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By Apple (Apple Inc.)

iPhoto lets you do more than you ever thought possible with your photos, with easy ways to find, sort, and rediscover your favorite shots. Simple but powerful editing tools let you turn good photos into magnificent ones. Share directly to Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, and Messages. iPhoto also works with iCloud, so the photos you take on your iOS devices automatically appear in iPhoto, and you can share selected photos and videos with family and friends using iCloud Photo Sharing. You can even create professional-quality photo books, calendars and letterpress cards quickly and easily.

iCloud Photo Sharing
• Post photos and videos to other people’s shared photo streams, or create your own streams to share with friends and family
• View and add comments and likes to photos and videos in any shared stream
• My Photo Stream lets you view and automatically import recent photos taken on your iOS devices
• Automatically send newly-imported photos to all your iOS devices using My Photo Stream

Facebook integration
• Post to your Timeline or a Facebook photo album and add a comment
• View friends’ photo comments right in iPhoto and post a comment back
• Support for multiple Facebook accounts

Custom Photo Email
• Ten Apple-designed themes
• Support for all popular email services
• Attach photos with one click
• Email sharing history

• Twelve themes including Holiday Mobile, Reflections, and Places
• Places slideshow theme uses location data in your photos
• Themes include instantly recognizable music
• Export directly to iTunes for syncing

Beautiful photo books
• Dynamic, carousel-based theme browser
• Theme preview with your photos
• Change book type, size and color with a click
• Page layouts include two-page, full-bleed spreads, perfect for panoramas

Letterpress cards
• Beautiful debossed designs imprinted on premium paper
• 31 themes complete with matching envelopes
• Personalize with your photos and text
• Available for a variety of occasions including births, weddings, and the holidays

Aperture compatibility
• Unified photo library for both iPhoto and Aperture (v. 3.3 or later) allows you to easily switch between apps
• Events, Faces, Places, albums and web sharing work across both applications

iPhoto print products are available in the U.S., Canada, Japan, and select countries in Europe and Asia Pacific.

Some features and third-party services require Internet access and iCloud; additional fees and terms may apply. iCloud is available to persons age 13 or older. 

Third-party services may not be available in all languages or in all countries. Use of these services requires Internet access and may require you to accept additional terms.

Release Notes

11/01/2014 | Version : 9.5.1 | Size : 1.1 GB
• Fixes an issue that could cause print previews to render incorrectly
• Includes stability and performance improvements

02/11/2013 | Version : 9.5 | Size : 1.1 GB
• The Places feature now uses Apple maps to display photo locations
• Adds support for iCloud Photo Sharing, including the ability to post videos to shared photo streams and the ability to have multiple subscribers contribute to a shared stream
• Adds support for iOS 7 camera filters applied to photos imported from iOS devices
• Includes a new, streamlined interface for printing
• Replaces the Create menu with an updated Share menu providing access to all sharing options, including print products such as books, cards and calendars
• Fixes an issue that could cause iPhoto to quit unexpectedly when sharing an edited photo from a MacBook Pro with Retina display
• Addresses an issue that could cause iPhoto to show incorrect file type and size information for imported TIFF and PSD files
• Comment sheet now appears correctly when sharing multiple photos to a new or existing photo stream
• Fixes an issue that caused photos with specific color profiles to display incorrectly on iOS devices after being shared via iCloud
• Captions instead of version names are now synced between iPhoto and Facebook for newly-created albums
• Privacy settings can now be managed when sharing photos from iPhoto to a Facebook Timeline
• Videos up to three minutes long can now be shared to Flickr
• Addresses an issue that could cause photos synced to iPhoto from Flickr to appear rotated incorrectly
• Fixes an issue that could cause photos synced to iPhoto from Facebook or Flickr to be duplicated and reposted
• URLs in the photo comments field can now be clicked to open the corresponding links
• Improves reliability when working with custom locations in the Places feature 
• Improves reliability when copying and pasting photos to a new event
• When a single photo is selected in an album, clicking the Trash button in the contextual menu now removes the photo from the album rather than from the library
• Includes stability and performance improvements

15/06/2013 | Version : 9.4.3 | Size : 1.0 GB
• Photos can now be deleted from My Photo Stream by dragging to the Trash
• Photos can now be exported from Photo Stream using the Export command in the File menu
• RAW images manually imported from My Photo Stream are now editable
• Fixes a bug that could cause manually-rotated photos to appear unrotated when shared to Photo Stream
• Addresses an issue that could cause iPhoto to quit unexpectedly while syncing to Facebook
• Resolves an issue that could cause calendar text to appear at the wrong font size, resulting in order cancellation
• Fixes an issue that could cause books to have an incorrect number of pages after rearranging two-page spreads
• Includes stability improvements

