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macOS Server

By Apple (Apple Inc.)
Supported Devices : Mac OS

Release Notes

12/06/2017 | Version : 5.3.1 | Size : 188.4 MB
• Fixes issues with VPP app assignment in Profile Manager

30/03/2017 | Version : 5.3 | Size : 188.4 MB
Caching Server

• Enhanced control over cache size

Profile Manager

Support for new device management capabilities introduced in tvOS 10.2:
• Configure Device Enrollment Program settings including auto-advance through Setup Assistant
• Install enterprise apps
• Create new Conference Room Display and Single App Mode (enterprise apps only) profile payloads
• Configure restrictions to disable AirPlay, disable pairing with Remote app, and require a passcode on first AirPlay pairing
• Set name, restart, and erase

Support for new Configuration Profile payload changes and commands introduced in iOS 10.3:
• Restrict WiFi network connections to managed networks only
• Configure restrictions for Dictation and modification of AirPlay and View Screen permission settings
• Specify separate S/MIME Sign and Encrypt certificates in the Mail and Exchange payloads
• Restart, shut down, and play Lost Mode sound on a device
• Location accuracy information provided for devices in Lost Mode
• VPN on demand support for IKEv2 in the VPN payload
• Set the supported IP versions for the default APN in the Cellular payload

Configure new restrictions introduced in macOS Sierra 10.12.4:
• Allow Touch ID to unlock a supported Mac
• Allow iCloud Drive
• Allow iCloud Desktop & Documents
• Allow iCloud Keychain, Mail, Contacts, Calendars, Reminders, and Bookmarks

Other new features include:
• Ability to set device name at enrollment time
• A new Classroom configuration option to allow modifying the AirPlay and View Screen permission on student devices
• Ability to configure Class name format with a combination of Course Name and Class Number for classes synced from Apple School Manager
• Automatic syncing of passcode type for Managed Apple IDs from Apple School Manager
• Ability to assign ownership of a Mac enrolled without authentication
• A new option to skip the Home Setup Assistant pane in the Device Enrollment Program settings

27/09/2016 | Version : 5.2 | Size : 189.5 MB
Profile Manager
• Integration with Apple School Manager to get Managed Apple ID and class information
• Skip the iMessage & FaceTime Setup Assistant pane in iOS 10
• Skip the Siri Setup Assistant pane in macOS Sierra version 10.12
• Choose default app for audio calls for Contacts, Exchange, and Google accounts
• Set Bluetooth Modification restriction on supervised devices
• Set Apple Music; iCloud Keychain Sync; and Sharing to Notes, Reminders, or LinkedIn restrictions for macOS Sierra version 10.12
• Set new IKEv2 authentication method option or specify IPSec disconnect on idle timeout for VPN
• Restrict Cisco fast lane Quality of Service marking or disable captive network detection for Wi-Fi networks
• Restrict unlocking a Mac using Apple Watch
• Configure IP firewall

Caching Server
• Enhanced control over peer replication

• To improve security, SMB connections now require signing by default.

• AES is now a supported encryption type for Kerberized NFS

Xsan 5
• macOS Sierra and Server 5.2 include support for the Xsan 5 file system. Xsan 5 is compatible with the Quantum StorNext 5.3 file system.
• See Xsan Compatibility information before upgrading to Xsan 5.


Designed for macOS and iOS devices, macOS Server makes it easy to share files, schedule meetings, synchronize contacts, develop software, host your own website, publish wikis, configure Mac, iPhone, and iPad devices, remotely access your network, and more.

macOS Server is an application you can add to macOS right from the Mac App Store. Anyone can quickly and easily turn a Mac into a server that’s perfect for home offices, businesses, schools, developers, and hobbyists alike.

Here’s what you’ll get with macOS Server:

File Sharing
• File sharing for Mac, PC, iPhone and iPad
• Standards-based SMB, AFP, and WebDAV file services
• Flexible file permissions
• Spotlight searching

Profile Manager
• Mobile device management for Mac and iOS devices
• Simplified management and deployment of iOS and macOS.
• Distribution of institution licensed apps and books purchased from the Volume Purchase Program to users or devices
• Install Software Updates on devices running iOS 10 and mac OS 10.12.
• Device Enrollment Program integration
• Web-based administration console
• Self-service user portal for clearing passcodes, remote lock, and remote wipe

