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HOME OUTSIDE Landscape Design

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By Home Outside, Inc.

We created the Home Outside landscape design app as an easy-to-use alternative to highly technical CAD-type design programs—now you don’t even need drawing skills to make beautiful landscape designs! It’s an intuitive tap-and-drag app with over 700 hand-drawn elements that homeowners and design professionals can use to create a property plan or garden layout.

Why buy HOME OUTSIDE Landscape Design when you can use the popular mobile app for free? With Desktop, you can create larger designs, in portrait or landscape orientation. Using a mouse instead of a fingertip, you can more easily create detailed designs with greater precision and control. You can export an 11x17” PDF to print from your computer. You can save an editable design file to open and continue working on with your mobile device or desktop. PDFs include an automatically formatted titleblock based on customizable fields in Settings, with a scale bar, north arrow, and notes.


• Rotate design area (90-degree increments, landscape or portrait orientation).
• Simple click-and-drag functionality. Move, resize, rotate, duplicate, flip, group/ungroup, zoom, undo/redo to place each piece just where you want it.
• Import an image as a layer to your design (.JPG, .PNG). Resize, rotate in screen, lock, hide, reorder the layer, and adjust its opacity.
• Plot your property using the Map tool and use it as a base for your design. Your Map image is imported with coordinating margin rulers, dynamic scale bar, and north arrow. Imports as an adjustable layer.
• In-screen collapsible panels for Layers and design elements.
• Easy to use tool boxes for Notes tool, Sketch tool, Background color, and Print Preview.
• Add text notes with numbered tags to explain features, specify individual plants, and keep track of details. Use in light or dark mode for optimal visibility over graphic.
• Organize your design with Layers. Lock/unlock, make each layer visible or invisible. Reorder and rename layers as desired.
• Do more with Layers in Desktop: merge layers and display layer with adjustable transparency using the opacity slider.
• Add a layer of color with the Sketch tool. Sketch in 15 colors with adjustable line weight and opacity for drawing solid lines or a transparent tint. Adjust the entire sketch layer’s opacity in the Layers panel.
• Make event-planning easier with the Events palette seat counter. Keeps track of the number of seats you’ve placed for your guests.
• Save to in-app design gallery, export editable design files to your personal computer, or save an image of your design (.png) to your computer files.
• Save/print plan graphic to 11x17" PDF with titleblock, scale, north arrow, and design notes.
• Multiple layout options for PDF: display plan as square with notes on same page, or display plan as rectangle on a single page or with notes displayed on second page.
• Record project information in Settings—title, client/homeowner name, project address, and design phase. Fields will auto-fill PDF titleblock with current date.
• North arrow and dynamic scale bar sync with imported map image. Turn on/off for PDF print. In Settings, opt for scale to read in feet or meters.
• Designs created with desktop are compatible with mobile and vice versa. Save a design to your personal computer, then use Air Drop or email to transfer the design to your mobile device and open with the Home Outside mobile app. Or start a design with your mobile device, then transfer it to your computer to refine it using Home Outside desktop app on your Mac.

Release Notes

13/11/2017 | Version : 1.0 | Size : 99.0 MB

Screenshots Mac OSX :

Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX


Lifestyle , Graphics & Design

Supported Devices : Mac OS

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