Screenshots Mac OSX :

Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX


Lifestyle , Photography

Supported Devices : Mac OS

Comments and Ratings for iPhoto

Breathtakingly, staggeringly, unfathomably bad (9.5.1)
21/03/2014 18:15:00 1/5 By BenBoard
It’s hard to find the words to adequately capture just how appalling this software is. I came excitedly to Macs from Windows believing that this is exactly the sort of thing OS X does best. Yet the scale of the ineptitude on display in the usability of this software is beyond my comprehension. I don’t have the time or energy or inclination to be specific. I would almost encourage you to download and use it just as a life experience, like being locked in a broken elevator: something you can discuss wide-eyed at dinner parties or with which to shock your children. Rest assured that on each occasion you need to import photos from your iPad, edit the content of events, print out a photo, find a picture on your drive, or almost anything else, you will be exposed to some fresh hell even after you thought there were surely no more obscenities to be found. Using this software is like discovering your car has been stolen, over and over again.

album chaos iPhoto (9.4.3)
11/03/2014 08:58:00 3/5 By seniorlady1
I love apple and its products and have used them for years - however the making of albums in iphoto can be a nightmare - duplicates appear all the time - and deletion and/ or cut/paste doesn’t seem to work at all times. It appears that within one album if you highlight a selection and then press select all [implying the highlighted selection] and then move/cut/paste this selection - everything is incorporated in the move and its one viscious cycle - something which I never experienced with photoshop or any other photo programme. If then you try and cut paste a selection it cuts but then you can’t paste it. OK the photos aren’t lost as they are in the master photos but frankly it drives me crazy.

agonisingly slow, atrociously thought out (9.5.1)
06/03/2014 18:03:00 1/5 By handheldFilms
iPhoto used to be a great app. But not any more. This version (9.5.1) takes ages to open, is agonisingly slow to use (even with 8GB RAM), and has an atrociously designed interface, which does not even allow you to make full use of the screen size for editing. The only good thing about it is that you can now open your iPhoto library in Aperture (which has got faster and more capable over the years) - though arguably you wouldn’t need to do this at all if iPhoto worked as it should. One star for this singular saving feature - minus 4 stars for wrecking a perfectly good app.

working on 10.9.2 (9.5.1)
03/03/2014 22:23:00 5/5 By peter63711

Deletes the photos from all your projects (books you’ve made) (9.5.1)
19/02/2014 09:40:00 2/5 By Matty Obla
I’m sorry apple but your standards have dropped. Being able to create photo projects for mothers day etc is a big part of iPhotos appeal. Ive upgraded and lost all my projects. Updates should be tested properly before being released, especially to ensure something as important as “projects” transfer across properly. No thank you, we dont like that. Memories have been lost :(

i cant downlaod the new version (9.5.1)
12/02/2014 10:31:00 3/5 By Fchange
since downloading maverick it has not let me open my old iPhoto and then when I found it in the app store and it said it was downloading the new version when actually it wasn’t. How do i sort this out?

Can’t rotate videos - poor video support (9.5.1)
08/02/2014 06:37:00 3/5 By Andy hhsbsj67
I use this for my library of 17000+ photos and think it does an excellant job. I also keep videos that I’ve taken on my camera in iPhoto but the support for these videos is nowhere near as good. When playing videos often the video is out of sync with the talking (if I play same video in VLC there is no problem), but most anoying for me is the inability to rotate those videos. The only way that I’ve worked out how to do this is to use iMovie to do this which has a useless user interface, then export from iMovie and reimport back into iPhoto. All other good photo album apps can rotate videos.

iphoto locked (9.5.1)
06/02/2014 14:38:00 1/5 By dilogn
Why does Apple encourage you to upgrade systems and then have to endure loads of abuse because things don’t work afterwards? Extremely poor quality control.Iphoto from Mountain Lion to Maverick should not lock with no way to get into the existing files. Fix it Apple.

no longer have a choice on print (9.5.1)
27/01/2014 11:31:00 3/5 By Smil3y78
i preferred it when i could custom my prints with borders, i also loved the fact i had various options on printing but now it is just basic. my photos are now basic i am dissapointed

Good but one major flaw (9.5.1)
22/01/2014 21:45:00 3/5 By BecasueSteveCan
A smoth app that handles the 5000 i currently have on my sytem without any form of lag. Intuative to use and presented excellently. The only fault and in my opinion it is a large one is that iPhoto does not support multiple profiles using the same library, there are workarounds but these are not ideal and do not function as desired making it difficult for two user profile on the same machine to share in the same iPhoto library. Please Apple rectify this in the next update.

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