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Dive Log DT

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By More Mobile Software (Janice McLaughlin)

DiveLogDT is a companion application to Dive Log for iOS. DiveLogDT is a desktop application that allows you to edit and manage your digital scuba diving logbook. It is an extended version of the free "DiveLogManager" application which adds direct editing capabilities and the ability to download a select number of dive computers. Currently we support downloading some dive computers from the following manufacturers:

:: Atomic Aquatics
:: ScubaPro/UWatec (IrDA and Serial)
:: Suunto
:: Shearwater Research
:: Liquivision
:: Pelagic Pressure Systems (Aeris / Aqualung / Genesis / Oceanic / Sherwood / Tusa)
:: Mares
:: Heinrichs Weikamp
:: Cressi
:: Ratio

Many models require a manufacturer specific cable or dongle in order to download it. Dive computer models supported change frequently so please check our website to determine if your model is supported. If it is not, please drop us a line and let us know which one you would like added.

If we don't support downloading your dive computer, you can import dive computer profiles and other dive information from several other logbook formats, and sync your logbook to your mobile device using Dive Log for iOS. (See website for supported 3rd party applications and file formats)

DiveLogDT works in both metric and imperial, shows statistics about your diving history, keeps track of all your scuba equipment, shows buddy and personal information, and dive site details. View all your Dive Site Locations on a world map if GPS locations have been entered. Lookup and fill in the GPS locations of your dive sites using the web - lookup via the Dive Site name with 2 different web services, or use a world map to point to it's exact location. Keep details about your dive trips and the shops that you dive with. Categorize each of your dives by any "type" of your choice. Know how many dives you've done with each piece of Equipment and when it should be serviced. Remember which pieces of your photography equipment you used for each dive too!

Extensive Statistics are available for your logbook including dives by Site, City, Country, Buddy, Type, Equipment, Shops, and Trips. Also get a chronilogical view of your dives by year and by month. Select more than one dive at once and compare the dive profiles between dives. If your dive computer supports it, you can also view Temperature, Tank Pressure, No Decompression Limit, Remaining Bottom Time, and Heart Rate profiles. Tech divers will be able to view tank switches and decompression obligations on the profile. Enter tank pressure and size information to be able to view your "surface air consumption" rate for the dive.

If you don't want to take your desktop computer with you on a dive trip, then just take your mobile device with you on the boat and log all your dives using Dive Log for iOS. Use it to add your site GPS information, take location photos and save your weight and tank information etc, and enter buddy details (including signature) right away. Then when you get home, use DiveLogDT to *merge* your dive computer information into what you have already logged! Then sync your logbook back to your iOS device. Full synchronization is supported so that if you make changes in both places, they will all be preserved (per dive).

You can also Import dives from many other formats and merge the information into what you have logged. Export your dive profile information into DL7 format for importing to other websites. Many places support our logbook format so you can export to them directly as well.

We cannot reply to reviews so if you have any feedback for us, please email support@moremobilesoftware.com - we always reply.

Release Notes

07/09/2017 | Version : 4.4.35 | Size : 3.2 MB
- add "Depth Rate" to the Profile Bubble on the Profile tab. This will show both ascent and descent rate over a user selected range of the dive profile.
- add support for importing ScubaPro G2 dive computer information from ScubaPro LogTRAK, including the heart rate information if available
- add support for new firmware format for Ratio iX3M dive computers

- also look in the "weather" field when doing an extended logbook text search

12/06/2017 | Version : 4.4.34 | Size : 3.2 MB
- add a workaround for communicating with Shearwater Research devices with older firmware
- add support for new Suunto DM5 format when importing
- add support for "dots" in the Signature field
- include "no deco" and "remaining bottom time" values for the Aeris Atmos AI 2

31/03/2017 | Version : 4.4.33 | Size : 3.2 MB
Bug fix release:
- fix Cloud syncing problem where items may get added more than once
- fix reporting of NDL and RBT for Aqualung i550
- minor libdivecomputer changes


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Comments and Ratings for Dive Log DT

Very good App (4.4.14)
18/01/2015 16:40:00 5/5 By Cgw1965
I bought this app after selling my Suunto d6i, i now have a Oceanic pro plus 3, after connecting to my Macbook pro my dives where downloaded in seconds. Love this app it does everything i want and need. Highly recommend

Good when you get to know it (4.4.11)
09/10/2014 10:39:00 4/5 By Poromies
I bought this because I was utterly fed up with Suunto DM4 crashing. DM4 used to be so good, but for some reason is now unuseable. Initially I was disappointed with Dive Log, but after using it for a couple of days I am starting to like it. The first good point is that I could import my old Suunto DM4 log which contained all my dives from the last ten years. I was then able to download the most recent dives from my Suunto Vyper very easily. Some of the data such as dive site name was not imported from the DM4 log so I do need to go through all my dives to add data manually. This is a small price to pay to have a working dive log on my iMac again. I have subsequently bought the iPad/iPhone version and successfully synchronised logs between all devices. Dive Log DT is not perhaps not the most visually appealing, but it works.

great tool (4.0.0)
08/01/2011 16:51:00 3/5 By Doc Ol
Well it is a great idea and a good back up in addition to my paper dive log , an excellent reason for getting that all important data off my computer into a nice graphical dive profiles with the all important gas consumption rates worked out ! Unless you are going to be taking your laptop around to dive sites with you this is really the desktop backup and edditor for the Iphone version of this software. The iphone is truely an excellent tool to quickly enter data , get buddy signatures , record GPS data about the dive site, etc etc it is a fantastic way of quickly getting data recored and as it never gets left behind you can merge the data without needing to dig out the paper records to copy across! note for developers the desktop version needs to allow to export print of log

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