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By Slack Technologies, Inc. (Tiny Speck, Inc.)

Slack brings team communication and collaboration into one place so you can get more work done, whether you belong to a large enterprise or a small business. Check off your to-do list and move your projects forward by bringing the right people, conversations, tools, and information you need together. Slack is available on any device, so you can find and access your team and your work, whether you’re at your desk or on the go.

Use Slack to:
• Communicate with your team and organize your conversations by topics, projects, or anything else that matters to your work
• Message or call any person or group within your team
• Share and edit documents and collaborate with the right people all in Slack
• Integrate into your workflow, the tools and services you already use including Google Drive, Salesforce, Dropbox, Asana, Twitter, Zendesk, and more
• Easily search a central knowledge base that automatically indexes and archives your team’s past conversations and files
• Customize your notifications so you stay focused on what matters

Scientifically proven (or at least rumored) to make your working life simpler, more pleasant, and more productive. We hope you’ll give Slack a try.

Stop by and learn more at:

Release Notes

18/01/2018 | Version : 3.0.5 | Size : 70.2 MB
Bug Fixes
- An important security update. Security updates are always important. This is one of those.

05/01/2018 | Version : 3.0.2 | Size : 69.8 MB
We've tinkered with the internal workings and polished some rough edges. The app is now better than it was.

08/12/2017 | Version : 3.0.0 | Size : 69.8 MB
What's New
• When you’re in a lot of workspaces, the app now uses much less memory, and starting up is faster, to boot.
• And flipping between those workspaces is now faster. Not super-sonic, but certainly somewhere between a jiffy and lickety-split.
• We shunted the sign-in page out of the app — it's now rerouted to a new window, for reasons of reliability.
• A new-fangled lock badge subtly lets you know which workspaces you're currently signed out of. Or of which you're currently signed out. Either way.
• Our start up screen, spruced-up and slimmed-down, is worth a gander — as is the helpful way that dates now stick to the top of a channel while scrolling through messages. Though if you don't notice them, but quietly feel a little bit happier for reasons you can't put your finger on, that's cool too.

• It’s been a long time coming but brings us joy to say: 100% less reloading during drag and drop. How much? 100%. That's all the percents, people. Sorry about the previous frustration.
• For those encountering a screen claiming "Something’s not working", it turns out the main thing not working was this screen: it is no more.
• If you kept the app running for a long time, you might be on the receiving end of two consecutive updates. Now good things come to those who wait, one-at-a-time, as is proper.
• The sidebar now scoots considerately out of the way when viewing full-screen video.
• We fixed exiting full-screen video when pressing the aptly-named “Escape” key.
• The blackout caused by a window being closed while full-screen, with one request confoundingly eclipsing the other, has been sunsetted.
• Found: One missing Ctrl-1 / Cmd-1 hotkey. Please call 1-800-SLACKME to claim. Don't actually call that. It doesn't do anything. Unlike the hotkey (now).
• And finally, sometimes selecting text in the search box would move the window around. You could say… it was a bit of a drag.
• Should you forget what app you’re using, the About Slack window is all new and loads much faster than before.
• Scrolling through messages is flicker-free.
• There are now no more crashes in High Sierra when starting up the app.
• Composing text in an IME (for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean customers) no longer inserts zero-width spaces; in other words, it’s blank-box-free.
• The diacritics menu – the place where the alphabet goes to tries on different hats and accents – no longer adds a duplicate letter to your input once you've chosen the one you want. We've said it before, but this time we really mëean it.
• Pinch-to-zoom gestures could, sometimes, tragically, irreversibly zoom. You can now make things on your screen smaller again without resorting to moving your computer far away.
• The popup that appears when you look up the definition of a word has been realigned to make more sense.


Overall :
#10 : Top Free Mac Applications

Categories :
#2 : Top Free Mac Applications [Business]

Screenshots Mac OSX :

Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX


Business , Productivity

Supported Devices : Mac OS

Comments and Ratings for Slack

Love you slack (2.5.1)
28/02/2017 16:50:00 5/5 By Shedlad
You changed my life slack. Thank you for convincing my CEO to embrace slack. As the sole remote worker in the UK working for a Candian company it has made me feel like an integrated part of the office. You also have the best update and bug fix briefings of all time. Keep it up Slackers x

Horrible Bug in 2.4.1 makes the app unusable (2.4.1)
17/02/2017 03:11:00 2/5 By Layserator
Guys, I don’t knwo what you optimized, but I am not receiving or sending ay messages from the desktop app since the update!

