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Lifecraft - journal & emotions

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Lifecraft is a fun and engaging journal. Use it to tell your story, capture your thoughts, and discover your dreams. Lifecraft works its magic by encouraging you to self-reflect and focus on your life. In short, Lifecraft will help you reinvent yourself, conquer your setbacks, leap tall buildings in a single bound, and live boldly!

Lifecraft is available for both your iPhone and Mac. An iPad version is coming soon.

Lifecraft seamlessly syncs your information between all of your devices using Apple's iCloud technology. This means that you don't have to trust your private information to yet another 3rd party. Oh, and did we mention that it's really fast!

Create as many journals as you want for different areas of your life like family, school, and work. Organize your journals hierarchically into multiple levels of sub-journals.

Your information is always encrypted whether it's stored on your computer, in the cloud, or on its way to the cloud. We've got you covered with industry-standard AES-256 encryption.

See your emotional life in vivid color. The more you use Lifecraft, the more you’ll notice patterns in your emotions which will provide valuable insights and lead to a happier life. The built-in Emotion Tree and Emotion Calendar show you everything you need to know.

Some experiences are bigger than words. That’s why you can attach any number of photos and videos to your entries (free version is limited to one per entry).

Tags & Favorites provide another way to categorize your entries. The best thing about tags is you can use them to filter your entries.

Choosing fonts and colors is effortless. Instead of having to remember obscure text formatting codes (like Markdown syntax), Lifecraft offers familiar font controls that make it easy to choose your style. Plus, you can insert tables and lists into your entries.

See the weather forecast for the next week or for any of your past entries. So ten years from now, you can look back and see that it rained on your birthday party.

Consult your daily schedule to remember the events of the day when you're writing in your journal.

Your location is automatically captured when you create a journal entry. Now you can remember where you celebrated Valentine's Day for the past decade.

Click the Quick Entry icon in the menu bar to quickly add a journal entry at any time from any application.

• Create unlimited entries per day
• Search by word, phrase, tag, favorite, or emotion
• Import/export entries in industry-standard rich text format
• Print entries for a permanent hardcopy
• Lock your journal to prevent unauthorized access*
• Open multiple viewer and individual entry windows simultaneously


*Lifecraft is free to download and use. Lifecraft Pro upgrades your experience and is available through an in-app purchase. You can try Lifecraft Pro free for 30 days. When you subscribe, Lifecraft Pro will be enabled on all of your devices for no additional cost.

LIFECRAFT PRO - The ultimate journal
• iCloud syncing
• Emotion tracking
• Unlimited journals
• Unlimited photos
• Tags & favorites
• Password lock
• Weather
• Writing prompts - coming August 2017
• Keep the Lifecraft updates coming

$1.49 monthly, $14.99 annually

Price may vary by location. Subscriptions will be charged to your credit card through your iTunes account. Your subscription will automatically renew unless canceled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Manage your subscriptions in Account Settings after purchase.


Lifecraft is built by a small dedicated team. The reviews you write make a big difference. Thanks!

Terms of Use:

Release Notes

18/10/2017 | Version : 1.0.9 | Size : 27.1 MB
- Important changes to improve iCloud syncing
- A sync status bar appears at the bottom of the Journal List during a sync
- Preferences includes sync status information and controls for manually triggering a sync, etc.
- The Entry Info popover shows the word, character and paragraph counts for the entry text
- The number of entries appears in the Entry List’s search field
- A warning appears when quitting the software if a sync is in progress
- Added a Send Feedback command to the Help menu
- A warning appears when attaching videos that aren’t natively supported
- Fixed some problems displaying emojis in the entry text/list
- Fixed problem copying entries to a different folder
- Fixed problem where progress dialogs didn’t always update correctly
- Fixed problem detecting if older helper application is running

22/09/2017 | Version : 1.0.8 | Size : 19.7 MB
- Photos can now be added to the Media Gallery (above the entry) or inserted in the entry text (Preferences > General)
- When adding a photo to an entry, the entry date/location can be optionally updated to match the photo (Preferences > General)
- Photos & videos can now be dragged to an entry from Apple’s Photos app
- When a photo is inserted in the entry text, a thumbnail now appears in the Entry List
- A search now highlights the search terms in the Entry List and the selected entry text
- The Edit > Select All command can now be used to select all of the entries in a journal
- The Day One v2 import options now includes a temperature (°C or °F) setting
- Photo thumbnails appear in the Entry List for all Day One entries that include a photo. To get the thumbnails to appear, the Day One entries can be re-imported. Or the thumbnail will automatically appear when any existing Day One entry is manually selected in Lifecraft.
- Fixed a problem where the mini calendar view showed the wrong weeks and starting weekday for European users
- Fixed problem where the playback controls weren’t appearing for audio/video files inserted in the entry text
- Fixed problem where the entries were unsorted when printing multiple entries
- Fixed some weather issues
- Fixed some sync issues

07/09/2017 | Version : 1.0.7 | Size : 19.6 MB
1.0.7 Can now select which calendars’ events are visible in sidebar (Preferences > Calendars)
1.0.7 Faster iCloud sync
1.0.7 Photos embedded in text resize automatically
1.0.7 Photos attached to entries appear in printouts/PDFs
1.0.7 The Day One import feature can now leave photos in entry text (File > Import > Day One)
1.0.7 The Day One import feature now lets the user choose whether to bold entry titles
1.0.7 Fixed problem converting non-English dates in Day One Classic import
1.0.7 Fixed problem with duplicate tags in Day One import
1.0.7 Fixed problem where certain image attachments appeared rotated
1.0.7 Fixed problem recognizing subscriptions on some systems
1.0.7 Various bug fixes and improvements


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Lifestyle , Productivity

Supported Devices : Mac OS

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Lifecraft - journal & life manager
Lifecraft - journal & life manager

Price : Free
Platform : iPhone/iPad
By Lifecraft Inc.

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