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Money - Budget & Finance

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By Jumsoft

Get your finances on track with the gorgeous new Money! Your day-to-day finance management will no longer be a chore with the beautiful and comprehensive suite of powerful features that is Money!

Oversee and control your accounts, plan budgets, easily generate informative reports, and schedule transactions - everything will be updated across your devices via iCloud. Money fits right in with the latest Macs, iPads, or iPhones adopting all of the cutting-edge features and presents them in a sleek and intuitive interface.

Feature overview:

Convenient income and expense tracking
• Multiple account types (bank, cash, credit card, loan, investment, etc.)
• Support for multiple currencies with automatic rate updates
• Reconciliation of accounts and individual transactions
• Automated payee and category discovery using Foursquare
• Smart accounts and smart data import (QIF, QFX, OFX, CSV, MT940)
• Transfer and split payments
• Easily assign tags, take notes, and add attachments

Easy budget planning
• Advanced budget categories with custom periods
• Amount averages to help set realistic budget limits
• Easy progress tracking of budget categories
• Nothing gets past you - unbudgeted items are also accounted for
• Easily track budget by accounts, transfers, tags

Smart scheduler
• User-friendly planning of income, expenses, and transfers
• Easy handling of recurring transactions such as utility bills or loan payments
• Quick access to pending scheduled transactions
• One-click payment capability
• Convenient calendar view for improved usability

Rich reports
• 15 different report types
• Super-easy and powerful parameters to customize reports
• Beautiful visual representation of data using colorful charts and graphs
• Various report sharing capabilities

Investment tracking
• Easy profit/loss tracking for your portfolio or individual stocks
• Automated downloads of dividends and splits
• Constantly updated values
• Visual representation of current and historic values of portfolio and individual stocks
• User-friendly addition and management of stocks
• Automatic discovery of stock data

• Simple and intuitive setup
• Secure data synchronization between devices
• Extra layer of security in case of device loss

• Modern UI
• 64-bit architecture
• Touch Bar support
• Notification Center Widget
• Split-screen multitasking on macOS and iOS
• Direct Downloads (coming soon!)

Release Notes

19/12/2017 | Version : 5.2.3 | Size : 18.0 MB
• Money has learned to speak Spanish!
• Fixed the issue which prevented Money from displaying surrounding payees;
• Switched to a different financial data provider for share values;
• Improved the reliability when using Undo;
• Overall stability and reliability improvements.

If you are experiencing issues with the app or have suggestions, feel free to email us at

06/11/2017 | Version : 5.2.2 | Size : 18.0 MB
***Black Friday deal! 50% off!***

• Fixed an issue that caused incorrect characters display after importing OFX files;
• Fixed an issue that caused incorrect month display in reports after using touch bar;
• Fixed an issue that caused changes to scheduled transaction dates to be reverted;
• Fixed an issue that sometimes caused different account balance and net worth displays;
• Fixed an issue that sometimes caused iCloud data to be lost after using Undo.

*** If you experience any issues with the app, let us know by clicking Report a Problem in the Help menu ***

07/09/2017 | Version : 5.1.7 | Size : 15.1 MB
• Added a 4-weekly scheduling option;
• Improved iCloud sync reliability, especially for changes made without internet connectivity;
• Fixed the issue where creating a new transaction with a payee would not suggest the last-used category;
• Improved the reliability of data import from previous versions of Money or third-party sources;
• Fixed the issue, which prevented Money from displaying newly added stocks in Investment accounts;
• Fixed the issue, which caused newly added currencies to not be displayed for selection immediately after adding;
• Fixed the issue, which caused incorrect calculation of capital gains after selling a part of an equity;
• Fixed the issue, where reports would not display the split amounts correctly;
• Fixed the issue, which caused the selection to switch away from the field that was being edited;
• Duplicating transactions in Smart Accounts now results in correct duplicates;
• Modified the rounding algorithms to ensure more accurate display of data;
• Improved the overall performance and reliability of the app.