Caching Server
• Speed up the download of software distributed by Apple
• Locally cache apps, books, iTunes U, software updates, and macOS Recovery images
• Accelerate the download of iCloud data, including documents in iCloud Drive and photos.
• Fault-tolerant design with multiserver cache replication and load balancing
• No client configuration required

Xcode Server
• Use Xcode to create continuous integration bots that build, analyze, and test on any Mac running macOS Server
• Configure bots to integrate at a specific time, or continually as code is committed to the repository
• Automate testing of macOS and iOS apps, executing on multiple connected iOS devices
• Host your own Git repositories on macOS Server or connect to remote Git or Subversion hosts
• Remotely access detailed integration summaries and nightly builds using the Web interface

Time Machine
• Provide a backup destination for Mac computers on your network
• Monitor which computers have backed up, when they last backed up, and size of backup
• Set limits on the amount of Time Machine storage a user can use

Calendar Server
• Share calendars, schedule meetings and events, and book conference rooms
• Standards-based CalDAV server for access from Mac, iPad, iPhone, and PC
• View availability with free/busy lookups
• Email invitations and push notifications

Contacts Server
• Synchronize contacts with Mac, iPad, and iPhone
• Allow multiple users to access and update contacts
• Standards-based CardDAV server

Wiki Server
• Point-and-click page edit to change formatting and insert images, movies, and attachments
• Access controls
• Tags and comments
• Revision history
• Document sharing
• Quick Look previews

Mail Server
• Standards-based SMTP, IMAP, and POP server
• Push notifications
• SSL encryption
• Adaptive junk mail filtering
• Virus detection and quarantine

Virtual Private Network
• Remote access for your network services
• Encrypted VPN connections for Mac, iPad, iPhone, and PC

• Block-level SAN file sharing with concurrent read/write access
• Xsan volume hosting and configuration
• Volume management, storage pooling, stripping, and volume mapping
• Real-time monitoring, graphs, and event notifications
• Metadata controller failover and file system journaling

Server App
• Local and remote management
• Users and group settings
• View real-time graphs of server usage
• Receive alerts on network changes, certificate expiration, storage usage, and more

Some features require an Apple ID and/or compatible Internet access; additional fees and terms apply. Some features require macOS 10.12. Some features require program enrollment. Some features are not available in all countries.


Overall :
#183 : Top Grossing Mac Applications

Categories :
#27 : Top Grossing Mac Applications [Utilities]
#38 : Top Paid Mac Applications [Utilities]

Screenshots Mac OSX :

Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX



Comments and Ratings for macOS Server

I should have been told this before buying… Refund please! (5.2)
26/02/2017 09:02:23 1/5 By eloiseandluke
Most displeased! I just bought macOS Server after upgrading to Sierra and I got the following message on opening. "This version of Server does not support upgrading the Server data on the volume. To upgrade your server data, you will need to install an older version of Server and OS X” Unless this is an error, I would like to know how I’m expected to follow these instructions and why this wasn’t made clear on the App Store before purchase. Refund please!

Completely ruined a successful system (5.2)
09/01/2017 05:17:00 2/5 By KCMSS
I have been trying since late September 2016 to fix a problem in server app where profile manager now refuses to allow device management. I have tried a whole host of different techniques suggested by apple and discussions including renewing certificates, using sudo commands in terminal etc. It will not work. Until September I had a network of macs attached to a PC network and I was able to deploy management profiles and do a range of other things on the macs. Then it stopped and though it goes through the process on the server app up to the finish button it remains disabled. Then today after four months of trying I noticed the newest version of the server app (5.2) was dated 20th Sept 2016 and introduced School manager. Well what a coincidence. I wish Apple would test these things in the field and not in their own labs where everything will always work perfectly. After my experience I would advise against upgrade to 5.2 if you haven’t already

Upgrading breaks everything!! Good app when it works though. (5.2)
14/12/2016 08:51:00 2/5 By JuniperB
I’ve used OS X Server (and now macOS Server) for around 5 years, but the last 2 updates have basically broken all services (Email, Web, SLL, FTP) and required a clean install (diffcult/pain) and then fiddling around to cut-and-paste the required data from backups (very difficult/even more of a pain) to ensure everythig is back as it was. It’s almost as it Apple test upgrade compatibility with the previous version, but not for folks who have had many years of upgrades. When it’s setup it’s actually great, fast and easy-use — just the time taken to fix upgrade issues makes it very, very expensive in overall cost.

