32, NTFS, EXT3, EXT4, ExFAT and will even work with formatted disk images. If your data is still there, Disk Drill will undelete it for you.

Your lost data can be retrieved from any internal and external media: your Mac hard drive, any disk you can mount to your Mac, USB flash thumb drives, cameras, card-readers, external hard drives, iPods (Shuffle, Nano, Classic, Mini), mobile phones, other Macs connected in target mode, etc.

Disk Drill Media Recovery is developed by CleverFiles, a well-known brand in data recovery apps for many years now. You can be sure you are getting a quality product with endless possibilities. Remember to always drop us a line if you have any questions about Disk Drill at help@cleverfiles.com

** Extra features **

- Flexible filters for searching & sorting of found files
- Live preview before scanning is complete

Starting with version 2.x/3.x it can get your data back from any byte-by-byte disk image. The following disk images are supported: DMG, ISO, IMG. Data recovery is easy as always, just 3 simple steps: #1 create the disk image (using Disk Utility, for example); #2 load it in Disk Drill; #3 hit Recover. Again, if you have any questions about the procedure to recover your files, feel free to email us at any time, we will gladly walk you through, and it will take you just a minute to start the recovery process.

!! Please Note: Disk Drill Media Recovery cannot recover data from iOS devices like iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad.

** How to create a disk image **

Disk Drill Media Recovery, the App Store version of the award-winning Disk Drill data recovery technology, uses uncompressed (byte-by-byte) disk images as the source for data recovery. Here's how you can create them really simple:

1. Run Disk Utility, it's a standard Mac OS X app.
2. Go to File > New > Disk Image from "YOUR_DISK_NAME".
3. Choose "read-write" as your Image format. Do not choose "Compressed", or lost data will not be copied.
4. Set encryption to "none".
5. Save your disk image, and load it in Disk Drill Media Recovery when done.

Check this tutorial to learn how to recover your data fast and effortlessly: https://www.cleverfiles.com/help/mas-disk-drill-media-recovery/

Some real-life reviews from our clients:

"I deleted by mistake M2T file 6 months ago. I bought Disk Drill and MIRACLE, I regained all my lost files" - Christophe Esteve

"In the past I have tried various recovery software packages but Disk Drill is so simple to use, there is no great learning curve, and it works every time for me" - Deda Arbez

"I have successfully used Disk Drill to recover 7 gigs of my videos which were deleted by mistake" - bonnycalvin

"I was in need to recover defect files and/or applications and it went fast and easy. Much better than anything else I tested. This App is a must for everyone." - WebFox

Release Notes

31/03/2017 | Version : 3.1.772 | Size : 8.8 MB
* The new nicer and vastly improved UI
* Better support of macOS 10.12 Sierra
* Faster byte-to-byte disk backups
* ExFAT and EXT4 support
* Improved disk image attaching and detaching
* New file signatures for Deep Scan: .epb (EP Budgeting files), .rt (Rich Text document), .mlv (Magic Lantern Video Wrapper File for DSLRs), .ipt (AutoDesk Inventor CAD), .aaf (Advanced Authoring Format multimedia file), .tib (Acronis True Image), .enex (Evernote XML notes)
* Tolerant reading of GPT partitions improves lost partitions recovery
* Better handling of orphan & lost files in HFS+ Catalog Rebuild
* HFS+ Extraction added to the family of other HFS+ Healing Algorithms. Now Disk Drill locates lost HFS partitions more reliably
* Improved resuming of past recovery sessions
* Mounting of found data as a disk
* Preview recoverable items more conveniently: as icons with thumbnails for all previewable file formats
* Review found items as a flat list, without grouping and folders
* Improved sorting in recovery results screen
* Better detection of bad sectors
* Now Disk Drill also speaks Korean, Turkish, Arabic, Malaysian, Taiwanese
* Improved reconstruction of .sib (Sibelius music composing software)
* Endless fixes and improvements on Mac OS X 10.11.x
* Several reported crashes fixed

13/09/2016 | Version : 2.6.447 | Size : 15.6 MB
- Easier initial selection of the drive for recovery
- Improved disk backup creation process
- New file signatures recognized by Deep Scan
- Fixes on OS X 10.9

12/11/2015 | Version : 2.5.432 | Size : 15.5 MB
* Deep Scan learns new signatures: Notes.app database, iCash files, .GP3/.GP4/.GP5/.GPS (Guitar Pro documents)
* new: ISO disk images support
* some visual and usability improvements
* fixed: disk space calculation in found items lists
* fixed: several random app freezes


Categories :
#95 : Top Paid Mac Applications [Utilities]

Screenshots Mac OSX :

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Photography , Utilities

Supported Devices : Mac OS

Comments and Ratings for Disk Drill Media Recovery

Data Recovery Magic (3.1.772)
22/03/2017 05:45:55 5/5 By Knox23
After numerous failing drives over the years, I’ve been looking for software that’ll enable me to recover my lost files. Disk Drill is absolutely everything I hoped and more. Easy to use, efficient, and recovers data exceptionally well. Super impressed. Literally magic.

