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Microsoft OneNote

By Microsoft Corporation
Supported Devices : Mac OS

Release Notes

13/02/2017 | Version : 15.31 | Size : 393.8 MB
Thanks for using OneNote! We listened to your feedback and updated the application with optimizations to help improve your note taking experience.

Having trouble? Send feedback in the app by clicking on the smiley face in the top-right of the app.
Have an idea? Add to our feature suggestion box at

09/01/2017 | Version : 15.30 | Size : 393.3 MB
Thanks for using OneNote! We listened to your feedback and updated the application with optimizations to help improve your note taking experience.

Having trouble? Send feedback in the app by clicking on the smiley face in the top-right of the app.
Have an idea? Add to our feature suggestion box at

05/01/2017 | Version : 15.29 | Size : 445.2 MB
Fixed - Can't See File Attachments and Images: If your file attachments won't open, or your images appear as a placeholder with a red X, please close and re-open the notebook.

Having trouble? Send feedback in the app by clicking on the smiley face in the top-right of the app.
Have an idea? Add to our feature suggestion box at


Chosen *Best of 2014* by Apple.

Capture your thoughts, discoveries, and ideas with OneNote, your very own digital notebook. With OneNote you can seize that moment of inspiration, plan that big event, or track that list of errands that are too important to forget. Whether you're at home, in the office, or on the go, your notes are available to you on all your devices.

-- Your notes… your style --
Type anywhere on this free-form canvas and easily rearrange and move your content to any place on the page. Style your notes as you wish. Make your notes bold, italicized, or colorful and organize your content with tables.

-- Capture anything --
Add pictures of recipes, your PowerPoint doc or PDF for school, links to your favorite sites, and web articles for future reference. Capture it all in OneNote and add your annotations.

-- Powerful organization --
Organize your notes in a way that works best for you. Create, rename, search, sort, color code, and copy pages, sections, and notebooks to organize your content as you'd like. Keep your private notes safe.

-- Tag it --
Easily tag your notes so they stand out. Track a list of your daily to-dos, flag questions to raise after a meeting, or mark the important points from a lecture.

-- Think together --
Share your notes with your friends and colleagues, whether it's a party your planning with others or a school project you’re working on with your group. Work together in a shared notebook at the same time.

-- Always with you --
Access your notes on your Mac, iPhone, iPad and other devices. Your notes are synced to the cloud (OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, and SharePoint) making it easy to access your recipe notes on your iPhone at the store, your homework on your Mac in class, or your itinerary on your iPad during your trip.

OneNote is free on Mac and many other devices. Get started today! Download OneNote and sign in with your Microsoft Account or the account assigned to you by your work or school.

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Overall :
#24 : Top Free Mac Applications

Categories :
#3 : Top Free Mac Applications [Productivity]

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Business , Education , Productivity

Comments and Ratings for Microsoft OneNote

Great! (15.30)
09/02/2017 14:20:00 5/5 By Fred66Z
One small niggle - if a page is updated on two different devices creating a clash, the synch fails with a difficult-to-interpret error.

Does what it says on the tin (15.30)
08/02/2017 02:11:00 5/5 By Thebigstoat
I love the fact that it works on all platforms (even Linux via a web browser). It works well and is free to use. What’s not to like?

A game changer (15.30)
07/02/2017 13:26:00 5/5 By IvorIphone
One note has been around for years and I never could get my head around it, so never bothered continuing to hold everything as separate files and folders. Over the Christmas holidays I noticed it was free so installed it and got going within a few minutes. It has made a big difference to the way I work - I sense I am more productive and creative when using One Note. It comes close to using paper it feels that natural. I like the way I can use multiple devices which suits me a lot. It also allows me to hop between my work book and my home projects book seemlessly. Now I have figured it needs to use Microsoft’s cloud service and is storage limited but I think its is another SASS (software as a subscription service) I would sign up for if it came to it. Admittedly as I use it more and get more technical with it I will find limitations that others have but for any one such as myself - 25 years+ of organising work on computers in a way that has not changed a lot, then this will be a breath of fresh air.

06/02/2017 05:15:00 1/5 By Devguy
I have been a user of OneNote for many years. Usually a fantastic app BUT… The last update (15.30) is unusable. I must have sent 50+ crash reports. I run OneNote on my Mac Pro and MacBookPro so its not a local issue to any one machine. I also get the same probelm on all my Workbooks. I start working copying / pasting etc then bang. It crashes. I keep losing work because of this. They have completly and utterly destroyed this app with this last update. Im baffled how this got past testing :(

M.S Onenote (15.30)
04/02/2017 03:43:00 5/5 By Len Rhodes
Excellent Product. Saves so much time It is a must have for iMacs

Realy Helpfull (15.30)
03/02/2017 02:35:00 5/5 By Daverb123
Realy helpfull - nice to get organised and collect the things I need togther

E (15.30)
02/02/2017 06:11:00 4/5 By ismurfyou2017
although a lot of functions have been missing it works for fundamental uses

Useless without being able to edit attached files! (15.30)
31/01/2017 13:56:00 1/5 By Johnny_1155
The whole point of a note taking app like OneNote/Evenote is to have attached files which can be edited (without saving somewhere else and re-attaching). You can’t edit any attached files (apart from a basic text file). This means you can’t open Word files and save them, you can’t highlight PDF files etc. In the windows version of OneNote, you can edit files (apart from PDF files last time I checked). Over the last few years I have seen OneNote for OS X improving. But the only reason I’m still on Evernote for my main notes is due to the lack of this very basic feature. Bring this functionality and it will be 5 starts from me. I guess the devs at MS are sleeping, it’s been many years since OS X version came.

great app (15.30)
28/01/2017 09:14:00 5/5 By pokalaka
It is really a great app for taking note especially you may need to use your notes on many different devices including the web version. Also I would say the layout here is even better than the one on windows. That feels more for tablet rather than laptop.