Doesn’t work, and the built in feedback options is broken (5.2)
06/11/2016 19:53:00 1/5 By Mazz0
Most parts of the application don’t even load, those that do often fail and give you no indication what’s wrong. This is bad enough - server grade software should give you access to all information, not hide it like Apple’s consumer products do (which is still annoying). To make matters worse though, there’s a built in Feedback menu item that starts a new email and gives you a command to generate logs, but the email address back a response advising it doesn’t take external emails. One gets the impression that this product has been somewhat abandoned by Apple.

flaky (5.1)
28/04/2016 22:56:00 1/5 By Pravus69
As with most of the previouse reviews this is rubbish, really flaky to the point that from the moment of instalation the logs just show loads of error, it would be good value for money if it actually worked.

Still has issues (5.0.15)
21/03/2016 14:58:00 3/5 By Pedro Cabreado
I was hoping this version might have finally sorted out the SMB issues but it seems sadly not. OD is also still fragile and keeps breaking.

Patience may be the key (5.0.15)
01/03/2016 21:25:00 4/5 By
Using El Capitan 10.11.3 here ... I had a specific need to use VPN when away from home. I must admit that DarrenG76’s remarks made me nervous! But I also watched Todd Olthoff config VPN for Mavericks Server on YouTube - which is so straight forward and gave me some courage. (He’s actually done one for El Captitan too, but I was unaware of it at the time). Initially L2TP did not show any signs of life. Going back through Todd’s vid, I’d forgotten to change the domain name to a root in private type. This was really important! After that L2TP sprang into life but now did not authenticate. This was soon resolved …. On the Users pane, from the Server App-> View, right click on target User, and enable VPN at bottom. I did change the password at the same time, for good measure in the same dialog, but I doubt the value of that - I was just panicking! Now it is working fine! The Server’s Apache config is much more thorough than the Ad hoc stuff I had before. Previously I’d confgured apache by hand with a Hacker’s mentality. But they didn’t destroy my version of http.conf; so I’ve still got work to do.

Great if you enjoy reinstalling (5.0.15)
03/02/2016 01:08:00 1/5 By Ivan My
Apple Server has travelled steadily downhill. The implementation of Open Directory simply does not work. VPN is also a failure. I can only asume they want people to abandon it.

So Far So good... (5.0.15)
25/01/2016 13:08:00 4/5 By Martin-1959
Currently only using it to serve Web Sites/Services (for testing) on a 2010 Mac Mini, very easy to install and configure, once setup only requires network connection (in this case WiFi) and power, setting-up remote administration access was easy (with a bit of reading, to make sure it was secure); I know I’m (currently) only scratching the surface of what it can do, but for what I need it works well.

It’s improving but wish it had more solid backup and restore options (5.0.15)
05/01/2016 14:06:00 4/5 By Dan_K 2016
I have setup couple of offices with Mac OSX Server and they are working well. I just wish there was a bit more secure and sure way to completely backup the configuration. I had experience when Wiki never restored permissions properly and it was not working afterwards. Otherwise this is a very handy and awesomely priced piece of software that is perfect for home or small office. I have not implemented it in larger organisations so can’t say how well it scales. Apple keep hacking at it!

Would Recommend (5.0.15)
22/12/2015 11:40:00 4/5 By benjamin01
Use the server in a small office environment running on a Mac Mini. I have experienced some issues with the OD database and general configuration however Apple phone support have always been able to resolve the issue quickly with me. I would recommend the OS X Server software and this has provided more benefits to our business than originally planned.

Nightmare!! (0)
26/11/2015 16:02:00 1/5 By HazelOak
Been forced to update to this version of server due to iOS 9 not being compatible with Mavericks + Server. Distroyed my OD by deleting Diradmin account. Rebuilt server and OD and find that WebDAV doesn’t work due to the URL being too long. Still awaiting a fix!!

Upgrade from 3.2.2 fails (0)
15/11/2015 19:06:00 1/5 By CypherCookie
I wouldn’t bother getting this if you are thinking of upgrading from Mavericks server to the latest version 5, as it breaks and does not load the OD database.

Awful and unreliable (0)
15/11/2015 11:54:00 1/5 By DarrenG76
This is really awful. Some of the services just do not work. For example, VPN via PPTP works perfectly but L2TP doesn’t even listen on the ports. The Web server is messy too. It is far too unreliable and sloppy, I just can’t rely on it.

