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Picture Collage Maker

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By PearlMountain Technology (PearlMountain Technology Co., Ltd)

* * * 75% Off Time-Limited Offer * * *

Picture Collage Maker is a powerful and easy-to-use photo collage creator on Mac OS X to create photo collages, scrapbooks, greeting cards, photo calendars, and posters quickly. You are able to immortalize your special moments by sharing these self-made collages with your friends and families.

With its 130+ delicate templates, you can make magnificent artworks for any occasion and holiday such as birthday, wedding, anniversary, Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc. in your life. What’s more, you can apply decorations like clipart, frames, masks, backgrounds and texts with stunning effects. Whether you have extensive experience or no experience in photography, you can make extraordinary photo collages quickly and easily.

"Really Professional - This app is really good and is HD quality and provides many awesome things such as different borders, text and it makes it look so professional and personal…"

* Share self-created collages and scrapbooks with families and friends.
* Create marvelous cards as special gifts.
* Record special memories eternally by elaborated albums.
* Make custom posters for decorating, advertising and drumbeating, etc.

Step 1: Choose one template to start your work.
Step 2: Import photos and personalize your collage.
Step 3: Export and share your collage.

* New Features in 2.0
• Numerous photo effects/filters to get the best out of your photos.
• Abundant text effects including Stroke, Glow, and Background, etc.
• Three types of text Fill: Solid Color, Gradient Color, Pattern.
• Rounded corners for photos to look more unique.
• Share collage on Facebook directly from the app.

* 130+ professional templates to choose
• 130+ templates provided.
• Various templates help you extend your creativity by designing creative photo collages, greeting cards, scrapbooks, posters, photo calendars, and photo albums, etc.
• Templates are suitable for any occasion - Birthday, Easter, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Wedding and so on.

* Create personalized collage with your photos
• Drag and drop your photos into collage.
• Move, rotate, and resize photos with a few mouse clicks.
• Crop photos to make them fit well in chosen frame.
• Apply photo effects/filters to beautify your photos.

* Decorate collage with embellishments
• Use various background patterns to produce good looking collages.
• Add artistic effects to your collage by applying frames, masks, and clipart, etc.
• Make collage looks even better by resizing, dragging and positioning clipart.
• Add texts – resize; rotate; apply shadow & abundant text effects such as Stroke, Glow, and Background to make your text stand out.
• Add calendar to create personalized photo calendars.

* Export and share collage
• Save collage as image formats.
• Save collage as PDF file.
• Set collage as desktop wallpaper.
• Share collage with friends and families via Facebook and E-mail.
• Print collage directly.

We love to hear from our users. You might face some problems or have a suggestion for the feature you want to report. Please feel free to email us at info@pearlmountainsoft.com or support@pearlmountainsoft.com.
Send us your comments! We'd love to hear your voice.

Release Notes

07/12/2016 | Version : 2.1.2 | Size : 72.4 MB
* Minor bug fixes.

28/09/2016 | Version : 2.1.0 | Size : 72.3 MB
* Minor bug fixes.

15/07/2015 | Version : 2.0.8 | Size : 72.3 MB
* Minor bug fixes.


Categories :
#79 : Top Paid Mac Applications [Photography]

Screenshots Mac OSX :

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Photography , Graphics & Design

Supported Devices : Mac OS

Comments and Ratings for Picture Collage Maker

Printing problems (2.0.0)
06/10/2013 19:41:00 2/5 By Chrystal sea
Good if all you want is A4 size pages. I have spent a long time trying to print out some 7" by 5" cards using this and while there is a 5 by 7" option, there is no 7" by 5" option. I have also tried setting my printer to fit to scale and fit to page and all manner of size settings, but the only thing which seems to work is A4 size paper. I have also tried some of the other paper sizes and they do not work and when you select print, all I seem to get is a message saying paper size selected is not the same as loaded do you want to fit to page. I keep selecting fit to page, but still the wrong size printing comes out. Maybe i'm doing something wrong but something as basic as being able to select the appropriate paper size to print out in the settings, should be basic and easy to do. But its not. So unless you want to spend ages trying to figure this out or only print A4 size paper, then you might want to give this one a miss.

Picture Collage Maker (1.8.8)
29/03/2013 19:38:00 2/5 By Vietato1234
Where is the "Scissor Tool" that the icon shows????????? I want to custom cut my photos into the shapes that I want, not just rectangles!! The APP for the iPad 2 has the scissor tool and I use it all the time. Why on earth does this version not have a custon scissor cutting tool as the icon clearly show?????????????? Unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!!

Collage Maker (1.5.5)
16/06/2012 16:07:00 4/5 By stroller22
Could muck about with this app. for ages.Useful and fun

Picture collage maker (1.5.5)
09/06/2012 13:21:00 5/5 By mistykath
What a great app, loads of possibilities for every occasion easy to use and great results .Love the fact you can export to desktop as jpeg to print at leisure

Undo (1.1.0)
08/04/2012 17:17:00 2/5 By Instow2000
This would be an excent program but for one major flaw. There is no Undo, or at least as far as I can see there isn't. I can't personally beleave it. So if as i have done on more than one occation you drag the next picture in it will replace one of the others should they be selected then there is no way back but to return to a previous save and start all over again. Would I purchase this program again? Not unless this fault was to be fixed.

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