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Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro

By Systweak Software (Systweak Software Private Limited)
Supported Devices : Mac OS

Release Notes

10/10/2016 | Version : 1.9.2 | Size : 6.8 MB
macOS Sierra support added.
Minor bug fixes and improvements.

13/09/2016 | Version : 1.9.1 | Size : 6.8 MB
Minor bug fixes and improvements.

19/07/2016 | Version : 1.8.2 | Size : 6.7 MB
Minor bug fixes and improvements.


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Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro is an ultimate photos fixing tool that smoothly scans and deletes duplicate or similar photos depending on the matching level you choose. This captivating tool works with photos from Photos and iPhoto, along with photos from external storage and your system’s hard drives as well. Free up ample of disk space by deleting a large number of similar and duplicate photos in just a click!

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro works like a charm and has the ability to detect duplicate and similar photos wherein:
• You click photos of the same scene in quick succession to capture the perfect shot
• Your photos are scattered all over the system, external storage devices, Photos and iPhoto and hard drives
• You clutter the system by creating backups of pictures and now want to remove the junk

Why use Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro?
• Drag-and-Drop Folders/Photos
Simply drag and drop folders to easily scan for photos inside them. You can add more photos from your Photos and iPhoto library and other folders as well.

• Custom Comparison Settings
You can fully customize your comparison settings out of the available methods by adjusting the settings according to your requirement, regardless of the image size or format.

• Speed
Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro is extremely fast when it comes to scanning and comparing a large number of photos within seconds. This is due to the powerful algorithms injected during the development of this tool that make the search of duplicate photos extremely fast, giving excellent comparison results.

• Efficiency / Real-time Results
Without re-comparing photos, you can re-group the comparison results by changing the matching level on the slider in real-time.

• Auto-Mark Duplicates
Use the Auto-Mark feature to mark all duplicate photos in every group except one, depending upon the preferences.

• Compact Viewing
The interface of Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro is designed in such a way that all occurrences of photos are classified into different groups and are viewed as large photos group in each line.

• Quick Look
Before moving ahead and deleting photos, you can have a clear look at them instead of opening them individually, using this feature.

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#6 : Top Paid Mac Applications
#165 : Top Grossing Mac Applications

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Photography , Utilities

Comments and Ratings for Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro

Does not work (1.9.2)
11/01/2017 23:56:00 1/5 By Shanmeem
I bought this and used it to scan over 3000 photos an event photographer had passed on to me. There were obvious duplicates - multiple burst shots. On the first pass the software only identified 2 duplicates !!. I reduced matching level to the minimum and it then only found 4 more !!! Waste of money.

Fantastic app! (1.9.2)
02/01/2017 16:06:00 5/5 By Seta-uk
It really does a great job. And automatic mode picks up unwanted pictures in a very smart way. I’m verry happy with Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro!

total load of crap! (1.9.2)
02/01/2017 07:15:00 1/5 By Bellachops
total load of crap!

Rubbish (1.9.2)
01/01/2017 09:43:00 1/5 By Dgwp67
I have 100s of duplicates in Photo library and have now been trying for over 30 minutes for this useless app to bring them back in the search. It keeps bringing back the same 16 even though I have now deleted them. Waste of time and 79p.

Fast and accurate but interface needs improving (1.9.2)
16/12/2016 01:45:00 3/5 By Brown-bloke
The scanning is fast and took only a few minutes to check 35000 photos and reveal around 9000 duplicates. With that in mind, scanning each one is tiresome. The auto checking is OK but often goes for the wrong photo. Not iits fault really as sometimes you need a human. What is needed is the ability to select a group of photos and mark them, then skip some and bulk select more. It would be pretty awesome if the selection was better / easier. Also noticed recently that it keeps crashing which is very frustrating an means starting again.