Constant Crashing (4.1.3)
08/07/2015 21:50:00 1/5 By Jamestiling
Well I’ve being using the server for what……half an hour……..several crashes……couple of reboots….. money well spent? I have a new install of Yosemite, new install of server App. Just trying to setup the first of the roles (file sharing and a Webdav connection). Complete failure. nothing produced a complete waste of my time and money.

very poor (4.1)
28/05/2015 13:43:00 1/5 By Pisipojakene
No mySQL server included. Very poor.

Works for some time and then breaks (4.0.3)
31/03/2015 11:30:00 3/5 By snapdragon69
All I can say is have an external hard disk and use Time Machine, as is super-flaky and if you configure and use many of the features such as Profile Manager and Open Directory it will go wrong and there is no practical way or documentation to fix or troubleshoot it but you can boot from the recovery partition and restore it back to how it was the day before and it has always worked for me. If Apple could allow it to work in ESXi on other people’s hardware, that would be super, even with a more expensive license (We used to pay £700 a year per server back in the XServe days) - aswell as £14.95 version for SOHO make a £199 VM version. It would also be good if it can be bound to AD and automatically create home folders for users in a container or group on the OS X Server and assign the correct privelages. If Apple have given up on enterprise then better client integration with Active Directory and SMB homes would be a better direction for their efforts.

So so (4.0.3)
19/03/2015 13:45:00 3/5 By Damo_
When it works it works, when it doesnt its a disaster and a nightmare to fix. On the plus side its quick and easy to get a SOHO office server working. Once its working dont touch it, upgrades can cause chaos. On the downside its getting less powerful with each release. And there is no hardware to run it on that does it justice anymore.

Proof Is Firmly In Pudding (4.0.3)
25/02/2015 10:26:00 2/5 By Sgucukoglu
Mac Mini 12 quad-core now running Linux full-time. Server on desktop iMac, used exclusively for caching service. Dear Apple, please provide portable, open-source caching server. Or get VMWare to support running Server under non-ESX if underlying hardware is Apple. Or officially support KVM if underlying hardware is Apple. Whatever. I want your caching server, but nowt else; there is nothing here for me. Sorry. It’s way too brittle and vastly too undocumented to be anything more than a frustration for all but the most predictable and straightforward of workloads. If I were working for you I’d take a golden, ivory-handled mallet to the heads of all those involved. You have GOT TO TAKE THIS MORE SERIOUSLY.

What a totally poor update (4.0.3)
19/02/2015 09:43:00 1/5 By Crash_Bandicoot
My server used to work and now it doesn’t - the installer hangs every time no matter what I do - it seems the only solution is a clean install and frankly i’d rather pull teeth than bother with it. I’ve abandoned the Mac server and use it as a very expensive PC. I bought a Mac server for this functionality and do regret the waste of good money - come on Apple - fix it please….

Almost Perfect (4.0.3)
16/02/2015 14:03:00 3/5 By 45rpmsoftware
Make no mistake, since the demise of the Xserve Mac OS X Server has been degraded from Enterprise to So-Ho. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing (unless you were expecting Enterprise functionality). Think of Mac OS X Server as turning a Mac Mini into a supercharged Synology. I use mine as an adjunct to my software development Macs, hosting Git, software updates, backups and so forth. It performs these tasks very well, very reliably. It’s easy to configure, very stable, and kitted out with more functions than I require. So why only 3 stars? Well, there’s a glaring fault. Once installed, your Mac won’t sleep - the upshot is that I have to manually turn off my Server each night in the interests of saving power. If the server isn’t actively being used then it should go to sleep - and wake on LAN activity. It doesn’t - which is very inconvenient. I’d also like to see the ability (working, natch) to set power schedules for each day rather than a blunt turn-on, turn-off basis that only allows for one schedule (and doesn’t work in OS X Server anyway). If Apple could fix this problem then I’d have no qualms about awarding Server the whole 5 stars.

Progressively down hill. Not apple quality by a long shot (4.0.3)
07/02/2015 01:39:00 1/5 By Sexywoodenspoon
Wow. Never in my life have I seen a piece of supposedly critical/enterprise software that just doesn’t work. Had to start completely from scratch after upgrading as it messed my permissions and open directory users up. Not to mention speaking with Apple support (who’re great guys and really knowledge able) took ages to get anywhere productive and we kept going round in that Apple “well, that’s not how *we’d* recommend doing things” or “I’ve *personally* never seen that issue” even though it’s plastered all over the support forums! From a clean install it kept crashing due to “unknown errors”, profile manager is glitchy, diradmin password keeps resetting itself, iMessage groups weren’t appearing, amongst other things. Being on both “consumer” and “pro/developer” side I have to say Apple are very customer focused but don’t seem to spend the resources on devs/sysadmins as iTunes connect, OS X Server, and a few other of their pro apps are just horrible. Come on Tim, you know what to do.