Great IM Service for Education (2.3.3)
12/12/2016 15:30:00 5/5 By -d-w-
I have set up a Slack team for my classes. The ability to plug other services into Slack makes it a great communication hub. I have previously hooked up my Google Calendars to post to relevant channels. Now I have gone even further and set up a scheduler bot with a Google Spreadhseet and Zapier. Slackbot customisation gives even more opportunity for helping students out – regular reminders and helpful automated responses. Slack is great.

Screenshots real? (2.3.1)
03/11/2016 10:08:00 5/5 By jdelaune
Might be just me but my Slack doesn’t look the same as the one in the screenshots. I have a grey window title bar instead of no window title bar.

Not bad, but just a web wrapper. (2.3.0)
26/10/2016 02:08:00 3/5 By Some bloke off the internet..
Slack as a service is fantastic, and it’s nice to have a desktop app, but this is just a wrapper for the website and missed basic features like the ability to hide the sidebar, or resize the window small enough to tuck away when needed. There seems to be an assumption that users will be in multiple chats simultaneously and constantly need to switch between them so the left side bar is permanently taking up a huge amount of screen estate which is a real pain when you’re only ever in one chat and really want to hide it. Other than that, it’s functional enough and does the job.

Excellent software for bringing your team together (2.0.3)
27/08/2016 11:03:00 5/5 By Ms_Alexa
I installed Slack last week for my team and am so far absolutely loving it. What makes a huge difference is having this external application available, not just on our MacBooks but also iPhones, iPads, etc. It helps keep those browsers closed and keeps us off Facebook Messenger, etc. which we were using previously for instant communication. Thank you Slack, for an excellent piece of software. It’s easy to use, user-friendly and very nicely designed. Big thumbs-up.

Largely seamless intergation with Web & iOS to this excellent productivity platform (1.1.10)
13/02/2016 00:19:00 5/5 By Grahame Webb
It’s like an excellent combination of Whatsapp and the super-organised-email inbox/folder hierarchy-you-never-quite-sort-out. Because you define channels upfront, you get organised upfront: Unlike email where it’s often done afterwards, or rules based but then there are just never enough rules. Like Whatsapp you get instant chat, but it’s theiIntegration with things like Dropbox are quite brilliant, as it pulls files into the app, which makes sharing docs seamless. I’ve given this and the iOS app to a couple of ardent doubters and they both seem to be getting along with it just fine and ARE using it - and that’s the main thing for me. One of the projects is the interior design of a new house. Have a channel setup per room and then it’s straightforward to remember where you are on each part of the house. Use hashtags for things like decisions and then search after whenever you’re trying to remember a key decision that was made for that room. Possibly the best feature - which you need to subscribe to at least their first paid version - is ability to forward emails you receive [outside of your Slack environment] and into whatever channel you like. I’ve not taken the plunge on this yet as I want to see how these projects go, but it’s an attractive proposition. Support via email has, to date, been first class: responsive and accurate. Keep up the good work Slackers.

Just a wrapper (1.1.10)
08/02/2016 14:17:00 3/5 By GiacomoL
This app is just a basic wrapper around the website; which is ok, but nothing to write home about. For people wondering what the appeal of Slack is: it’s extremely simple to integrate with web-based services. As such, it’s now very popular with developers and hip project-management companies. Everything else is already in other chat apps; in fact, the minute that Microsoft or Facebook give people easier ways to integrate their stuff in chat apps, Slack will likely disappear.

Love it. Absolutely essential for any organized tech company out there (0)
04/11/2015 17:01:00 5/5 By MatteoVega
Our company has been using Slack for a year now and have never had any issues or outages. Great communication tool for larger organizations.

Good, but.. (0)
23/10/2015 11:17:00 5/5 By dnlkbox
.. have been experiencing a lot of freezes over the past few days since upgrading. Especially when sending .html files to other people. This was ever an issue before.

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