Duplicate photo fixer (1.9.2)
14/12/2016 06:55:00 5/5 By Madmogs
best app i have found for finding duplicated photos in different files,and once the duplicated photos were found and marked using the auto find it was just a push of the delete all button and they went into a duplicate folder to be trashed or retrieved

drop-outs (1.9.2)
03/12/2016 17:11:00 2/5 By prostaglandin
Rather sad as this has the makings of a good product except for its habit of dropping-out and losing all current work without warning. Somewhere between tedious and unusual. Having to trash duplicates frequently (to mitigate against drop-outs) it is annoying to be asked to rate the product every time. Still it didn’t cost me too much.

Don’t use with a large library (1.9.2)
30/11/2016 15:30:00 2/5 By Captainslackbladder
I just downloaded this app and having waited a perfectly reasonable 20mins for it to scan and analyse my library of 25,000 photos and spent another 10mins checking through around 100 matches, it simply crashed. Not sure I can be bothered to start again.

Finally! Amazing! (1.9.2)
27/11/2016 14:05:00 5/5 By tsakmat
I was looking for this (something that Apple should have already provided with the photos app). It’s amazing! Very cheap and it does the job!!! Very happy. Highly recommended. I saved lots of hours.

Does what it says but missing a feature (1.9.2)
11/11/2016 12:35:00 4/5 By aps_Bario
I was looking for an App that would delete all the duplicate photos I had accumuplated in Apple Photos caused by combining several old back-up and archives. This App certainly makes finding and deleting duplicate photos easy, the only problem is that it assumes you that you want to keep the latest version (as you would other file types) but the later versions of photos usually means the duplicate copies (sometimes without meta data, or having a later creation dates) rather than the original version even of edited photos. The auto mark feature works well, but needs the option to reverse the sort/selection criteria.

Does what it says on the Tin (1.9.2)
06/11/2016 19:27:00 5/5 By Addie on Arran
Have used this App for a while now. On my iPhone on my iPad and my Mac. Works brilliantly you can vary every setting and do it manually or automatically you then have all the choices. BRILLIANT.

Good but watch out (1.9.2)
04/11/2016 13:10:00 3/5 By Ian111t
It does work and is useful for getting rid of duplicates. The reason for only three stars is that after 45 mins selecting pics to delete it crashed and I had to do it all again.

Created havoc with my photos (1.9.2)
30/10/2016 04:18:00 1/5 By Michael Simmons
Seemed to create a completely new photo library with only one third of my photos and total panic. Finally found the original library with everyuthing intact but this app IS OFF MY MACHINE now!!!!! Cost me three hours and a sleepless night!!!

As Advertised (1.9.2)
29/10/2016 21:05:00 5/5 By Bazooci
Does exactly what it says on the box. Follow the instructions at each step & it will remove duplicated photos quickly & easily.

Beware this app (1.9.2)
23/10/2016 19:40:00 3/5 By designersteff
I got this app to search my library for duplicates and it found about 200 and put them in a designated album as promised. I almost wrote the good review then and there. However a few days later I was manually looking through my photos and I found 335 duplicates!!! Some photos had as many as 10 duplicate copies. Whether this was actually caused by the app I’m not sure but either way I REALLY wouldn’t buy this app or trust it to rifle through your precious photos. I know it takes ages but just do it manually a bit at a time if you value your library

Worked perfectly (1.9.2)
22/10/2016 17:50:00 5/5 By Mr-moe
I had accidently duplicated over 18,000 photos and videos. I tried another App which I also paid for but that didn’t work. I downloaded this app and it worked perfectly. it is easy to use and it found all the duplicated files giving me an option to also find similar photos and placed them all in a separate folder that i could just delete.

Does not work (1.9.2)
20/10/2016 16:12:00 1/5 By Geoff House
I have tried this on its most ‘sensitive’ setting and it just doesn’t work. I would like a refund!

Does what it says. (1.9.2)
11/10/2016 13:41:00 5/5 By babeljlex
I found this really easy to use. No fuss No bother No kerfuffle. Got duplicates? Use this to find, review and delete.

Very useful app! (1.9.2)
10/10/2016 16:31:00 4/5 By Brooke69!
Straight forward and effective application for identifying duplicate photos. The app transfers duplicates to a seperate folder where you can review them before deciding whether to delete some or all of the ones identified by the app. You can choose specific selection criteria to help select which photos are the duplicate versions, this helps to prevent loosing the inferior version, where you may have two identical photos that are of varying quality etc...

