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IP Scanner Pro

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By 10base-t Interactive (Eric Redlinger)

IP Scanner Pro for Macintosh scans your local area network to determine the identity of all machines and internet devices on the LAN. Powerful results, yet easy and intuitive to use.

IP Scanner is all about customizing the way you view your network. You may apply custom names and icons to the devices on your network and adjust the type and amount of information you see in the network overview; don't need to see the MAC address column...don't display it! Text too small...make it larger!

IP Scanner can be used in several primary modes: as a way to get a quick overview of which devices are currently on the network, including seeing which devices are actively and passively present, or view network changes over time with IP Scanner's 'cumulative mode', including options to display devices which were once present but now no longer visible.

Finally, by using the whitelist feature you may filter out known and trusted devices to reveal new or unexpected ones, a great way to easily identify unwanted network visitors.

Other notable features:

•Sort network list by device name, IP address, MAC address or Last Seen
•Growl support for notifications of newly discovered devices and changes in device state
•Right-click a device to obtain additional contextualized tool options, including Ping, WOL and Port Scan tools
•Local network segments are scanned automatically; custom ranges may be added manually

Not sure if IP Scanner does what you want? Try IP Scanner standard edition for free to see if IP Scanner is for you, or visit http://10base-t.com for more info.

Release Notes

16/11/2017 | Version : 3.63 | Size : 5.5 MB
1) updated device profiles
2) improvements to German localization
3) published Bonjour services now displayed in the device detail pane

12/06/2017 | Version : 3.58 | Size : 5.5 MB
1) latest device profiles
2) minor UI tweaks and initial support for floating tool palettes

31/03/2017 | Version : 3.56 | Size : 5.5 MB
1) latest device profiles


Categories :
#85 : Top Grossing Mac Applications [Utilities]
#123 : Top Paid Mac Applications [Utilities]

Screenshots Mac OSX :

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Productivity , Utilities

Supported Devices : Mac OS

Comments and Ratings for IP Scanner Pro

Pretty poor (3.52)
29/12/2016 03:49:00 1/5 By dwkns
The scan itself works but no details of the selected device are shown when they are selected. You only see blank boxes. Waste of money.

Excellent (3.42)
14/12/2015 17:30:00 5/5 By ashjg p
I have only scratched the surface of its functions but I find it Indispensible for discovering the IP addresses of devices on the network. The facility to add custom names to devices is very useful.

Is broken ... (3.39)
16/06/2015 22:56:00 1/5 By NickDun
Works fine for a while, a few weeks perhaps, and then just stops loading. Tried installing on my other mac and the same thing happened. Cant be trusted and the work put in to tune the data is just wasted.

IP Scanner Pro v3.37 (3.37)
12/05/2015 04:02:00 5/5 By philharve
It is difficult to rate this application because it stands alone in terms of performance, features and cost (Pro). I first used the ‘non Pro’ version in order to discover what it can do but found it so useful as a troubleshooting aid that I upgraded to the ‘Pro’ version fairly quickly. The differences between 'non Pro' and ‘Pro’ versions are quite marked and I prefer the later simply because it offers more features. However, learning to use the extra features will take time and even though I have been using the ‘Pro’ version for some while, I have only begun to scratch the surface of the additional functionality. I see this application used mainly as a troubleshooting tool but it might be used in other imaginative ways.

Love it….. (3.30)
09/12/2014 01:56:00 5/5 By Turnip Socket
I use this app constantly to check the devices on any networks I join, and it works flawlessly. No issues with custom names, the app produces previously saved names when it determines a devices MAC address. I’ve not used it on networks over 50 nodes, so I can’t vouch for it’s performance, but up to 50, fantastic. I’ve never had any issues with crashing. I don’t have a bad word to say about it really. Money very well spent in my humble opinion.

Great Scanner (3.26)
17/09/2014 12:24:00 4/5 By TheWatcher!
Does what you expect with a confusing aspect around naming, when should it remember names and when not… But I cannot do without it, went with Pro as the number of my devices in my home has exceeded the amount, for that reason yu=ou lose a star. I am only scanning a home and yet I have to have Pro…. hmmm

Great App but crash city on large networks (3.21)
14/08/2014 16:50:00 4/5 By MCal27
Had this App for ages now and use it every week. Great features, but on larger networks I do find it crashes alot. Hope the devs can look at this?

Does what it says on the tin and more (3.21)
01/07/2014 13:57:00 5/5 By zinfab
This is a great little app, love that it can scan multiple Subnets at once and that its configurable in so many ways.

Probably the best ip-scanner around (3.18)
29/12/2013 15:18:00 5/5 By verec
Just one minor nit-pick: when a device comes back online, that you had given a name to last time it was around, it would be nice to restore the name that you had specified, based on the DNS bonjour name and the IP address if they match. If only the DNS name matches, you could restore the name followed by a question mark? This is even more frustrating when you have taken the extra step of chosing a customized icon (Add New) which is spot-on (in my case: Raspberry Pi) and that icon *is* restored but the name shows as “unidentified device” even though both the DNS name and the IP address match what they used to be last time around. Also, the exported HTML template has a way too large middle column and a way too narrow right most column that forces a text wrap. Otherwise, just what I needed. Keep it up!

Amazing! (3.15)
12/09/2013 22:17:00 5/5 By C15JON
Couldn't survive without this astonishing app! Keep up the good work, guys!

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