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Logic Pro

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By Apple (Apple Inc.)

Logic Pro 9 is a complete set of creative tools for any musician who wants to write, record, edit, and mix music. It comes with a massive collection of instruments, effects, and Apple Loops, making it easy to get amazing sounds and create amazing-sounding songs.

Made for musicians
• Get up and rolling fast with production-ready templates and one-step track setup
• Work fast with easy access to all tools and editing areas using a single-window interface
• Enhance your songs with over 15,000 Apple Loops in a wide range of instruments and genres

Plug-ins & sounds
• 40 built-in instruments including synths, vintage keyboards, a drum machine, sampler, and more
• 80 effects including reverbs, delays, EQs, dynamics, amps, stompboxes, and more
• Over 1700 sampled instruments for a rich variety of acoustic and electronic sounds
• 4500 professionally crafted settings to fuel your creativity

The ideal writing studio
• Always find the audio files and sounds you need using integrated content browsers
• Create your own sampler instruments instantly from any audio in your project
• Produce lead sheets or fully ornamented scores using a comprehensive set of notation tools
• Make composing a movie score easier than ever with advanced music-for-picture features

The ultimate way to record
• Record and seamlessly punch in and out of one or multiple tracks
• Keep takes and overdubs organized and easy to manage with take folders
• Document important details from musicians to microphones with Project and Track notes
• Use Beat Mapping to record without a click track and then conform to bars and beats later

Powerful tools for creative editing
• Manipulate the timing and tempo of any recording with ease using Flex Time features
• Build comps by selecting the best parts of each take using Quick Swipe Comping
• Correct the timing of audio recordings as easily as you do with MIDI using Audio Quantize
• Quickly render effects for a single region or an entire track using Bounce-in-Place
• Replace or double less-than-perfect drum tracks with just a few clicks using Drum Replacer
• Easily transfer setups and track content between projects using Selective Track Import
• Quickly apply fades and crossfades using region-based Click Zones
• Varispeed makes it simple to slow down or speed up an entire multitrack project

Pro mixing
• Create huge projects using up to 255 audio, software instrument, and auxiliary channels
• Get creative with up to 15 plug-in inserts and 8 sends per channel
• Record automation for any channel strip or plug-in parameter on the fly
• Graphically view and edit automation for one or multiple parameters simultaneously
• Record, edit, and mix your projects in full surround, with up to 7.1 channels
• Use up to 32 Track Groups to more easily control multiple drum, vocal, or other related tracks

Seamless compatibility
• Open GarageBand projects directly in Logic Pro
• Expand your instrument and effects library with any Audio Units compatible plug-in
• Use ReWire enabled applications like Reason and Live with Logic Pro
• Choose the audio interface that’s best for you, using any OS X Core Audio device
• Integrated third-party control surface support provides many options for hands-on control

Incredible performance
• 64-bit support facilitates more RAM access for big projects and massive sampler instruments
• Multicore audio engine automatically distributes processing across all cores in your Mac
• Freeze Tracks temporarily renders tracks to free processing power for more new tracks

System Requirements: 2GB of RAM (4GB recommended), display with 1280-by-768 resolution or higher, minimum 6GB of disk space. 19GB of optional content available via in-app download.

Features the original Logic project for the song "Helena Beat" by Foster the People.

Release Notes

12/11/2012 | Version : 9.1.8 | Size : 412.1 MB
This update addresses overall stability and performance issues including:

• Fixes an issue that caused an AirPlay dialog to repeatedly appear.
• Resolves performance issues when using plug-ins that provide frequent graphic feedback.
• Additional content downloads now behave correctly when installing on Lion and Mountain Lion.

This update is recommended for all users of Logic Pro 9.

Version : 9.1.7 | Size : 412.1 MB
This update addresses overall stability and performance issues including:

• Resolves several issues related to the download and installation of content
• Updates compatibility with GarageBand for iOS projects
• Fixes a problem that produced an error message when editing fades on numerous regions

This update is recommended for all users of Logic Pro 9.

Screenshots Mac OSX :

Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX


Entertainment , Music

Supported Devices : Mac OS

Comments and Ratings for Logic Pro

Very Good (9.1.8)
05/04/2013 10:31:00 5/5 By Babashekere
This is very good and Easy to use but downloading was a nightmere! This is the best music software I have ever used.

