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MainStage 3

By Apple (Apple Inc.)
Supported Devices : Mac OS

Release Notes

30/03/2017 | Version : 3.3 | Size : 1.1 GB
• New modern interface
• Support for Touch Bar on MacBook Pro lets you access your favorite shortcuts with sets of customizable key commands
• Play software instruments on the Touch Bar using a musical keyboard with piano keys or scale mode
• Trigger drum pads with Touch Bar while controlling velocity
• True stereo panning provides more control and discrete manipulation of stereo signals
• Directly assign software instruments as sidechain sources
• Bus routings are now shown in plug-in sidechain menus
• MIDI plug-ins can be used to creatively control plug-in parameters
• New Loudness Meter plug-in provides support for LUFS metering
• Support for Logic Remote 1.3.2

10/05/2016 | Version : 3.2.4 | Size : 1.1 GB
This update addresses overall stability and performance issues

02/02/2016 | Version : 3.2.3 | Size : 1.1 GB
This update contains numerous fixes and enhancements including:

• A collection of 27 plug-ins have been redesigned to add Retina support and improve usability
• Numerous improvements to Alchemy including Apple Loops support and 11 new spectral effects
• Alchemy supports 3rd party Expressive MIDI Controllers including products from Roli and Roger Linn Design
• Allows faster changing of your I/O device with large concert files
• Clicking on an instrument layer in the workspace now selects the corresponding channel strip
• Improved VoiceOver support


MainStage 3 lets you take your Mac to the stage with a full-screen interface optimized for live performance, flexible hardware control, and a massive collection of plug-ins and sounds that are fully compatible with Logic Pro X.

The Ultimate Live Rig
• Perform live with more than 80 instrument, effect, and MIDI plug-ins or work with Audio Units plug-ins
• Add your sounds from Logic Pro X and GarageBand to bring your studio sound to the stage
• Support for the Touch Bar on MacBook Pro provides convenient controls for layout, editing, and performance
• Combine instruments and live audio, such as keyboards and vocals, in a single Patch
• Switch between Patches without stopping sound output or cutting off held notes
• Design rich keyboard Patches using splits and layers, the Arpeggiator, and other MIDI plug-ins
• Perform with stereo or multitrack backing tracks using Playback
• 64-bit architecture uses all the RAM in your system for larger sampled instruments

Hardware Control
• Connect your favorite hardware and use it to play and control your plug-ins
• Use USB and MIDI-equipped controllers like keyboards, foot pedals, and drum pads
• Instantly set up a large variety of hardware using automatic device recognition
• Quickly assign hardware knobs, buttons, and faders to onscreen controls
• Manage sophisticated rigs using the Assignments & Mapping overview

Designed for the Stage
• See only what you need during your performance using a customizable, full-screen live interface
• Screen controls adapt for each Patch using Smart Controls
• Smart Controls offer dynamic performance controls that change with each Patch
• Easily view your Mac screen from a distance using a high-contrast, full-screen performance view

Instrument Plug-ins
• Play deeply sampled, professionally mixed, and fully customizable drum kits provided by Drum Kit Designer
• Perform electronic beats with the Ultrabeat drum machine
• Play classic ’70s- and ’80s-style synthesizer sounds using Retro Synth
• Play faithful models of vintage keyboards with Vintage B3, Vintage Electric Piano, and Vintage Clav
• Perform inspired sounds using a collection of synths that provide analog, wavetable, FM, additive, granular, spectral, and modeling synthesis
• Quickly find sounds or create unique new ones with Alchemy, the ultimate sample manipulation synthesizer
• Play or create a wide variety of rich sampled instruments with the EXS24 Sampler
• Turn your favorite hardware synthesizers into sampled instruments using the Auto Sampler plug-in

MIDI Plug-ins
• Transform simple ideas into elaborate performances using nine MIDI plug-ins
• Instantly turn a simple chord into a rich performance with the Arpeggiator
• Play a single note to trigger predefined chords with Chord Trigger
• Perform a part and conform notes to a specific scale using Transposer