New features in recent releases:
• Data encryption and security;
• Running balance;
• Korean localization;
• Custom sorting in budgets.

If you are experiencing issues with the app or have suggestions, feel free to email us at


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#17 : Top Grossing Mac Applications [Finance]
#36 : Top Paid Mac Applications [Finance]

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Finance , Productivity

Supported Devices : Mac OS

Comments and Ratings for Money - Budget & Finance

Huge leap away from the old app (5.1.2)
07/06/2017 08:18:35 3/5 By doperfries
I used to really like the old version of Money. I liked the budgeting bars so you could see where you were at, and I liked having my assets shown as part of my net worth. These two features appear to have been lost along the way, unless of course I didn’t read the manual. The layout is very clean, a bit too clean for my liking, however it feels like was made this millenium which the previous version clearly wasn’t. As this is very early release i’m hoping it will gain features and creases will be ironed out. I’ve already spotted a couple of bugs like Total not changing straight away when a transaction is entered etc.

Oh dear (5.0.4)
13/05/2017 15:11:17 1/5 By Badooku
DO NOT BUY this. They have ruined the product.

An awful step backwards (5.0.4)
12/05/2017 12:24:58 1/5 By riwanczuk
How many ways can I dislike thee? Too many to count! What a tragic step backwards from version 4. Where do I start? No running totals, abysmal use of screen real estate, information details for the selected transaction has gone, information fields like transaction numbers have disappeared, too many clicks to do any operation, categories and payees are made more difficult to edit by hiding them in preferences (preferences??!! I ask you!), entering any transaction is now more time consuming to do - hate it, hate it, hate it - Money for dummies. I am going back to the version 4 and pray that I don’t hit any bugs and it still works in future OS releases. The choice of finance software on Macs is woeful and Jumsoft Money was the best of a limited selection - not any more, Jumsoft have managed to propel themselves towards the bottom of the pile. Would give this version no stars if that were an option.

Still in beta (5.0.3)
18/04/2017 06:10:27 2/5 By johnoroel
I have been using Money 5 for 2 weeks now, having migrated data from Money 4. Intitially, it was a disaster and I could not believe Jumsoft would release such a failure of an app. I applied my patience and persevered through a couple of updates, hoping things would be fixed. I should say I have kept my Money 4 version running at the same time as I cannot risk loss of data or functionality while Money 5 gets fixed. This review is my objective assessment of where the app is currently. So. What are the good points? Well, the interface is, as many others have pointed out, more modern looking. Secondly, Jumsoft have addressed some bugs fairly quickly and the app now starts up much faster than Money 4 or the early version of Money 5. Unfortunately, that’s about it. Addressing bugs is something that should be done anyway so the only positive point about the new version in use is the interface (and that has some issues - see below) and it is not worth upgrading just for that. What are the problems? For me, there are two major problem areas that mean Money 5 is not suitable for daily use yet: 1 Lack of functionality a) Data is kept in iCloud but it is not visible anywhere so cannot be backed up in any way. You have no control over your data files b) Reports are a complete mess. I vcannot reproduce my vital reports and the ‘manual’ is more or less useless c) There are missing settings that are in Money 4 - General, Backup, Secuiorty, Taxes, Calendar - if you use any of these, then you are stuck d) Nothing can be customised - fonts, information etc, controllable in Money 4 in Settings, cannot be changed e) No security exists - you cannot set a password to prevent access to your data f) ‘Reconcile account’ results in a mess as starting balances cause balance adjustments to be added, resulting in incorrect balances g) Download icons for payees sounds like a nice idea but it takes an age and the icons are frequently incorrect yet there is no way to fix this or add your own icons instead h) Data migration will migrate transactions and accounts but not reports. It is non-intuitive. i) Sync is now only iCloud - no Dropbox. It deos seem fast but you have no control over the data files 2 Lack of information a) There is no running balance, which is vital, as many others have said. b) No ‘reconciled balance’ is shown for any account c) There is no longer an ‘Overview, showing net worth and all account balances in one place d) All transactions are either ‘Today’ or ‘Recent’ - I can see no useful point to this e) Scheduled payments appear in the same list as transactions, which is confusing There are numerous other smaller issues and some areas (investments) I do not use so I cannot comment. My overall impression is that we users were being used as beta testers in the first couple of weeks and that the app is incomplete. Theer are too many missing elements compared with the previous version - I am not talking about ‘nice to haves’ but vital functionality. Until the app has that functionality, I would advise anyone to avoid it and stick with Money 4.