Cant get past the “feedback” screen (15.30)
28/01/2017 06:21:00 2/5 By kknz04
Actually cannot review this app because I can’t click past the feedback screen. So I am forced to rate it before using it… This needs to be fixed

Best note app (15.30)
26/01/2017 08:01:00 5/5 By jaybarker
Couldn’t live without it. Works on numerous o/s enabling me to pick up where I left off no matter what device. Also has excellent collaberation features all for free :)

. (15.30)
25/01/2017 14:34:00 5/5 By CSawyer008
I really do love OneNote, it does just what I want it to do. Perfect for storing all my study notes so that I can find them again easily and has improved my productivity as a result.

Good (15.30)
24/01/2017 17:30:00 4/5 By christineohingyan
It’s such a good app to keep us organise. Though sometimes, I couldnt syne my notebook. Couldnt rename the notebook

One Note (15.30)
24/01/2017 03:19:00 5/5 By Doodler 12345678901234567890
This is a great tool to aid collaborative working - especially for us who employ part time workers who often work from home. The information updates in real time and the recent updates which record who has made the note is a great addition. This application has made our working lives so much easier - thank you.

好用,满分! (15.30)
23/01/2017 06:04:00 5/5 By realGuanchen
我们学校可以免费用MS Office的所有服务,One Note自带同步功能,这一点非常好,推荐!

Great app (15.30)
21/01/2017 13:01:00 5/5 By EBenn94
Great way of keeping track of lots of different documents. Love that you can have tabs for different topics. Great syncing to other devices using the app.

Makes very easy to manage uni work (15.30)
21/01/2017 08:56:00 5/5 By Muke2095
Very efficient and easy to manage app with lots of handy features

Love! (15.30)
21/01/2017 02:52:00 5/5 By Farquhard
This app is fantastic for serial note takers like myself! super easy to keep organised

Keeps crashing (15.30)
20/01/2017 04:46:00 1/5 By Quilluser
Every time I try to add another item to a todo list by pressing return the thing crashes and starts up again with a “conflicting sessions” message. Deleting it after about half an hour of trying to use it.

PDFs (15.30)
20/01/2017 03:21:00 3/5 By Chris Hawkins
I do love this app, but PDF export is unintelligent and unusable.

Works cleanly (15.30)
20/01/2017 03:10:00 5/5 By mike00l
Very effective, good experience

Simply brilliant (15.30)
19/01/2017 11:16:00 5/5 By MarkIlly
Litterally could not live without it now, private and also in my business. Fantastic away to centralise communication and documentation

Fantastic app (15.30)
18/01/2017 09:29:00 5/5 By Pingua6
Love that i can access it across platforms. It is a very useful tool for not taking and organising myself. Came into its own when studying but also great for sharing information.

Saviour for students, or anyone that enjoys a bit of simple organising! (15.30)
15/01/2017 10:49:00 5/5 By Ciaracd
Highly useful if you are a student, all streamline and easy to keep everything in the same place. Very easy to use and as it is connected to email, meaning that everything is saved automatically and eliminates the risk of losing work! Definite game changer!

Impressed so far (15.30)
15/01/2017 02:16:00 5/5 By siear
I’ve only been using One Note for the last week - on my work PC, Macbook Pro and iPhone - but so far I am really impressed. I love how it works seamlessly with Outlook and using One Note Clipper also helps. I can picture using it in lots of ways. It has been great for taking notes in meetings, keeping an up to date To Do list of things that pop in to my head at random times and preparing notes for reports.

been a fan since the beginning (15.30)
14/01/2017 18:10:00 5/5 By GypsyCity
since onenote was first released, i was hooked. Then i transitioned to mac and it was still awesome. It may not have evernote features but its free and its just great great great greatttttt!!!!! no, I’m not spamming. I’m just a crazy fan.

Brilliant on both mac, ipad, iphone and PC! (15.30)
14/01/2017 10:11:00 5/5 By AndyBoss
Can’t rate OneNote highly enough - brillaint at keeping life and projects on track.

Perfect little "use anywhere on any device" app (15.30)
13/01/2017 09:19:00 5/5 By xX<˜Candi>Xx
I use this in my work, studying and home environment it’s great for taking notes, inserting docs/images, to do lists….it goes on. Can’t believe it’s free :-)

Good General Note App (15.30)
13/01/2017 08:26:00 4/5 By Steve@Aberdeen
I switched from EverNote to Apple Notes last year when Evernote started to restrict what you could do without paying more and realised that Notes had been updated to do all I needed. Then, late 2016, Notes stopped syncing from my MBP and iPad (fine with my iMac and iPhone). I decided to give OneNote a try (since it’s available on all platforms) and it does everything I need. Perhaps more than I really need and it’s not quite as slick as Notes for simple work - but it syncs all round. I also have a copy on my Win10 VM as that allows me to convert handwriting (entered via my iPad Pro) to text - a facility that would be useful on the MacOS version. So one star off for this (and the fact that it doesn’t sync as quick as Notes could).

Just keeps getting better (15.30)
13/01/2017 04:04:00 5/5 By Oswinux
This app just keeps getting better and better. I use Mac and Windows and great to be able sync betwen all devices be they running Windows, OS X or IOS. The quality of the apps on all platforms is constantly improving helps me bounce between platforms with ease.

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