Creative and Production Effects
• Play your sounds through realistic acoustic spaces using Space Designer convolution reverb
• Use a range of multi-tap, vintage tape, and stereo delays
• Add movement to your tracks with a variety of modulation effects
• Get the perfect mix with a collection of EQs, dynamics, and other mixing tools

Guitar and Bass Gear
• Build your own guitar or bass rig with Amp Designer using vintage and modern amps, cabinets, and mics
• Design a custom Pedalboard from a collection of delay, distortion, and modulation stompboxes
• Access a full-screen Tuner to quickly get in tune

Sound Library
• Over 1800 instrument and effect Patches
• More than 750 meticulously sampled instruments
• 4600 Apple Loops in modern urban and electronic genres

Minimum System Requirements
• Requires 64-bit Audio Units plug-ins
• 6GB available disk space for minimum install / 57GB hard disk for full Sound Library installation


Overall :
#14 : Top Grossing Mac Applications
#15 : Top Paid Mac Applications

Categories :
#2 : Top Grossing Mac Applications [Music]
#2 : Top Paid Mac Applications [Music]

Screenshots Mac OSX :

Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX


Entertainment , Music

Comments and Ratings for MainStage 3

Keeps crashing and losing my imported sound files (3.2.4)
22/11/2016 09:10:00 1/5 By MH1977
Having worked for ages importing files and creating a show it has now crashed twice and lost all files each time. First time I rebuilt the entire show and this time I’ve no time before a professional gig. It crashes upon saving and when reopend said that it can’t find many files. Used to be the best app on computer. It’s not now.

Keeps Crashing Just Bought Can’t Use (3.2.4)
18/10/2016 10:00:00 1/5 By jakeyboy75
Well I’d like to tell you this is a good app but it keeps crashing and I’ve only just purchased it. It has slowed my computer right down - I have 12gb of Ram on a late 2009 iMac. Bad bad bad! Going straight back to Apple for refund!

Loss of saved concert? on updating (3.2.3)
22/01/2016 20:52:00 3/5 By gilberto-frog
Having just written a new Concert set up, I was alarmed to see that following the newest update 3.2.3, that my saved concert had disappeared from my Macbook Pro. How????. Luckily, I was able to rewrite the concert within 15 mins as it wasn’t too complicated and only at Concert level.

Great program BUUUUUTTTTTT (3.2.1)
22/10/2015 15:46:00 3/5 By richiekeys
This is a great piece of software, amazing value for money at just £20 (except I guess you have to buy an expensive laptop first so maybe that’s worth factoring in). I’m a professioinal musician and have always highly recommended it to friends and colleagues. HOWEVER!!!! It’s let me down a few times in the last couple of months, once when I was about to go on stage in front of 7000 people when it wanted “essential instrument downloads” and didn’t give me an option to open the program without them when I’d been using it fine just the day before. As I was in the middle of a field for a festival and this was in the (very brief) line check, I had to use the on board sounds from what I usually use as purely controller keyboards which was much less than ideal. Also, the latest version has had problems opening saved concerts, saying “the file isn’t in the correct format”. After searching the web, I managed to find a workaround but am glad this happened at home and not as I was about to go on stage. However this sort of problem shouldn’t happen with a professional application as reliability is so important to live musicians. Apple needs to sort out these bugs to make this program great again

Do not download this update. (3.2.1)
30/09/2015 12:39:00 1/5 By GavinRice
This update contains a bug that provents users from creating new Guitar Amps. I would give this less than one star but it appears that this isn’t an option either. Avoid until the bug has been corrected. Prior to 3.2.1, MainStage did not exhibit this problem.

Bad Gateway error. (3.2.1)
25/09/2015 11:51:00 3/5 By SOTSPMark
The most recent update (3.2.1) will not download for me. The App store reports a “Bad Gateway” error.

A lot of problems (3.2)
18/09/2015 09:04:00 2/5 By Ross Gilmartin
Really quite poor. Firstly, you can’t have independant patches for different keyboards. This puts huge limitations on your setup requiring a lot of patches with many aliases. Secondly, the aliases don’t save correclty, meaning that you can’t really use the program how you want. If you save a piano patch for example in a certain place, when you reload the saved set, the keyboard will be replaced by a random instrument. Unfortunely at this stage there isn’t another program like it, otherwise I would move on. Sort it out Apple people are paying for this stuff.

