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MenuTab Pro for Facebook

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This is the Pro version of the best Mac app for Facebook with these amazing extra features: Color-coded menubar alerts, Desktop mode with chat, Popup notifications, Stealth mode, Full screen support and much more!

MenuTab Pro for Facebook is an incredibly slick and gorgeous app for quickly accessing your Facebook account directly from your Mac's menu bar. It is one of the most popular and actively used apps on the entire Mac App Store, with over 2 million happy users!

Why is MenuTab Pro the best app of its kind? Good question, allow us to explain just how fully loaded this app is:

⁕ Instant access to Facebook via your Mac's menu bar:
Quickly take a peek at your Facebook account at the click of a button and also via its customisable hot key (ctrl + F).

⁕ Awesome color-coded notifications with audio alerts:
We've made it really simple to distinguish between new notifications via our menu bar icon. A gold icon means you have a new friend request; red is a new wall post/like/poke; and green is a new inbox message. Finally, a flashing blue icon indicates a new chat message from a friend!

⁕ Choose between desktop & mobile modes:
Want a no-nonsense clean cut view of your Facebook account? Then the mobile mode is your best bet. For those that want the full Facebook experience, just toggle over to the desktop mode and enjoy.

⁕ Popup notifications support:
Our customers asked for it and we delivered. Each of the notification types explained above now have their own corresponding notification popup. You do not need Growl installed for these popup notifications to work. However, if you do have Growl installed, you'll be able to customise the popup notification bubbles via the Growl app itself. If you are running Mountain Lion, then you get notification center alerts!

⁕ Facebook Chat support:
Facebook chat with all the trimmings, just like it is in your web browser, but with the added benefit of notifications :)

⁕ Ninja stealth mode:
Use the nifty opacity control slider to determine the transparency of your MenuTab Pro app window. Stealth mode lets you sneakily check on your Facebook news feed etc without it catching the eyes of others :)

⁕ Resizable window:
Just as it states, resize the tab/window to your liking!

⁕ Slick touch gestures support:
One of our most loved features, feel right at home with touch gestures support for back/forward and scrolling.

⁕ Fullscreen support for OS X Lion users:
The full Facebook experience with no distractions!

⁕ Accessibility options:
Customise the font size, use the right click menu options such as text to speech and make life easier with standard hotkeys like cmd + R to refresh. Ah, it's the small things that make us happy :)

⁕ Regular free updates:
MenuTab Pro is one of the most actively maintained and updated apps on the store and we aim to keep it that way! Please spread the word and keep sending us your feedback!

Get MenuTab Pro whilst it is on sale! We're sure you'll love the app and join our rapidly growing Facebook fan page of more than 85,000 people:

Legal Note:

- MenuTab is a 3rd party application for Facebook and is in no way endorsed or affiliated with Facebook Inc

- Facebook and the Facebook Logo are trademarks of Facebook Inc

Release Notes

09/08/2016 | Version : 6.9 | Size : 5.3 MB
- Speed Optimizations
- Bug fixes

11/05/2016 | Version : 6.8 | Size : 5.2 MB
- Bug fixes

03/02/2016 | Version : 6.7 | Size : 6.8 MB
- Bug fixes

For those of you running OS X 10.9 and above, we recommend you move over to our new app called Go for Facebook. It is currently available for free to allow our users to migrate over.


Categories :
#10 : Top Paid Mac Applications [Social Networking]
#14 : Top Grossing Mac Applications [Social Networking]

Screenshots Mac OSX :

Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX


Social Networking , Utilities

Supported Devices : Mac OS

Comments and Ratings for MenuTab Pro for Facebook

I do like this app, just needs one improvement (6.9)
09/03/2017 00:26:55 4/5 By Hugh Jeigo
Would be nice to see an option to keep the timeline sorted by most recent posts rather than what FB decides you want to see

Had it for years now - love it! (6.9)
19/09/2016 04:18:00 5/5 By CorranW
Very very good!

Excellent (6.9)
03/09/2016 10:05:00 5/5 By Bengersfood
Useful and well made app. I use it every day.

Facebook (6.8)
29/07/2016 19:55:00 5/5 By Oldcroc321
Great app which does all you need.

great app (6.8)
06/06/2016 00:46:00 5/5 By Aimz2456
best app does what it descibes and you can quit it at anytime you want so you can lsten to music and stop the notifications if you have your smarphone with you…. great app

Great App (6.8)
11/05/2016 05:36:00 5/5 By cjserjeant
This is a great app, so convenient and so full of useful features. I use it more than any other social app. Love the notifications. Thank you FIBLAB Team!

best facebook app (6.8)
04/05/2016 08:54:00 5/5 By GiuPPy
app works geat expecially on notifications , amazing

Keeps freezing! (6.6)
31/10/2015 14:07:00 1/5 By Suzanna1405
I used to use this app daily and it worked perfectly but the last few weeks it is awful, everytime anything happens like I get a message or notification or sometimes for no reason at all it freezes. It takes ages to reload and its basically unusable, please fix this problem asap I don’t like having to use facebook the old fashioned way directly on the website!

Was great now beset with problems (6.6)
26/09/2015 18:10:00 3/5 By Chawdry
The app freezes every 5 seconds forcing me just to quit it entirely. Seems to buffer endlessly.

Slow, unresponsive and still with Flash!!! (6.6)
03/08/2015 16:14:00 1/5 By indigi2000
Latest version stop working well since couple days. It’s slow, and freezes the system. Zuckerman still forcing old technology, like Flash is. They make changes on Facebook, but don’t update this app.

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