Not much behind the shiny interface (4.0.3)
17/01/2015 12:23:00 1/5 By Tom__London
Server Services: It is completely hit and miss whether components work. The interface is supposed to hide the complexity - in reality, it makes it near impossible to diagnose what went wrong and adds hours of futile effort of “playing against the interface” to try and make it do what you want it to. My favorite message is: “<server> was successfully configured as directory server, but an error occurred.” In this case success = failure: nothing has been done at all. Mac OS X: It appears that server and basic OS X components interfere, hundreds of error lines in the system log indicate mdworker (Spotlight) is looking where it shouldn’t. Documentation: Clicking on Documentation in OS X Server Support brings up docs for Snow Leopard from 2009. I am writing this in January 2015. Web based docs assume best case - as if everything works. Nearly no information on why something may not work or what may break something. There is very little help available and not much on support forums, just poor souls trying to help each other figure out what the tech giant messed up. Server App: The management app is supposed to be able to manage the server remotely, but tools would try to connect to the local machine. Whilst the products should stand on their own merit, it may be worth to note that setting up a Debian server, even a $25 Raspberry Pi with Raspbian is way easier.

Update Beware (4.0.3)
12/01/2015 01:28:00 1/5 By Perpetually Perplexed
Having updated to to latest version I have had to reinstall everything and looks like I will have to again. It wont open an ODM or allow it to be SSL encripted, profile manager has fallen over and on the initial update all user files were corrupted allong with the other problems hence the re install from scratch. 5 hrs wasted only to have to do it all again. Someone needs to test this properly before releasing it with all its new “bells and whistles” so that the old ones still work! Funny old thing this has happened before with the Mountain Lion version you would have thought they would have learned by now

Stoping moaning (4.0)
17/12/2014 13:36:00 5/5 By mledwards
The operating system is completely free, this is a complex server based application. If you’re using this for a server, it’s likely for business purposes and you can afford £13.99. Thank you Apple for not charging extortionate OS prices like Windows.

With a bit of caution, works well (4.0)
15/12/2014 11:43:00 4/5 By pglock
I read the reviews on the app store and was a little worried about upgrading our simple 2 x server infrastructure from 10.9 to 10.10. However, following the sysadmin golden rules of ‘assume the worst, back everything up’ and 'waiting until at least the first update' to 10.10.1, meant that the upgrade process went smoothly with no reported problems. On the ‘paying for upgrade’ comments, it’s been the same for each osx server version since the beginning. I don’t use mail server so can’t comment about ports being left open etc.

Don’t even think about it (4.0)
06/12/2014 23:19:00 1/5 By Jeremy Quinn
This is so broken. It is insulting they would release it and worse, that they would ask money for it. Don’t waste your time. Tim, you should be ashamed. Put some people on this to fix it or withdraw it … it makes you look really bad.

Used to be good (4.0)
23/11/2014 23:05:00 1/5 By mattaob
This version is awful VPN doesn’t work and it appears support can’t fix it Wish I’d not upgraded.

Watch out, server admins!!!!! (4.0)
23/11/2014 16:00:00 1/5 By chomp&stomp
Do NOT upgrade your server to OS X 10.10.1 (Yosemite) without reading this warning first. Yosemite renders Server 3.2.2 unusable!!!!!!! You will have to pay to upgrade!!!!!!! I bought a late 2012 model Mac Mini Server, which shipped with what was at the time a pretty much mangled and cut down version of the original server software, but it sort of worked, and has been stable for some time. It is still under warranty. I obviously didn’t read the fine print, and when I recently upgraded to Yosemite, it killed my server!!!! I just got off the line with Apple support, and I have to either back up to 10.9.x or pay for the new version! I am definitely NOT impressed. Be forewarned!

Remote Access (4.0)
22/11/2014 08:32:00 5/5 By Dlwarren
For those who are having problems with remote connection. Update your client Mac to Yosemite and assuming you used the same credentials in the app store download server to your client, on opening the newly installed server (on client) choose ‘Other Mac’ instead of this mac and then put in your IP or domain and you shouldn’t have a problem.

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