So thankful for this software (3.1.772)
15/03/2017 13:41:16 5/5 By 30DLH1982
After making my friends NTFS drive worse whilst trying to fic it, I feared that all was lost. I tried many programs on my work Windows machine which is powerful CPU with 16GB RAM, but all software was crashing and I was getting nowhere quick. Decided to move over to my Mac and this software ran efficiently and did all that it promised to do, would recommend.

Disk Drill helped me recover data other apps couldn (3.1.772)
27/02/2017 10:10:01 5/5 By Steve Crietzman
I’ve been experiencing trouble with my internal SSD Drive. The drive briefly appears at power-up, but then disappears. I was unable to boot from the drive, or mount it via Finder, or extract the data using other ‘repair' apps. However, using Disk Drill’s data recovery option, I was able to extract some data each time before the SSD drive disappeared; shut down the Mac, and start the process again from where it left off. It’s saved my bacon. Thank you, Disk Drill!

life saver (3.1.772)
27/02/2017 08:53:45 5/5 By Marti B47
A fantastic app,this completely saved my life. I had erased over a thousand edited pictures for work. thanks to Disk drill I managed to get them back and keep my job!

Disk Drill Completes My Daughters Travel Album (3.1.772)
25/02/2017 18:21:11 5/5 By TazToo2
My daughter has been travelling for the last 2.5 years and having got home found that hundreds of her photos on a SD card had stragely disappeared. Tried the trial version of Disk Drill and it found all of them so very happy to have purchased it in order to recover the found files. Works like a dream now we can share this part of her trip with her. Great recovery sw intuitive and easy to use.

Worked Well (2.6.447)
10/12/2016 16:14:00 4/5 By dandyfop
Used disk drill to recover deleted images from my daughters sd card. Other apps I tried didn't find many of the files disk drill managed to so very happy with it. Easy to use does what it says it will.

Don’t Go Anywhere Else! (2.6.447)
07/12/2016 02:58:00 5/5 By djaaronjacobs
DiskDrill Media Recovery (cleverfiles) should be the ONLY media recovery software out there that you use. It has been created by professionals, that know what their doing, who created it for us novices that don’t always think before we press the delete button! I had a tera-byte of data lost after stupidly partitioning my external harddrive. The software not only found it all, but also found the names and put it back into the actual folder structure! This is why I have rated the APP 5*. The cost is very cheap compared to other software on the market and with support that I have had from the company is undeniably the best. Straight to the point, and very useful advice. Regarding the software, it is not overally quick (but I guess that is down to hardware), but there is not a single file which is did not recover. Thank you so much for your help CleverFiles! I certainly needed it. Have a Merry Christmas! Kind regards, Aaron :-)

It worked! (2.6.447)
04/12/2016 10:43:00 5/5 By C00lleo
I am running El Capitan on my MacBook Pro. I’ve just downloaded this software to recover images (CR2 files) from a Sandisk CF card. I thought I overwrote the old images due to having a recent shoot. But luckily, all the images from the first shoot were recovered, all 300 images. Thank you! It works!

Exactly what i needed. (2.6.447)
09/11/2016 17:18:00 5/5 By Greg hurst
This data recovery is by far the best i have used. I formatted the wrong drive. Fearing the worst i downloaded all the cheap and free recovery software none of which worked properly. After reading reviews online i settled on purchasing Disk Drill Media Recovery. I never looked back. The software is so easy to use. Perfect layout and best of all! it actually works really well. 100% recommend.

Paid. Installed. Opened. Recovered. Relax. (2.6.447)
04/11/2016 18:02:00 5/5 By Jester1888
Can’t praise this enough for recovering an old editing project and its associated images and video. I had to rename the files, but that’s a small price to pay for some invaluable footage. Installed on OS Sierra and worked perfectly. A splendid little tool to have at ones disposal !

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