Loses account entries - now fixed, but still problems (5.0.3)
13/04/2017 05:47:43 2/5 By PSTyke
When I first installed Money 5 and imported my accounts from Money 4, the import lost the last six months of mu account entries. With perseverance I solved the problem. I completely unistalled Money 5 and then re-installed. I then imported my accounts from Money 4 again and this time the import was good. However, there are still problems with this app. 1. Sometimes does not save a new entry or does not save all the data for that new entry. You then have to edit the entry to make sure all the data is there. 2. The app has crashed a couple of times and reports have been sent to Apple. 3. If there is no syncing with the iPad app then you have to switch off iCloud on both apps. You then switch iCloud on the Mac OS app first, then switch iCloud on iOS app second. This seems to get both apps talking and syncing with each other. It worked for me. Just imported my Money 4 account file into the Money 5 app and the import has LOST the last six months of entries on every bank and credit account. Not a very good start for an app that is supposed to make home accounting simple.

Issue with scheduler (5.0.2)
12/04/2017 10:44:02 1/5 By ShepshedIan
Updated from v3. Duplicated all enttries in scheduler and restarted those which had passed their total number of entries required, changing payment to continuous. V3 much easier to use.

A Lot Better (5.0.2)
12/04/2017 02:35:15 3/5 By richspedds
This is so much more ‘modern’ than the last version but does require the following to make it even better :- 3rd party access to the icloud (I havent got the time to put my wifes receipts in as she is not part of my iCloud!). Running daily total. Automatic downloads. Please sort Jumsoft. Thanks

Not a good upgrade... (5.0.1)
08/04/2017 05:36:15 2/5 By twodogron
After using Jumsoft Money for many years this particular upgrade is the most disappointing I have ever experienced...... The lack of a running balance makes any financial software a joke coupled to the fact that the developers have taken away the "4 Week" scheduling option makes it almost impossible to use as a serious stand alone finance package. Come on Jumsoft, look after your long term supporters PLEASE !!!!!! NO EXCUSES !!!

This is not a good upgrade (5.0.1)
08/04/2017 03:30:51 1/5 By Cycle Cat
I have persevered trying to use it, I got a refund but bought it again however I’m keeping Money 4 at the moment because there are too many shortcomings and software bugs with the new version that even the 5.01 has not improved anything that I have noticed. What was a really good application, Money 4, has been compromised in my opinion, by the desire to make the interface and display look more “modern". There is just so much missing: - No running balance - No ability to show reconciled or unreconciled transactions - No local backup, it has to be in the iCloud - Extremely limited report capability - No ability to schedule transactions on a 4 weekly basis - No easy way to search for a transaction or group of transactions the list is endless... In summary it looks pretty but it just doesn’t come close to offering what Money 4 provided.

06/04/2017 06:34:09 1/5 By Miserable middle aged git
Very disappointed with this upgrade. As one of the previous reviewers has said, the changes are purely cosmetic in many ways. The worst change is that you cannot see a running balance. This is such a basic feature of any financial package that I just can’t believe it has been left off. I need to know the daily balance to ensure that when things are getting a bit tight in one of my accounts I can move money in to ensure I do not get into debt. This upgrade is little more than usless and not fit for purpose. I’m also annoyed that there is no mention of the change in features on the web site before you spend £25. This app is like buying a car and then being told that it no longer has wheels. Do not buy !!!

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