Utterly Incredible... (9.1.8)
31/03/2013 15:00:00 5/5 By alij331
Logic Pro is a life saver. I go to college, and in the recording studio there we only have Protools loaded on the main Mac Pro. I can just about record something on Protools, but I generally hate the program and can not get on with it... BUT! On the iMacs in our editing suite we have Logic Pro. I find Logic Incredible; if I want to do something I can find it straight away, or a quick search on Apple Support and I'm flying again! Occasionally some of my projects freeze due to system overload (because I DO love my plug-ins...) but this is DUE TO THE PROCESSOR! ...Not the program as many think. I adore Logic, and anyone that isn't sold when they use Protools for the first time should have a mess around with Logic; you could well find it entirely different! It is well worth the investment, and ignore all the miserable b***ards that have nothing better to do than complain about it. If you're umming and arring about buying Logic Pro, you have two options: someone you know must have it, as it is a very popular program, OR if not, just buy it! I'm sure if you ignore any worries and just plough into it... get messing for a couple of days.... you'll be as fixed as i was! I hope this opinion helped in your search for the perfect professional studio program, and hey-presto! You've found it!

Love Logic! (9.1.8)
20/03/2013 17:27:00 5/5 By XYZ to you
I have been using music software since 1984 (!!!!) and Logic is the way to go. I have nothing against Cubase, and I love Protools for audio, but the latest versions of Logic give so much power and performance, great software library, plug-ins to die for. This level of power used to cost a fortune. The price is now fantastic. Buy it, make a hit. One thing… optimise your system according to the instructions or it will probably fall over on Mountain Lion. Mine was sulky until I optimised. Now it runs sweetly on Mountain Lion on an iMac.

Restarting download over and over again (9.1.8)
17/03/2013 20:08:00 1/5 By TheSuperbard
Essentially, doesn't work on a new mac. The download restarts every time you open the app, and it quits the application when it's done.

Great - No problems at all (9.1.8)
12/03/2013 17:31:00 5/5 By maxjaspermcguire
Upgrading from Logic Express to Pro has proved to extremely easy and quick. The download took an hour or so and the installation was also very simple. I have many third party plug-ins and they all directed themselves automatically. Opened it up and everything worked straight away! 139 is a real steal for such a great DAW

Download... (9.1.8)
10/03/2013 06:13:00 5/5 By Jghhjkh
I've just downloaded it, been waiting near 4 years to finally have the money and tools to get my hands on Logic Pro. Finally I'm here! There's a lot of negative reviews regarding downloading and opening it as an App and I was a little skeptical at buying it… I just wanted to say that I had no problems downloading the app and it took around half an hour to download. Everything works fine and it opened straight away… on a macbook pro, Mountain Lion OS etc.

If you're hesitating -- buy it (9.1.8)
01/03/2013 16:55:00 5/5 By Labern
I made music in FL Studio for about six years before feeling that I needed to upgrade (I recently got my first MacBook and wanted to reflected that change). I hesitated for a long while, but in the end, I pressed "buy" and haven't looked back since. If you're familiar with music (especially DAWs) you'll find that as daunting as it is, there are plenty of tutorials (written and video) online that will get you making the music you want to make with a polish that's truly never gets old. The major positives are the huge soundbank, the incredible sheen and the level of detail: you can get advanced as you like. There's a real motivation to do so, too: Apple has superb documentation. This is the top music making software as far as I'm concerned. The major con is what Fl Studio has: everything must be programmed in the piano roll or played live and quantized. What's missing is the excellent pattern editor in FL Studio, but even this is remedied (to some extent) by Ultrabeat (though it's not too effective, in my opinion). In essence, you shouldn't buy this if you're tight on money and don't care about music. If you have any interest in making music at all (specifically high quality music), you should definitely invest in this program. What's a couple of hundred pounds ($400 odd at the time of writing) when you can use this to make music until the end of your life? That's years; the price becomes sensational. Honestly, if you can afford it, this is the product. It may even pay you back when you get successful.

Please add support for 2880x1800 Retina Display MacBook Pros (9.1.8)
24/02/2013 14:07:00 4/5 By RidiculousNickName
I think this is a great piece of software, but it should evolve with the constant evolving MacBook product range to stay relevant in the future.

Good with a few bugs (9.1.8)
21/02/2013 13:35:00 4/5 By jimmy hi-hats
I love logic and i'm waiting for the new logic x to come out (hopefully, possibly- whenever you're ready). I've just had some plugin issues with logic pro 9 and Kontakt. Logic seems to crash quite a few times a session that i have to save every 5 minutes. and occasionally it resets my kontakt plugin. i don't whether thats logics fault or native instruments? other than that- awesome… please bring out logic x.

Good old logic! (9.1.8)
16/02/2013 20:47:00 5/5 By CliveKAY
£139.99 for full logic pro 9? Steal…. Also all the bugs and problems with the download people seemed to have had on mountain lion have been fixed. I just downloaded it for mountain lion and it took less than an hour for the application and all the downloadable content that comes with it and works perfectly, thanks apple…

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