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By Apple (Apple Inc.)

GarageBand ’11 turns the Mac into a complete recording studio and offers fun new features that help you create even better sounding songs. Use Flex Time to quickly fix timing mistakes and Groove Matching to make multiple instruments play together seamlessly. Or plug in an electric guitar and play through realistic, inspiring new guitar amps and stompbox effects. GarageBand ’11 also has 22 new Learn to Play lessons in the most popular musical genres, and a exciting new feature called “How Did I Play?” that lets you practice along with any lesson while receiving real-time feedback – showing you where you made mistakes and tracking your improvement over time.

Flex Time
• Quickly change the timing of your audio recordings
• Fix occasional timing mistakes or make creative changes to how a part was performed
• Innovative UI – just click and drag the waveform to change the timing

Groove Matching
• Align the timing and rhythm of all your tracks with a single click
• Select a Groove Track, GarageBand analyzes its rhythm and instantly matches all other tracks

More guitar amps and stompbox effects
• Seven new guitar amps for a total of 12
• Modeled after the most revered gear in the world – from clean sounds to heavy distortion
• Five new stompbox effects, for a total of 15
• Mix Amps with stompboxes and find thousands of ways to rock

New Basic Lessons for piano and guitar
• 22 new Basic Lessons for piano and guitar (40 in total)
• Full screen, interactive video lessons with an Apple instructor to guide you
• Synchronized notation with animated onscreen instrument
• Built-in glossary to reference tuning for your guitar, reading music, and more
• Artist Lessons show you how to play a hit song taught by the artist who made it famous*
• The GarageBand Lesson Store lets you browse, purchase and download Artist Lessons*

“How Did I Play?”
• Play along with any GarageBand Lesson and get feedback on how accurately you’ve played
• Progress bar provides overview of your performance, and you can track progress over time
• Two-page notation to play along with sheet music or review your mistakes
• Chord Trainer to teach you how to play the most common chords, with real-time feedback

* GarageBand Artist Lessons are sold separately and are available directly through the GarageBand Lesson Store in select countries.

GarageBand Learn to Play requires an Intel-based Mac with a dual-core processor or better.

24-bit recording in GarageBand requires a Mac OS X-compatible audio interface with support for 24-bit audio. Some features and third-party services require Internet access and/or MobileMe; additional fees and terms apply.

Release Notes

Version : 6.0.5 | Size : 182.2 MB
This update supports general compatibility and addresses overall stability and performance, including the following: 

• Updates compatibility with GarageBand for iOS projects
• Fixes a playback issue with the GarageBand Lesson preview videos
• Corrects issues with some software instruments triggering incorrect or stuck notes

Screenshots Mac OSX :

Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX


Education , Music

Supported Devices : Mac OS

Comments and Ratings for GarageBand

Ive Installed 6 times at this point (6.0.5)
24/02/2013 21:11:00 2/5 By 1044tom
ive installed it 6 times and it crashes at 100% complete so i re do it and it dose it again garageband is good when it works not the best app it will be good when you make it downloadable

Fantastic Music (6.0.5)
02/02/2013 09:57:00 5/5 By JoeWilliams255
This application allows you to create your own music using easy tools which make music creation fun… it also provides some advanced features which can enhance the music quality sound. Would recommend this application to music lovers.

oh god….. (6.0.5)
14/01/2013 22:37:00 1/5 By Michaelx8 first this looks interesting….then you start to try to use it… …after an hour or so my son - seriously good musician - had multi-tracked his playing all the flute parts to "Stairway to Heaven"…sounds great, on the iPad….. ….but m4a is the only file output - and it won't even play on a mac! it'll play on an ipad and iPhone… ...trying to convert to MP3 is making me cry - it won't even open in Quicktime - nor VLC, nor will it import to Final Cut Pro - what is the point of this file format and why can I not convert it to MP3? - we took far less time creating the track than I am spending trying to 'jailbeak' it out of apple file formats - Apple has no ownership over it so whats the problem - bad software - very very bad software - typical of my apple experience (no flash, no flv on FCP Studio 2, lock-in after lock-in - relating to my own work…appalling, and an appalling waste of my time and anyone else's

Won (6.0.5)
05/01/2013 19:32:00 1/5 By Xiondewah
Just downloaded this and installed it - it goes off to download the missing content and doesn't do anything else. Every time I launch garageband it just re-downloads all the content!

garageband (6.0.5)
29/12/2012 16:49:00 1/5 By svenoyster
it will not stop downloading so i cannot use it

The first time I run it and it crashes….sigh (6.0.5)
09/12/2012 12:00:00 2/5 By Indigestion
What ever became of Apple quality? I remember the days when running bug free apps on my Mac made me smile, they just worked. It looks like I'm now faced with the same kind of problems that made me switch from Windows to OSX. Come on Apple focus more on the quality like you used to do. Extremely disappointing!

Laggy and buggy (6.0.5)
03/12/2012 17:59:00 2/5 By Familychoice
Works perfectly on my old iPad2, but on a new Macbook Pro it's running slow, crashing often and has serious latency issues (you press a key, and the sound arrives several seconds later). I'm running other music software (e.g. Maschine) without any latency issues whatsoever, yet a relatively small, Apple app lags terribly. Dissappointed. Was going to buy Logic Pro, but this has put me off Apple music apps.

Latency Issues! 5stars if you fix The issue! (6.0.5)
29/11/2012 23:29:00 4/5 By gv97viking
Dear apple i am writing to you to beg you on behalf of my fellow musicians! Please do something about the latency when plugging in a device via usb such as a guitar or a microphone. For those of you that dont know what latency is (although im sure youve had the misfortune to realise and understand what it is from using garageband) it is when you play a note and then it is heard or recording a noticeable time after, so therefore you cannot record anything in time. Please apple im begging you to have latency control on garageband like logic! I would even be willing to pay £3 or maybe even more just to get it fixed. We shouldnt have to buy a usb audio interface! it should work regardless. Apple if you even make an in app purchase so i can have this problem solved i will be happy just please fix the latency! Other than than i cannot fault anything with my mac or garage band or anything! its all Fantastic! But please take this issue into consideration. Thank You.

Brilliant fun (6.0.5)
24/10/2012 12:40:00 5/5 By Lindsay loves rats
I love this app, it's got me back playing my keyboard, and I'm having so much fun. Lookng forward to trying out some of the lessons.

Bloody fantastic!!! (6.0.5)
23/10/2012 15:18:00 5/5 By DSi77@twitter
Honestly don't read all of these low rated reviews. What you get for your money is absolutely top of the tree. I am completely addicted to Garageband now. It is phenominal. 1. There are 1,000's of effects for my guitar 2. It is rediculously easy to plug your guitar in via a £20 USB cable and jam like the best of them 3. You can record multiple tracks, including synth and keyboard even if you don't own one (I don't) - you just add either tab style music or the music notes. 4. The amount of effects available after you download the FREE all-inclusive package is brilliant! - 1.2gb in size 5. Even if you are slightly off when recording, you can re-jig afterwards so everything is beat perfect. 6. There are 100's of drums, beats, effects, pre-installed guides Oh, and the sound quality if wicked. I have my Apple laptop rigged to my BOSE surround sound system in the house and it simply blows me away in terms of quality. Shame I can't rate this higher.

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