Garbage. Half the instructions are in mandarin and/or Japanese. (1.9.1)
29/09/2016 14:26:00 1/5 By Cross mother
I want my money back. This is absolute rubbish. Even trying to navigate the foreign instructions, it still didn't work.

Simple & Fast (1.9.1)
28/09/2016 14:17:00 5/5 By Robo_1
A simple interface combined with a swift process and a healthy number of customisation tools makes this a winner. Saved me near 15GB of HDD space, done and dusted inside 15 mins. Worth every penny.

Doesn’t work (1.9.1)
26/09/2016 22:39:00 3/5 By Drnickg
I’ve tried this app a dozen times and often, other than making a new empty folder in my Photos sidebar, it doesn’t actually do anything except freeze up my system for minutes on end. I have had a few minor successes but even then it has only moved a maximum of 400 of the 4000 photos it claimed to have moved Not impressed. Don’t waste your money.

Great stuff (1.9.1)
25/09/2016 14:04:00 5/5 By Big and Ugly
I’m no prize photographer, just a memory collector, so my photo archiving skills are not totally professional. Also, with the rest of the family adding to our collection, our photolibrary canbecome really bloated. This app worked brilliantly in sorting our duplicates and has a nice balace of chances to correct its selection over polluting you with time wasting ‘do you want to think again’ stuff. I mainly used the default settings and after a lot of dry runs, found it could be trusted with our library. I have played around with the filter settings and have found them occaisionaly handy, but for my home Mr average photo archiver with an OCD problem, this app works nicely.

Well worth the money (1.9.1)
22/09/2016 10:35:00 5/5 By Barry Menzies
i downloaded the app and ran it straight away. I have spent countless hours trawling through some 20000+ photos on my iPhone 6 trying to identify and get rid of duplicates. This app managed the task in less than 30 seconds and identified, marked and deleted 2000 photos, freeing up valuable space on my mac, iPhone and iPad

Fantastic (1.9.1)
21/09/2016 17:32:00 5/5 By gw0gvq
Easy to use and most of all it works

Working well (1.9.1)
16/09/2016 18:30:00 5/5 By Marty 633
Just installed this on my iMac and so far it is working as expected. Doing a limited number of photos at first, just to make sure nothing untoward happens!

SUPERB (1.9.1)
11/09/2016 17:57:00 5/5 By Bramleyboy22
I’ve been searching for somthing like this for ages and nearly gave up hope that anything like this existed. Wonderful time and space saver.

Good with Photos but bad with iPhoto (1.9.1)
08/09/2016 10:38:00 3/5 By CLIDebacker
I’ve been using this app for a while now and love it! However recently I have come across a problem when trying to use it for iPhoto. It says that the app can support versions of iPhoto that are 9 and above, but my version is 9.6.1 and it still does not work. Other than that, it works very well and easily with Photos.

Premium phone lines for support be warned (1.9.1)
30/08/2016 21:05:00 1/5 By AlainnDiagha
Please be aware that the number given for tel support is 8557167019 but that when you dial it you get a recording telling you to dial 08431167785. However, companies are technically banned from using premium rate lines that may cost up to 62 p a minute plus a connection fee for post sales customer service support. And on their website under support there is no warning of such costs for support, and no corporate email link given, and no live chat. Apple should be aware of this situation. Hopefully someone in Apple reads these things as this is totally unsatisfactory. My app shows no progress bar and activity monitor does not indicate the app is doing anything at all for 5 hours. Who knows.

Migration Nightmare (1.9.1)
28/08/2016 23:22:00 5/5 By grumpytom
After migrating from iPhoto to Aperture years ago then to this latest Photos app (I lament the passing of Aperture for Photos), having several devices and libraries it was inevitable that dupes occurred among libraries with going toward 20k pictures. This was a few pence well spent - easy to use and intuative I’d say it’s saved me tons of time - and now to attack my extensive video libraries - more time saved

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