I love it but... (3.2)
06/09/2015 21:25:00 4/5 By MH1977
Recently, after not using my computer for a week, I turned it on to use on a professional gig and Mainstage wouldn’t open, as it wanted download some ‘essential sounds’. I had downloaded all the ones I needed but my Musical Director was very patient whilst I fumbled around and couldn’t open the App to run my MIDI device for a show; I didn’t have internet access. This to me seems a ludicrous thing to do! I should still be able to use the programme and download updates at another time convenient to me, not when it wishes it to. Professional musician rely on this programme, you simply can’t allow this to happen!!

Get it (3.2)
03/09/2015 12:41:00 5/5 By keyboardnut
This is an amazing tool and the reason to have a mac look at the price of replicating what this app does in hardware and then the value becomes obvious. Well done apple praise where its due and since you have added alchemy even more reason to use this software !

Great Product. Great Value (3.1.1)
20/07/2015 15:57:00 5/5 By Nick M79
I don't usually write reviews but credit where it's due. I had a big gig thrust upon me with 2 weeks notice. My gear sounded a bit dated and weak and I needed something that would deliver both sonically and fuctionally. I have an i7 Macbook Pro so decided to see what I could make it do, just using my keyboards as controllers. Initially it was a bit daunting to set up but only because it allows so much customisation. I had to learn the set, learn how to use Mainstage and get it all connected up, which I did. To control it all I used an iPad running Logic Control. This connected via ad hoc wifi to the Mac Book. Each song in the set was listed on the iPad and when selected, instantly switched to the next song set-up. It worked flawlessly. In addition, I could put chord and lyric notes in to Mainstage per song to help my fading memory! All of the synths and samplers from Logic 10 are there plus all of the effects and mixing capabilities. I also added some third party plug ins such as Rob Papens Albino. Again, it all worked smoothly. The internet has plenty of hints and tutorials on set up and use. I got to the gig, set it all up and it worked without a hitch. For this price, if you gig, and have a reasonably powerful Mac, it really is a no brainer.

Music to their ears! (3.0.4)
20/12/2014 18:16:00 5/5 By DaddyDeeDee
I bought Main Stage about a week ago, knowing that I had big gig on the following Friday. After setting up my sounds and keyboard settings, over the course of the week, I was ready to go. I played through a 25k rig last night using my stage piano as a master keyboard. All sounds came from Main Stage 3. The sounds were amazing and really delivered. No problems were encountered by the sound engineers. They told me Main Stage is becoming common sound source for keyboard players. Im using a 2009 mac and £20 audio interface. Quality, useable sounds, that can be tailored to your style of playing. Worth the £20.99 price tag. Thanks for this one guys.

working in 10.9.2 (3.0.3)
03/03/2014 22:14:00 5/5 By peter63711

Great bit of software - excellent value for money (3.0.2)
23/01/2014 14:49:00 5/5 By 123matt
Mainstage is fantastic - its incredibly powerful and you can configure it as you wish. The included sounds and instruments are incredible value and its an all round good product. Yes - the fact that you can build your own interface to the program can be daunting but as a musician it offers you real flexibility. I was inspired to write this review having seen comments on here about latency and value for money from another reviewer. Audio latency is dependent on buffer sizes and the audio interface you are using. Mainstage itself cannot be described as having poor latency. On a low powered mac then you might have some problems due to a lack of processing power. I would recommend Mainstage to anyone wanting to try out keyboard sounds or guitar - just be aware that you need a powerful machine and ideally a dedicated audio interface to get the lowest latency. The mainstage software itself is a tiny fraction of this cost and as such is excellent value for money.

Latency still poor. (3.0.1)
10/10/2013 10:33:00 2/5 By Dr_Appenstein
Improved interface but still very confusing too configure. Setting up midi controllers is complicated and unreliable. The new version has a good range of virtual keyboards, which is good news for keyboard players, but latency is still very poor and makes MainStage 3 unusable for most live situations if your a guitar player. On the whole very disappointing and another waste of money from the App Store.

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