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By Apple (Apple Inc.)

MainStage 2 lets you take your Mac to the stage with a full-screen live interface, unmatched hardware control, and a massive collection of plug-ins and sounds.

The ultimate live rig
• Perform live with 120 instrument and effect plug-ins or work with your Audio Units plug-ins
• Import settings from Logic Pro and GarageBand to bring your studio sound to the stage
• Combine instruments and live audio, such as keyboard and vocals, in a single patch
• Seamlessly switch between patches without stopping sound output or cutting off held notes
• Design rich keyboard patches using splits and layers

Hardware control
• Connect your favorite hardware and use it to play and control your plug-ins
• Use any USB and MIDI-equipped controllers like keyboards, foot pedals, and drum pads
• Instantly set up a large variety of hardware using automatic device recognition
• Quickly assign hardware knobs, buttons, and faders to onscreen controls

A new view of the stage
• See only what you need during your performance using a customizable, full-screen live interface
• Easily see your Mac screen from a distance using a high-contrast, full-screen performance view
• Get started quickly using prebuilt templates that cover typical live performance setups

A smarter, faster, more efficient use of your Mac
• Perform with confidence using a rock-solid tool built for demanding live performances
• Use the processing power of multiple cores on your Mac
• Go to your gig with a massive collection of even the most memory-hungry instruments thanks to 64-bit support

Instrument plug-ins
• 40 built-in instruments including synths, vintage keyboards, a drum machine, sampler, and more
• Trigger Apple Loops and stereo or multitrack backing tracks using the Playback plug-in

Effect plug-ins
• Create and layer your own loop recordings with the Loopback plug-in
• 80 effects including reverbs, delays, EQs, dynamics, amps, stompboxes, and more

Sound library
• Add backing tracks using more than 15,000 royalty-free Apple Loops
• Play from a huge library of more than 1700 sampler instruments

System Requirements: 2GB of RAM (4GB recommended), display with 1280-by-768 resolution or higher, minimum 6GB of disk space. 19GB of optional content available via in-app download.

Release Notes

Version : 2.2.2 | Size : 302.2 MB
The MainStage 2.2.2 update addresses overall stability and performance issues including:

• Addresses a stability issue that could cause MainStage to quit unexpectedly on OS X 10.7.4
• Fixes an issue that prevented the I/O plug-in from outputting audio
• Resolves an issue related to the download and installation of basic and additional content

Screenshots Mac OSX :

Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX


Entertainment , Music

Supported Devices : Mac OS

Comments and Ratings for MainStage

Not Happy (2.2.2)
11/01/2013 21:50:00 1/5 By keyboardnut
I am extremely unhappy at apples greed! You should not have to pay for an upgrade!!! Apple you need to start behaving with some morals!!!

It would be 5 stars if... (2.2.2)
07/01/2013 21:23:00 4/5 By Davidfromthe70s
the GUI wasn't so processor hungry. With a blank stage the cpu is at 50%, but add a few buttons (no meters) and it goes to 80-90%. I've got a 8 core macPro :-/ Is this right?? It's a bit annoying having to scarfice audio delay for a few buttons!!!!

pay for it once, then again to make it work! (2.2.2)
27/11/2012 22:21:00 3/5 By JJexpresshh
Apple, what are you doing??? If a program doesn't work, why do we have to pay £20 for an upgrade to make it work, surely this should be free?!!

Perform Mode (2.2.2)
16/11/2012 17:18:00 1/5 By bendargue
assigned buttons affect different parameters once in perform mode. UPDATE PLEASE. Been to apple store and tested my concert on non retina mac and works fine. Even rebuilt my whole rig on new retina mac but still no use.

Mainstage (2.2.2)
16/10/2012 12:24:00 3/5 By lorenzo43
On the 13th September 2012 I wrote "I have not yet got to grips with this app having only downloaded it yesterday but briefly trying out the instruments has revealed that quite a few of the audio files .aif and .wav are missing and there does not seem to be any way of recovering them. Even more frustrating is there does not seem to be anyway to contact Apple to get a remedy. They are hot on selling but rather poor on after-sales service!" To update my review - I finally got all the missing files by persistently downloading the relevant sets. Now that I have the program I cannot really see the point of it unless you are one of those "musicians" who like twiddling controls as against playing notes. Logic 9 (I have express) does everything Mainstage can do and in some cases better. For example if you are playing from sight, the music sheet in Logic will scroll whereas in MainStage it will not. As for the vocal setups I have so far failed to get one working without enduring a lot of feed back. However having said all this I feel it was worth downloading simply to get all the Jam packs.

Not happy about paying for upgrade (2.2.2)
14/07/2012 12:42:00 3/5 By Mikethemediaman
I have been running Mainstage 2.1.3 and until recently (last update) it was running fine, I am really unhappy that I am forced to buy the next update to resolve the fact that Mainstgae kept crashing. The program itself is a brilliant program, very versatile and up to the last update, rock solid. Let's hope this version works and functions properly. I would give five stars but for the fact that I have already purchased Mainstage with Logic Studio, and now have to buy it againg just to be able to use it without it crashing!!!

amazing! (2.2.1)
12/06/2012 21:44:00 5/5 By casmosis
i bought this app a few months ago so i could take my macbook pro to germany to do a couple of live shows. its a doddle to set up and program patches. plus it comes with loooads of samples/sounds that are of excellent quality! how on earth an app of this quality and versatility can only cost £21 is totally beyond me! its extremely reliable too. worked perfectly with all my other softsynths. BUY IT!

Wonderful - a great leap forward (2.2.1)
10/05/2012 10:43:00 5/5 By Fori
Not being a Logic user, it's talken me a few days to get used to it. As a live performance tool it is excellent. Add in the tonewheel organ (and great Leslie emulator), the piano and the synth voices and it's a steal for the money. In fact it's worth it for the tonewheel alone! However, it's a memory heavy app so don't expect great perfotmance on a 4 year old MacBook. On my new iMac 27" it's faultless. Well done! Alan Doc

Really make me angry (2.2.1)
08/04/2012 23:51:00 2/5 By Zhengyang Ma
I spent my whole day downloading the basic content and it doesnt support resume download!! I still stuck in downloading progress and can not use this app!!! It really needs to be improved!!

Complex. but very capable (2.2)
09/01/2012 00:01:00 5/5 By Gamerpete
Perhaps takes a little getting used to, but it is a powerful app, and great for the price.

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